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Does anyone has a saved NWN2 game...


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...they can share? I am looking for a save with a female PC right before (or close enough) to picking up Bishop. If you have one and don't mind sharing it, pls, give me a shout on PM or just send it to domi_sotto at gibberlings3 dot net.

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Heya! I am looking for another one!


I am looking for a saved game with a female protagonist at the point when the party is very close to, but didn't quite yet saved Shandra for the second time from the abducting Gythyanki (I am getting impatient to test if anything at all will come out of the Bishop's Romance, 'cause you know, I coded like the very first interjection!). If someone has one, and won't mind sharing, please PM me, and thank you so much in advance!

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