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Dynahier/Drizzt problem

Guest Zorlond

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Guest Zorlond

This is my first run through this mod (with the basic 'plot hammered' party), and finding more material had been given to Drizzt was a pleasant surprise. But now I can't seem to get this line moving...


It's been more than a day since I last spoke with Drizzt, I've combed the entire zone looking for him repeatedly, slaughtered many respawns in that time, re-loaded and re-tried, left the zone and re-entered, and yet he won't re-appear... And the times I tried to force the matter (CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("drizzt")), he came up completely screwed up. He called me a shagbag, spouted the info text for a spell at me, then said 'Cure Disease' and ran off...


What the heck did he find on his search?

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I'm sorry - what version ae you using?


On an older version of BG1 NPC, on Tutu v4, Drizzt fails to reappear because the area script is unassigned. If you do a search of the forums (sorry, I can't remember the specific) the fix was to open up the area in NI and assign the area script, at which point he will jump right into place and be ok.


We do not destroy Drizzt, we only deactivate him, so the command would be




To get a Tutu drizzt, you would need to CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("_drizzt") but don't do that, because then you will have two Drizzt's -



the quest needs Drizzt to reactivate via Area Script to continue though.


If these things don't resolve it, please send a savegame to svowles at comcast dot net, and I will check - I can also provide a link to a fully functioning version that allows both Jaheira's and Dynaheir's Quests to complete :)

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Guest Zorlond

It's EasyTutu and v12b3 of NPC.


I tried the Activate("drizzt"), but CLUA has no clue what that command is. And, unfortunately, the rest of that's a bit over my head. :)

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It is entirely possible that Drizzt has reactivated and now is randomly wandering the map. He activates just about where he left you, but his script calls for him to move towards you until he sees you...


can you please go bacjk a save and do the first encounter again, and this time stay exactly where you are? If the gnolls all spawn fine, you are ok. Have those encounters, and then just sit tight and rest. Then move to the south east a little. If he still doesn't come up to you, then please send me that save.

I will in return send you a tested, tried and true new version which I have personally played through Dy's quest with - you would have to pull BG1 NPC from your install and delete it, but should be able to install the new one and probably even proceed form your save (though I would recommend starting over).

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Guest Guest

Apologies for taking so long before replying, but since I lacked an appropriate save to do as you requested, it seemed a bit pointless to bother you further. So I forced a spawn of _drizzt (with underline this time), and he was in working condition. Handed me the journal and went on his way.


I just managed to wrap up the whole play-through. And I love this mod. Dynahir's one quest bug aside, it was a wonderous improvement on the game. Non-player characters with actual character, who'da thunk it? :D Playful bickering with Imoen, the quiet romance of Khalid and Jhaheira, Dynahier's subtle nobility, and the eternal mystery of Minsc and Boo... That's what was always missing in the game until now, something else to occupy the mind other than hacking up gnoll #539. Gotta say, big cheers to all the folks who worked on this mod. ;)


Although, gotta say, putting -that- at the end of Dynahier's line was just plain evil. :cry: I just amazingly lucked out in that. Jhaheira's Doom tagged it just as it threw it's Hold spell at Khalid... It managed to peg itself with the hold. Fight was pretty brief at that point as the whole team went to melee and hammered it into the floor.

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Glad you liked it -


Dynaheir's romance is all Domi authorship, with coding and serious playtesting/tweaking by several of us (me, Gorilym, CamDawg, etc - ) but any remaining bugs are pretty much on me. It was my "learner permit" coding quest :cry:.

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