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For those with IWD2


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Long story short, I had IWD2 installed, 200gb HDD crashed, and current 16gb HDD can't handle another install. Sucks, I know.


I was just wondering if someone who has IWD2 could dig up the spell description for "Lutzaen's Frequent Jaunt" for me. I loved it so much after IWD2 that I brought it over to BG2. I know it's kind-of a cheat spell, especially when LOS considerations are removed and a few far-sights are memorized, and if I knew how, I'd truly make it a free-action, improved alacrity style, to really get some Luremaster action happening.


Also, I've tuned Dimension Door to do the whole "incoming mage" at the target location, including sound effect, and at 1 second faster (it is only stepping through a door). I get that teleporting around is a cheat, and can break the game (what with bypassing triggers) and all. But it's so much better than boots of speed, or pathfinding, and I like the free-form aspect it delivers, even though Aran Linvail's chambers should be protected from Dimension Door shenanigans >;).


Oh, and I also wanted to mention something that needs fixing. A certain spell's casting speed is off. "Protection from Acid" is a level 5 spell. I'll just put it all in a list, should be self-evident.


Level 3. Protection from Fire. Casting time: 3

Level 3. Protection from Cold. Casting time: 3

Level 5. Protection from Electricity. Casting time: 5

Level 5. Protection from Acid. Casting time: 6

Level 6. Protection from Magic Energy. Casting time: 6

Level 7. Protection from the Elements. Casting time: 7

Level 8. Protection from Energy. Casting time: 8


So yeah, it's a bit off. I notice it of course because I'm a big cheater who uses the Robe of Vecna and the Amulet of Power. ;)


So anyhow, if anyone could get back to me with the spell description for Lutzaen's Frequent Jaunt, that'd be great. I want to make a mod based solely on "fixing"/introducing spells, and I would like some criticism about some ideas I have about it.

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Lutzaen's Frequent Jaunt


Level: Sor/Wiz 5

Range: Caster

Duration: 1 round / level

Casting Time: Instant

Area of Effect: Caster

Saving Throw: None


Similar to Dimension Door, this spell allows the caster to instantaneously jump to another location within visual sight. In addition, the caster gains the special ability to jump a number of additional times, once for every 3 caster levels.

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Thank you kindly for digging that up. Visual sight... not really worth it unless movement speed is cut down, as I'm to understand it's increased in BG2. Didn't see the Luremaster, Malavon or Davaeorn using visual sight. Wouldn't mind if visual sight included far-sight, instead of LOS. Anyhow, thanks a bunch.

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