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Petite but Vile Roles for All Kinds of Voices


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Heya, everyone. I am looking for voices. This particular installment is to voice 4 or 5 lines for a mini-character set, ie your random dialogue with a scenery character. I figured I'll name all the scenery characters, so you cn name whoever you voice (or I will name them, whatever is your preference). Each voice set is something like this:


Breathe while you still can.

I am watching you.

Shh. I hate loud noises.

It's too bright here.

Most of my life was spent in shadows.


I actually need more female voices (9) atm than the male ones (4 or 6)?


Please, if you can handle the recording give me a shout!


EDIT: And I surely wouldn't say no if you write your own set for your own priest or assassin :band:

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Well, gee. Nobody's laughed at my expense in about . . . oh, a week now. I'd say it's about that time.


:band: Seriously, I'll give it a shot. I'd actually dug out my mic earlier today, so I'll send some of your lines your way tomorrow and you can make the decision.

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