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Runbat script


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OK, on a whim I stuck this script together after realising that the .bat files were actually important (game crashed when loading a custom Amber area due to non-existent tiles). I've tested it and it works with the two Amber bats I've got but if you take even a cursory glance over the script you will realise that it is actually terrible. Don't tell me because I know. It makes a huge load of assumptions and will break if it meets a batch script that doesn't follow those assumptions.


Consider it a work in progress. I'll add extra bits as and when I encounter them. Feel free to tell me anything that's missing.


>>> Runbat

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Slightly modifying the .sh script in the hopefully existent mac version of the mod you want might be easier. And there is an actual Linux version of the Amber mod floating around, search the forum...

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Could be easier but I think there's a native version of snd2acm for macs which means you're stuffed on Linux and have to use wine snd2acm.exe anyway.


Thanks for the heads-up on the Linux version of Amber. It's alright though 'cos it installs fine with WeiDU-Linux and the batch file was a snap to emulate once I realised that was the problem.

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