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Modifying the Palidan Kits

Guest Ayce

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Hi, I've tried posting this inquiry in other forums with no luck, I'm hoping I can find someone here who is able to help me.


I want to enable Keldorn's spell casting ability. I know how to enable the spell casting button and how to teach him spells (which doesn't actually work, so I guess it I don't), what I don't know how to do is enable his spell progression chart. I know if I use shadowkeeper, he will only be able to cast any given spells once, so I'm looking for a more permanent solution.


In the spirit of modding/customization, I don't feel it's game unbalancing to to allow an inquisitor (Keldorn) to cast a few minor spells like bless and armor of faith. These spells seem consistent with his overall goal to take down evil mages. Besides, I feel the inquisitor has too many restrictions relative to their bonuses.


On the other hand, my take on Cavaliers is that they are more combat oriented and thus less likely to cast formal spells and rely on granted abilities. Thus I see disabling their spell casting ability as more appropriate. Besides, for all of their bonuses, I think they have too few restrictions.


I'm not trying to start a debate here, this is just my take on these kits/characters, and I've spent alot of time trying to find the necessary file to modify to enable/disable spell progression charts and I can't find it.


I'd really appreciate some help in running this file down and guidance in how to modigy it. Thanx in advance.

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I, too, would like to see Keldorn be able to cast some spells. But I've got absolutlely *no* experience modding kits. So I'll just throw my enthusiasm for a solution that would allow it in with yours and hope for the best.

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A limited amount of testing on my part seems to indicate that the disabling of divine spells is built in to the Inquisitor's unusability flag, so the only real way to get around that is by assigning them a different one in KITLIST.2DA. I did a search of the default game files and only found one instance where the Inqusitor didn't have access to an item (TTPOT) that the normal Paladin did, so a quick fix would be to change the usability to 0x00004000. You'd also have to fix their disabled spellcasting button in their CLAB.

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Ok, this seems to be something to go on. Just for clarification, is this "usability flag" in the kitlist.2da file? Or is usability to "0x00004000" a reference to another file?

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