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Quest Pack Released!


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The Quest Pack has been released over at Pocket Plane Group!


- Exciting new adventures!

- New and extensive dialogue, with voicing!

- Add new dimensions to popular existing quests!

- Unique and dangerous opponents!

- Treachery and intrigue!


Quest Pack v1 contains a number of components designed to add additional high-quality adventures throughout Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. It should work correctly with or without the Throne of Bhaal expansion. WeiDU is used to handle installation and uninstallation.

Some components may expand on existing quests, while others may be completely new. All are independant, can be installed separately and do not rely on one another technically or in terms of story.

The mod currently consists of FIVE components, as below. Additional quests and encounters will be added in subsequent releases.


For further information and download links, head over to:



The support forum can be found at:



The components included in this release are as follows:


Additional Shadow Thieves' Content

This component expands on the existing quests focussing around the Shadow Thieves.

The function of the component is twofold. Firstly, it allows the player to side

with Mae'Var instead of Renal when assigned to infiltrate his guild. Secondly,

it allows the player to eliminate Aran Linvail and his guild on the behalf of Brega

in Chapter 6.

In the true spirit of thieves, this component allows the player to double cross his

allies time after time, although not without consequences.

To side with Mae'Var, simply accept Renal's quest as you would normally. The

opportunity will arise to inform Mae'Var of your intentions. Note that siding with

Mae'Var prevents acquisition of the thief stronghold.

To assist Brega, ensure that Aran has not already been killed in Chapter 2, and

that the player is not in control of the thief stronghold or working with Mae'Var.

A messenger should arrive when returning to the city in Chapter 6.


Alternative Xzar/Harpers Plot

This component adds new solutions to the plot involving Xzar and the Harpers. It

allows the player to warn the Harpers of Xzar's intentions, therefore removing the

previous necessity of doing something unkind to Jaheira to commence her romance.

On the other hand, the player is not bound to his word to help the Harpers, and an

evil player may double-cross them if they so wish.

To gain the benefits of this component, simply begin Xzar's quest as normal. New

dialog options should become apparent when speaking with the Harpers in the compound.


Extended Reynald Sequence

Reynald de Chatillon is undeniably an intriguing character. Unfortunately, he

disappears all too quickly in the original game. This component adds additional

material after the original sequence has finished.

The benefit of this component may be gained even if it is installed after the quest

has been completed. Simply visiting the Bridge District should trigger it. Otherwise,

play the quest as normal; the conditions for Reynald not turning hostile have not

been altered.


Money Lending and Debt Problems

This is a completely new quest, but also adds a new feature to the game: a money

lender from which the player can borrow. Hints around the game should help you

locate him.

Of course, while the player can try to avoid paying back his debts, this is not

without consequences. And don't expect it to provide an easy solution to getting

to Spellhold quickly.

To begin the Debt Problems quest, head to the centre of the Slums District. A

woman named Moiya should speak with you.


Miscellaneous Encounters

This component does not add a single new quest per se, but instead introduces

various new minor encounters in various places during the game, to spice up the


Some of the encounters may be recogniseable from the third Iron Modder competition;

however, all have been fixed and improved in some way. This component may safely

be installed over the top of Iron Modder entries, but not vice versa.

(Iron Modder entries included are taken from the third competition. Bons' and Icelus'

are included.)

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