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Troubleshooting Guide for Sarah


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NOTE: This section does contain hints of spoilers.



1) I can’t find Sarah and/or she’s not in the place you said she’d be!


Did you actually install the mod (this involves running the Setup-Sarahtob-v2beta.exe application)? Did you try to install Sarah with a TC (total conversion) or any other mod that is not compatible with Sarah?


2) When I tried to talk to Sarah, she got mad at me and walked away!


Are you playing with an evil PC? Were you rude to Sarah?


3) Sarah is saying funny things that don’t make sense!


Talk to her and ask her if she’s okay.


4) Sarah won’t romance me!


Does your PC fit the requirements? Have you been nice enough to Sarah where she’d want to romance you?


5) I was romancing Sarah and all of a sudden she stopped talking to me!


Have you been nice to her? Try asking her if she’s okay. Remember, Sarah feels most comfortable in the forest, so if she's got something important to say, she probably won't say it in the middle of a crowded city. If you’ve pissed her off in some way, she probably has broken up with you, and chances are she won’t want to be your friend anymore either. It’s amazing she’s stayed in the party at all!


6) Bodhi took Sarah! What do I do?!


Get her back. ;)


7) Sarah isn’t working like she should, and none of the above helps!


Post your problem in the Report Bugs thread. Make sure to include your WeiDU install log and/or your Sarah DEBUG file. It helps greatly if you describe the problem you are having in detail.


8) Does this mod mean that Auren will now be romanceable?


No but Banana! might.


9) Hey! Her quest hasn't happened yet and the game is nearly over!


Are you romancing her?

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