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  1. And we can all say we knew him way back when. http://www.improbable.com/2016/01/12/luxuriant-hair-club-for-scientists-names-2016-woman-man-of-the-year/
  2. Kulyok has prepared Unfinished Business V25. This update to one of the game's most popular mods of all time introduces multi-language support for BG2EE, other BG2EE improvements, and fixes to various minor issues in existing quests. Download UB V25 here.
  3. Wisp has updated Quest Pack, which now includes a ready-made Mac installer, a partial Russian translation, improvements to several other translations, and extensive modernizations, improvements, and bug fixes. Quest Pack V3 is available for download here.
  4. I know I wrote a very short story building off of the concept, but alas, I cannot find it. If you don't make it into BG2 to use the concept, I now know how Keto's TOB content will explain how her Keto's (spoiler) was (spoilered) the day she lost her memory. Whether Keto will be willing to forgive the Umar chickens is another story entirely.
  5. Can we have crossmod content with Umar Chicken Redemption?
  6. Jastey has updated BG1 Unfinished Business with several bugfixes and adjustments, and two small new components: "Prism and the Emeralds Tweak" and "Duke Eltan in the Harbor Master's Building". Version 13.1 is now available here.
  7. Right, the problem won't be in the header as such, but if someone is still having problems, then I want to verify that they are actually going through the CDN.
  8. Some people have been reporting ongoing problems downloading from PPG in recent months. We may have just fixed the problem, but because it was impossible to reproduce locally in the first place, we cannot be sure. If you have had trouble downloading from PPG in the past (stalled and/or unreasonably slow downloads), please try again now. If you've visited PPG in the past 48 hours or so you may need to clear your DNS caches first (remember to do this on both your computer and router, if applicable.) If you're still having trouble and have access to Unix-y tools, please try running the following command: curl -I http://mods.pocketplane.net/BanterPacksV14.zip and email or PM me the results.
  9. Wisp has prepared a new version of Kelsey, addressing some text glitches originally reported by BWP. Download here. Please note: users who have had difficulty downloading from PPG in recent months may wish to wait 24-48 hours for a new CDN to take effect and (hopefully) resolve the issues.
  10. After six years of intense labor, Echon has released a new version of The Fields of the Dead, a Baldur's Gate mod. Playable on Tutu, Trilogy, and Enhanced Edition, the mod overhauls many elements of the gameplay experience, from item stacking to spell systems. New to this version are additional item tweaks, an adjustment to the poison system, and an expanded random treasure system. Homepage: http://www.pocketplane.net/fotd
  11. And now I have installed much more aggressive spambot-blocking modules, so if you are pretty sure you are not a spambot but you suddenly can't access the PPG forums, please say something. (If you say something about cialis gucci spade handbags luxe mercedes, though, I probably won't believe you.)
  12. Heh. There's something to what you're saying, of course. But at the same time, it's like decrying "partisan bickering" in politics until you see that one-party rule, while calmer, is actually not such a great thing, either. There's probably a little more room for consolidation today than there was, say, nine years ago, but my impression is that the different "flavors" have consistently done way more good than harm. As for Kulyok's glowing assessment of PPG and the reality that it was the OP's first forum yet wasn't on the radar, PPG was very personality-driven. I burned out so many people on The Broken Hourglass that we lost many of those personalities (including my own?) making it a lot easier to overlook us these days. C'est la guerre.
  13. And we are back to our normal, lazy-afternoon-of-modding status.
  14. Well, the closest thing to that ... would probably be here. Not that it actually matters... I'm referring to an old in-joke (do I have any other kind?) where there seemed to be some tacit agreement that G3 outages would be discussed on PPG. Anyway, the upgrade is stalled, trying to bring in the SMF support people now.
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