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Duels with Zhentarims

Guest PetrusOctavianus

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Guest PetrusOctavianus

Some questions:


1. Khalid and Jaheira vs Xzar and Montaron.

They duked it out in my very first game.

In my first TuTu Game, they *tried* to duke it out, but something was buggy.

With EasyTuTu, they have not fought in three games. So they not fight at all in EasyTuTu?


2. Xzar vs the Zhentarims in Sorcerous Sundries.

They are all mages but instaed of using their arsenal they keep poudning each others with sticks?!?


Same thing happened in the Harpers vs Zhentarim fight in my first game - no spell casting, so the heavily armoured Harpers won easily. I tested what would happen if they used spells and then the Zhentarims would always win if Xzar succeeded in Charming Khalid. After killing Jaheira, Montaron could hide in shadows and then backstab Khalid.


So why don't characters use spells in such duels, even if they are using agressive mage scripts?

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There is a fix for the NPC fights included in The BG1 NPC Project that makes them possible under EasyTutu and Tutu v4. Without the fix, the scripts actually cause the NPCs to go unselectable but not fight. If you had fights working at all under Tutu of any flavor, then you had the fix in place; the only way to do that is to have installed BG1 NPC!


Do a search for posts by WizWom, and you should find a more detailed explination, if you want it.


As for the rest, we don't stop the fights, and we only add to the scripts not repatch them (and we don't touch the AI scripting at all - I mean *at all* for any of the stock Tutu stuff. We specially script in some of our quest addition .cres, but even then most don't have sophisticated scripts. They rely ofn the general AI and whatever you have installed as your AI/Tactical mod). Sounds like stuff to bring to Macready at EasyTutu, and DavidW at SCS :cry:

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