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Need French and Polish Translations for two lines


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New versions of G3 Tweaks and Tutu Tweaks are almost ready. I'm pleased to announce that we have added French and Polish translations for both, though I need translations for two more lines for both languages:


Gullykin Temple
Maximum HP for Non-Party-Joinable Creatures


You can just post the translations here in the thread. Thanks!

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Guest Elgaern

Here is your translation


Temple de Gullykin

Points de vie maximum pour les PNJs non-recrutables


Elgaern the Dragon Slayer

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Is it late? ;) ;)

CamDawg -> Could you change the translation of "Maximum HP for Non-Party-Joinable Creatures" - Maksymalne PŻ dla nieprzyłączalnych istot, is a wrong translation, could you make "Maksymalne PŻ dla NPC-tów"?


Sorry for the problem, but worse situation would be if I didn't say about this mistake ;)

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