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Amber uncontrollable in Spellhold


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I have a problem with Amber in Spellhold, in the place where you pick Imoen up again (AR1512). Immediately after control returns to the player, I can do something with her, but a few seconds after (my guess: one script cycle), she just stops, no walking, no animation, no inventory, just as if she were held, but she isn't. She doesn't react to attempts to speak with her, not even with "Amber has nothing to say", and when I kick her out and try to talk to her then, I get "You cannot initiate dialogue. Amber appears busy." I'd like to know how I can go on...

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I've found the problem myself. It has nothing to do with Amber. If you equip a character with the "Fanatic's Ring" (Planar Sphere mod) and the "Dagger of Protection" (Region of Terror), then this will happen. I guess they give some combination of immunities some script doesn't like. I haven't found out what exactly happens, but if the items are separated, everything works.


EDIT: It's only the "Fanatic's Ring". It makes the character wearing it immune to 1st and 2nd level spells. This includes the "NOHOLD_PARTY" spell (SPIN862) applied at the end of the cutscene/dream sequence. The two-item problem must've been a rare glitch. I'm getting more and more annoyed with the Planar Sphere mod.

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