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I was just wondering how secure these downloads are. I mean, I love the mods that you guys provide, but, while installing the tweak pack for BG2, my anti-virus software detected a worm. :)


Fortunately, my anti-virus software rocks, and there was no damage to my system! But still, that's kind of scary, and I'm guessing unintended. And I figured I should let you guys know, in case something can be done about it or... ~shrugs~


On a completely unrelated note, and I'm asking because I didn't get this far, do we get the option of what components offered in the pack to install, or do we have to install them all in bulk? Because if we have to install in bulk, I would suggest offering the option for individual installs. Most of the time, these packs have things that I feel would kind of ruin some portion of the game (like evil party members not leaving if your reputation hits 20? Then what's the point of alignment?), so I like to be able to pick and choose what's right for me. :)


All right, well that's all I have. Thanks!

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