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IWD2NPC_b02 (Public Beta) Download Links


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This is a link to the BETA version of the mod. You will still encounter grammar glitches, and may run into an occasional rare bug not seen before. IPlease, report all problems!


Now, you do not have to install Sounds separately, the mod is all bundled up together. On the downside, it is a heftier install. Once I get to the point of Final Release, I can do a lite version of the install without sounds, if there is interest in it.


1) Please, take a look at a long and convoluted post I am about to make about all the joys and tribudations of bug-hunting and what I would like to be tested before downloading the mod!


2) Installation (for those who have not tried WeiDU mods before:


You need to un-rar your IWD2NPC.rar into your main IWD2 directory. Once you've done so, you will see the three new things:


IWD2NPC folder,

Setup-IWD2NPC.tp2 file

and Setup-IWD2NPC.exe file.


Try to run the exe. It should then go into a dos window and ask you if you want to install the mod. Click I for installing and follow the instructions from there.



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