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The Watch Song [Full Original Version]

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Here you can find full versions of the songs Angelo sings in the lovetalks, "The Watch Song" and "Many a Mile to Cormyr," written by me (with elements of old marching tunes):


The Watch Song

Traditional, Sembia


Ah farewell dreamland, farewell king o' dreams

I'm standin' watch till the dawn it seems

The drill sergeant said

I'll drill ye in the head

If you don't keep watch till the mornin' light!



For kith n' kin I'll sound a big din

If the orcs come knockin' on the old front door

Happen some day

I'll doze clean away

And I'll sleep forevermo-ore!


Ah farewell warm hearth, farewell double bed

I signed on young, gods damn me head

I left me old dam

And me darling Nora* too

An' I'll not be back till the killing's through!


For Ordulin I'll sound a big din

If the ogres come knockin' on the old front door,

Happen some day

I'll doze clean away

And I'll sleep forevermo-ore!


Me dam pictured me

In an admiral-ty

With a pocket watch on a fat gold chain

But here I sit

Yawnin' worth a fit

But a rusted broadsword to me name!


For kith n' kin,&etc.


What fell fiend was it whispered in me ear

To up n' leave all I held dear?

Don't call me Ilmater

For I can't go

I owe me soul to the ba-rracks store!


New verses can be added to these four "standards," although a character with INT <8 would not be well-advised to make the attempt.


* <name or nickname of sweetheart, no more than two syllables>



Many a Mile to Cormyr*

Traditional, universal


Oh, it's

many a mile to Cormyr (x3)

Where me true love lays her head!



When I get back to Cormyr (x3)

I'll plant her in her bed!



We won't be budged till summer (x3)

Gods help, that's what I said!


Increasingly ribald verses can be added at the singer's discretion. His "mates" may tease him by replacing the words "true love" with "old ma" or "old dog."


* <or name or nickname of hometown, if exactly two syllables>

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Randomest question ever: Did you pinch the last couple of lines of The Watch Song from Sixteen Tons? It scans suspiciously well to the tune, also...


:fish: Mm-hmm! As far as I know that's the only line that's a direct pinch, though; I couldn't resist


(Many a Mile is pretty much a rephrase of It's a Long Way To Tipperary)

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