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  1. I don't have any of the games to look at; if it's not in the effect (in NI), then it doesn't have a check. Stun does not have an IDS limiter (they only did it for the Paralysis/Hold effect and Charm, I think), so if that's what the wand uses, then that won't be the issue. You could check if they're immune to stun (or he has some mod that changes their attributes); I wouldn't worry about the reported rolls in any case.
  2. Paralysis has a built-in IDS requisite; I'd make sure it's not set to HUMANOID (which would prevent it from affecting wyverns, even if they did fail their save). The negative value should affect the roll correctly (you need to roll a value >= your save, and the bonus is applied to your roll before then, so you have to roll four greater to save than you otherwise would). This is a simple flag IIRC, not part of the format. Undefined bit in BG/TotSC from what I remember.
  3. It sounds like timing mode. A lot of the color modifiers on items have instant/limited timing, so they don't persist outside the inventory interface (I'd be surprised if we didn't patch these in BG1UB, since we did some simple fixes there). (And still others were set to be dispelled.) I know we patch a lot of files in the BG2 fixpack because of this crap.
  4. The bots have been doing this for a long time now. Usually, the context is so horribly wrong that you can guess it's not legit even before their spam links show up.
  5. Thanks for pointing Anomen's profs out; likely change would simply be to assign two stars elsewhere (he starts at 2-2-2 mace/sling/spear), then does cleric hammer/swordshield 1-1, then does quarterstaff 1, then can be club or flail or popular vote. We won't in any case raise any of Anomen's proficiencies above 2 stars or alter or reduce his default valid proficiencies--he shouldn't suck as much as he does by default, but we will not dramatically over-empower him this long after the fact; this is why spears was chosen: he mentions using spears early on as a squire in dialogue, and there's no feasible way to give him all the stars he's missing without totally changing his balance. Nothing will be done for Viconia's spells (as BigRob says, they sort themselves out in the game); the problem with Anomen was that the engine never removes spells when they become invalid (it will add them when they do become valid, but it doesn't care once they're added).
  6. Not to be an ass, but if you want a wiki, make one. Otherwise, STOP COMPLAINING. I don't like wikis. I would much rather discovery and documentation come about through discussion and forcing igi to review everything than shadow-posting on a dumb random webpage that nobody will ever find.
  7. CLCK18 is a fake robe that you'll never see in the game. The real knave's robe is CLCK12.
  8. Cam and Fred on the same day! Joy! ;D
  9. Can I get access to the forum? I need to make sure I cover everything and eventually get some linkage up for my "fix"pack. Eventually...
  10. They use the translucency (#66) effect. If it doesn't exist in ID2, you can probably get away with the blur effect, but I think it gives them an AC bonus (although if it exists at all, it might have additional properties in ID2).
  11. Unless they completely overhauled the palette system, you shouldn't see any difference. Only palettable animations (all the PC animations and any carried over from BG) are affected by these values (these will be the animations with wacky neon colors). The IWD and new-style BG2 animations (and probably all new ID2 animations) aren't affected by normal color effects (and they don't use standard weapon components, so even their weapons can't be colored in the normal fashion). I think the major color is used to determine the console feedback color for the character, but I don't know if they do this in ID2 (and I don't think it's important enough to spend time recreating the palettes regardless).
  12. Since goblins and orcs aren't dynamically colored, you can probably do away with SET_COLOR?
  13. Yeah. Just start separate threads for each one. And don't worry about updating the list. If you proclaim yourself the "Linkmaster," you automatically assume all responsibilites pertaining to said list.
  14. These are all appropriately referenced in ToB dialogue files. When DLTCEP says "LOCAL," it looks to mean "not GLOBAL." Most of the LOCALS are area variables. It obviously doesn't check timer references and IncrementGlobal() actions, either. Both this and KnowBeholder seem to have been intentionally omitted. I've re-enabled them locally, but the resulting dialogue paths are pretty flakey. This appears to be another case of a late-addition cutscene (it controls a dialogue option for Cor that tells you to follow Anomen, but you have no choice to follow him and no chance to talk to Cor after you say OK to Anomen). I just changed this to KeldornGuild (it controls when Keldorn is going to show up at the Radiant Heart building). It looks like he'd disappear forever before; I'm not sure what they were trying to do. I saw this one before; I have absolutely no idea what's happening here. As far as I can tell, StaffPipe is never, ever set, but it isn't breaking the dialogue (maybe the CRE has an override dialogue; I'll have to check). This is used in the dialogue for the kobold shaman in the sewers, and I'm absolutely positive that the dialogue works (the only other top-level state is True() and I don't think I've ever been able to trigger it). So I'm not sure how Global("StaffPipe","AR0404",1) is evaluating to true... EDIT: it seems that, for some crazy reason, I had removed the SetGlobal("StaffPipe","AR0404",1) from PIPE04.BCS here (oops!). In a default installation, then, there is no issue with this variable (it's only ever set to enable this dialogue). Although the variable here isn't important (it's never used and doesn't matter), I found another problem with UHMAY01.DLGIF ~~ THEN BEGIN 38 // from: 37.1 37.0  SAY #32192 /* ~Yes... yes, of course. I... I think this is all I can offer you, my <PRO_LADYLORD>. I hope that is sufficient.~ */  IF ~~ THEN DO ~GivePartyGold(500) AddExperienceParty(28000)~ GOTO 36 END IF ~~ THEN BEGIN 39 // from: 37.2  SAY #32193 /* ~You... you are very kind. It is good to know there are valiant and generous folk still in Faerun...~ */  IF ~~ THEN DO ~AddExperienceParty(25000)~ GOTO 36 END And here I always thought I was doing the right thing by refusing his paltry reward. I set them both to 25000 (it's arguable, but I think BioWare would have done something like 27500 instead). This may have been intentionally removed. After Korgan's first complaint, after six days he'll complain again. If KorganJ.DLG is updated, he should go to state 1, but he'll leave the party no matter what. I've restored it locally, since it's worth Korgan leaving if you get to hear him call you a lant-quaffer.
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