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SHS: The Luxley Family SoA Released!

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Spellhold Studios


The Luxley Family introduces two joinable NPCs, Sebastian and Andrei Luxley, to your game. Sebastian is a Chaotic Neutral playwright with a rather idiosyncratic sense of humour who appears to take great delight in showing his cousin Andrei the world outside their family home. Andrei is a polite, Lawful Neutral young monk with a strong sense of self who has led a rather sheltered life until now. Throughout your journey with them, you will discover that their family is not all that meets the eye. You may have to make some tough decisions - and the path you choose will have repercussions.


Though you do not need to start a new game to have them join your party, it is advisable to have them join early in order that their story arc is completed. Both banter with all the Bioware party NPCs and they comment on many of the quests in the game.


Sebastian and Andrei both have detailed talk tracks with the PC; they also banter with each other extensively throughout the game.


Note that there is adult content in this mod, but all of it is voluntary on the part of the player - nothing that you feel uncomfortable with is forced on you.


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