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Sarevok's dead, now what?


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I've beaten him five times in a row this morning, and I get a message that "player created characters are stored in the Final Save", all the interface panels drop away, and...nothing happens. No endgame movie, my party is just standing there looking around and stretching ("To end...like this?!").

When I load the Final-Save, it's the one where I'm just entering the Temple of Bhaal. Shouldn't Tutu roll right over into Jonny's Dungeon in SoA? Obviously, with Tutu installed, I cannot play BG2. Am I supposed to uninstall Tutu and import my party into a new SoA game? What do I do with Dynaheir and Kivan. I have Minsc and Imoen in the party, with my Priest of Helm.

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This is the wrong forum for this, it should really be posted in the BG1Tutu Forum. However, I will do my best to answer. You need to uninstall Tutu and import your character from your final save into SoA. Only your character can be imported, the NPCs in your party will revert to their BG2 states of dead, not around, or imprisoned.

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