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comment about the Duelist kit

Guest John

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Guest John

Hi, I've played the Duelist up through the start of Spellhold and it's been fun, but a question and comments keep racing through my mind as I play it.


At character creation, as I read the kit description, I kept expecting that there would be a min ability requirement for DEX, INT and CHR, but there wasn't. Given the description, shouldn't there be?


My group consists of myself (Duelist) and Minsc. For some reason, it seems like my PC has been able to have a fairly easy time (not getting hit) taking on monsters with studded leather and eventually changed to Aeger's Hide that Minsc, in spite of wearing Plate Mail +1, keeps taking huge amounts of damage. The minimal amount of damage taken seems odd to me because I keep expecting my PC to get hit more often.


I saw a post elsewhere briefly describing the Duelist kit as a soft version of the Swashbuckler kit. I can kind of see the comparison but am unclear about how much weight to give it; I have played the Swashbuckler kit before some time ago. It did make one observation that I found true regarding two weapon style, that the Duelist kit sort of pushes going that way, and I have to agree. I think of the movie images of the hero using sword and dagger to fight off hordes of villains :) Nor could I justify using the kit using sword and shield, and plain single weapon fighting style doesn't appeal to me, at least not as a fighter-type.



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I don't like minimum statistic requirements: in pen and paper they are a disadvantage as you must meet them to qualify for the kit. In the computer game, however, you get bumped up to the minima which is an advantage if you'd rolled a lower score. Hence I didn't implement them.


It isn't something I had thought anyone would spot, though. :)


Glad you're having fun.

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Hm.. I think this sub-class is slightly weaker than other. There should be an additional ability .. maybe Precision strike (from 3rd edition Duelist)?


Additional d6 (or d4 for reibalance) per 4 levels of duelist at every hit for next 4 rounds. But when this ability is active he cannot deal critical hits.


What do you think about that?

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