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A Deathstalker - introduction

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'A Deathstalker' was born when I figured out that I can't just sit down and make a big story immediately in NWN2.


So, I decided to make a short story first, and an amusing concept occured to me. A Deathstalker is centred on the Bhaalist community into the year after the Time of Troubles. Bhaal is dead, and his spawn is to be sacrificed by Amelyssan. But the meddling Harpers, well, meddle. So, that's where our new Main Character comes in and he works for the bad guys. :) Other than that, I threw in some free will, a bit of heresy and an honest attempt to let one play a Smart Evil PC.


The mod is really short, but packed to the brims with the dialogues. The conversational skills will take you a long way in every plot conversation, and will help you resolve a certain subplot involving your companions...


And, speaking of the companions, there are 4: Alianna, Nyalee, Elhan and Saemon Havarian. Yep, all the familiar faces for anyone who had played Baldur's Gate a couple of times.


Well, I hope that I will be able to make this into a small adventure with a sort of ironic humor I love. :help:

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