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  1. Kulyok's Branwen is a wonderfully documented NPC that shows you how to code dialogues and which ways to do it. http://www.pocketplane.net/mambo/index.php?option=content&task=blogcategory&id=113&Itemid=84
  2. You want to make sure you're transitioning to the correct dialogue file (maybe a different NPC). So maybe it's not CHAIN as a concept causing the error but how its being implemented. (Sorry if that's unhelpful - if you want to post code we can look at it too)
  3. If you want your mod to be compatible with the vanilla games, you may want to consider using CD_STATE_NOTVALID since it will work in both EE and non EE editions.
  4. Ahhh, ok. I'm personally not a big strategy gamer myself so apologies for forgetting an entire genre lol. I love my PC and if a game is available on PC I will get it on there before console, though I do own the consoles for their exclusives.
  5. *Coughs mummy dust, adjusts ancient bones.* Welcome.
  6. That's right! It makes me sad when I think how cool Andromeda could have been. Though I've yet to play a game where procedurally generated world made the game better, not a shallow ocean of content. NMS - I tried it and got a refund on Steam after the update. Honestly, I found it boring and frustrating. Some people love it I'm sure. I remember the Facebook DA games too and those were fun. I also liked the tablet ME3 game. There is so much potential out there for these franchises but I just don't think Bioware has the vision to carry it through the way fans would like. DA (spoiler alert) has had an overarching plot though, albeit most of it came together at the end of Inquisition and later, Trespasser. The hints were spread throughout the games and I felt the writers and world designers did a good job with it. I'd be surprised if it's a sequel in the way the Mass Effect trilogy had 1, 2, and 3 , since you always play as a different protagonist.
  7. My understanding was Trespasser was led by Patrick Weekes, not Gaider, though I'm not sure if the latter had a hand in it or not. Weekes is still with Bioware, is leading DA4, and the folks leading the new Dragon Age have been with the company for a while. Having spent over 100 hours in Anthem I can say that the game is par for the course for looter shooters/games as a service, where you're entertained for the first 30 hours with so-so campaign and then you're expected to grind the rest. It's not good but it's not as bad as game journalists like to declare. There is a very good article, though I'm not sure how true it is, where Anthem's development is picked apart and some light is shed on why it is what it is. Andromeda was made in 18 months by a C team that was in leadership hell for a good chunk of its development. That they were able to cobble a story together at all is impressive. I personally would like to see Dragon Age end with 4. Bioware has never finished a series well, starting with Baldur's Gate (Throne of Bhaal was nowhere near the quality SoA and Bg1 were). I wish they would make the Mass Effect remaster cash grab, wrap up Dragon Age, and maybe consider starting something new, even if it's another genre. Sadly, I think DA4 will end up being a gorgeous game that probably can't wrap up all the storylines in a way that will make the majority of the fandom happy. And if Bioware tries to do their Game as a Service thing with it, it'll probably be yet another buggy as hell game. The nice thing about all this is that there ARE other studios who write and develop RPGs better than Bioware.
  8. Happy New Year @Ravenslight! I'm truly sorry to hear that you lost your little one. I'm glad (and I am sure Skooter is too) the picture was able to make you smile though. I know he is getting up there in years and I try to take as many pics and video in between bouts of spending time with him.
  9. This is a cool idea! Thank you for making it I'll probably use the skip SoD part often - not because I actively dislike it but because the continuity of the games from 1 to 2 is already pretty good without it (and I'm lazy).
  10. No worries - I'll take care of it.
  11. @jastey Do you need me to increment this (and Auren too I guess)?
  12. I don't know why I didn't see this forum thread. Apologies for my rudeness @Daeros_Trollkiller, welcome and thank you for working on this mod!
  13. Hi @jastey sorry to bug you again. Okay so I got this working and it's awesome. Question though - do we typically leave the Journal entries in on original BG2, or do we erase after each "step" of the quest?
  14. Thanks @jastey, now, does the grouping allow the 'quest' to show up in the Quest tab then? Or is that still a different functionality from adding it to the Journal. Currently, I have the quest updating and am manually erasing old entries. But it all shows up under the Journal tab, not the Quest. UPDATE: Never mind, I answered my own question after reading through that tutorial. Everything in the universe makes sense now. Thanks so much!
  15. Oh hi. If I want to add a quest to the quest tab of the Journal in BG2EE, what would be the function I'd call? I know about AddJournalEntry(@,QUEST) but that just appears to add it to the Journal Tab. How does this actually work? Thank you and apologies if it is in the IESDP and my search skills just suck.
  16. Couple things. 1) If you want to disable the elf requirement in the scripting, find references like this Race(Player1,ELF) And either remove them or replace with HUMAN or whatever you play as. No promises there won't be any content conflicts (ie. the NPC starts talking you about how you're an elf). If you want to hear the voice acting, open the mod's audio files and play one of them. VLC player will play OGGs but there are other ways to convert them. 2) I don't see anything in the above post suggesting or calling you "a moron" or any other kind of flaming. Take it easy or take it somewhere else.
  17. Barkspawn lmao. Congrats on the release @jastey! Such a cute idea too! I love having a dog in the Dragon Age games so this is perfect.
  18. Setting that global env variable seems to have fixed it. Thanks to both of you for your assistance.
  19. I know it's not quite New Year's yet but I wanted to take a moment and extend my thanks to this awesome community for being around and also for being a major reason why the games I grew up with are still being played today. 2020 will mark my 15th year with G3 and it actually feels pretty good to say that. Anywho, have a picture of my dog Skooter...who has also been around since before I joined and is still going strong at 15. I do not have any pictures of Banana but I have attached the download because the link was lost eons ago. Be warned, it's still as stupid as you might remember and might not work for EE2. Banana.zip
  20. I'm definitely not working on anything. That being said, Near Infinity has some very terrible window tearing when opening files from the folder tree. Any way to prevent that? The version is Version 2.1-20180615 or here. Additionally, I'm attempting to use the version of Infinity Explorer from the 2016 version here and it doesn't want to recognize my BG install (I'm using the Beamdog client, installed directly on my main hard drive (no program files)). Any particular folder I need to point it to or does it just not like EE? If both of these questions are irrelevant because there is a snazzier and easier tool out there that we're using, I'd love the link but these were just my goto tools back in the bronze age. Thanks in advance.
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