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I am back


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Thanks to everyone who wished me great vacations - and they were great! Alaska is a pretty amazing place even for a Northerner like myself :) But it's good to be home too. I did do some work while away, and while lots of it is raw and has to be edited and all that I'd like to let you know what's in store:


-Jaemal's same-sex core romance track is finished, and it is the first thing I am going to work on to integrate in this project. There are some new talks in it, some reworked talks from the female romantic line with a certian shift in the emphasis. As I said before, one big thing that remains is an entirely different set of the interjections from the NPCs.


-I wrote three firts trial talks for Diriel's romance, and while I still think it's a daunting task, some of the themes I hit upon are actually more interesting than I thought when I was planning it out. It is different, and different is what makes me want to write. So, we'll see if anything comes out of it.


I also did a bit of writing for the unrelated projects, but heh, not nearly as much as I have ambitiously hoped to do! :)


Cheers all, and back to modding.

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