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Help requested with BTL game play


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If there's a more appropriate place for this, I'd appreciate some direction :thumbsup: In a BGII - SoA/ToB game (just playing SoA now), I've got Kiyone and Kova in my party from the BTL mod. They're working as they should, but I can't figure out what I'm supposed to do to find evidence in Kova's favor. Currently in the game, the party is frequently assailed by groups of thieves and mages who want Kova's head, and/or Cowled Enforcers who are after the party for harboring a fugitive. This is making it impossible for me to progress through some quests, as I find myself fleeing to different areas to escape these hostile groups. I can't defeat them without any party members being killed, and that's unacceptable to me.


Can this game be salvaged, or have I reached a point where the only recourse is to start over again? I've decided not to play that particular game any further till I can find some assistance.


Thanks and happy gaming,


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