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Wanted: A voice for Keto


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We're looking for a female actor to give the new NPC Keto a voice. Keto is nothing if not chatty, so she will have well over one hundred voiced lines in Shadows of Amn alone. Willingness to reprise the role in a few months for the Throne Of Bhaal portion of the mod is also important.


On Keto: Keto is a young woman who knows how to give a good performance. She gives off an air of youthful energy, drinks too much at times, and seems jolly and irreverent, but behind the façade lurks darkness and doubts. Look past the storytelling and the bottle, and you find someone who cares about people, and hopes they care about her. More important, you find someone who is hoping to discover how she really fits into the world.


If you're interested, please email jcompton@pocketplane.net and I will send you the audition script.

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