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Blonde Imoen problem

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I am having a problem with the Blondie Omen mod. No matter what I do I cannot install the long blondie hair component of the mod. I am using the latest version of EasyTutu. I have downloaded the mod from different mirrors just in case I get a corrupted download. I have tried installing from the single exe. I have tried extracting the files from the self-extracting exe and then installing. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Well first of all, it's not Tutu compatible. For one thing, it copies only the BG2 portrait names and for another, it uses an exact string reference identification for the CRE name to change the avatar hair colour. Why, I dunno. It should either hardcode the list of known Imoen CREs without resorting to tedious regexp or just match the portrait to all CREs called Imoen.


Secondly, the "Long Hair" component will not work on any install - BG2, Tutu or BGT, because it checks for a file that isn't present (BlondeImmy.xxx instead of override/BlondeImmy.xxx).


It would be easy to rewrite this, but it's not mine. First of all, I would make it just one component with two subcomponents (Short Hair vs. Long Hair) since it doesn't make any sense to require one for the other. Then get rid of the regexp and .xxx file while we're at it.


In the meantime, you might just want to copy the portraits manually. In Tutu this would be:

nimoens_long.bmp > _moens.bmp

nimoens_long.bmp > imoens.bmp

nimoenm_long.bmp > _moenm.bmp

nimoenm_long.bmp > imoenm.bmp

nimoenl_long.bmp > imoenl.bmp


And in BG2:

nimoens_long.bmp > nimoens.bmp

nimoenm_long.bmp > nimoenm.bmp

nimoenl_long.bmp > nimoenl.bmp


Then you'd have to change her avatar hair colour manually too, but you should be able to do that with any editor.

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