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  1. It's what Tutu replaces the SoA/ToB selection screen with, which comes up every time you load the game.
  2. The ini file records which movies you've already watched, not whether they play. Removing the intro movies is actually just a matter of, uh, removing them. If the engine can't find the file (or finds a zero-byte file), they get skipped. To find which string to change for the into screen text, use Strref On=1 in the ini, then STRING_SET it.
  3. SimDing0


    What is Jelina's opinion on hip-hop?
  4. I don't really think you need to cater for people using obsolete mods, but if there aren't any compatibility issues then I guess it doesn't do any harm to leave those components in.
  5. Reports suggest that some of the Shadow Thief Improvements may be somewhat dubious. I advise caution if you're considering combining S&S with them.
  6. There's a cut line that indicates otherwise.
  7. i want boo to romance spectator beholder, bondari and chinchilla in a love... square, plz
  8. Install our fixpack first, then try.
  9. You might wanna regenerate the list rather than using mine above, since I've removed stuff I've already examined and dismissed, but I might not have checked thoroughly enough, so maybe I dismissed stuff that needed fixing. Dunno.
  10. I've worked through some of these. Fixes so far: COPY_EXISTING ~keldo25p.dlg~ ~override~ REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~SetGlobal("KickedOut","GLOBAL",0)~ ~SetGlobal("KickedOut","LOCALS",0)~ BUT_ONLY_IF_IT_CHANGES COPY_EXISTING ~keldornp.dlg~ ~override~ REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~SetGlobal("LadyMaria","LOCALS",5)~ ~SetGlobal("LadyMaria","GLOBAL",5)~ COPY_EXISTING ~uhmay01.dlg~ ~override~ REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~"RangerProtector","LOCALS"~ ~"RangerProtector","GLOBAL"~ COPY_EXISTING ~BRANNEL.BCS~ ~override~ DECOMPILE_BCS_TO_BAF REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~Global("LathanPlot1","GLOBAL",1)~ ~Global("LathanPlot","GLOBAL",1
  11. Yeh, I, uh, actually haven't had green hair for years now. But still, assume I do, because it's bad for my image otherwise.
  12. <SimDing0> I don't believe you can really have a true meeting without The Motherfucking Ding0 though. <SimDing0> Consider it practice until then.
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