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SHS: Faren NPC Mod For BGII: SoA & ToB Announced!


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Spellhold Studios


Spellhold Studios is proud to announce a new NPC mod in the works, by famed authors Feuille and Miss Sakaki - Faren Blacknall!


Faren is a True Neutral dual-classed Fighter/Thief. He has a bit of a weakness of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, but he has a friendly disposition and is willing to share a joke or a drink with a PC who treats him with respect. Faren can be found in the Trademeet jail.


The mod features romance and friendship tracks for the protagonist. Faren will romance female or male protagonists who are human, half-elven, elven or half-orc. He is not initially looking for love, rather companionship and comfort, not to mention fun, but as your relationship continues his feelings may become deeper.


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