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Party advice?

Guest Bion

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I am always taking my fav ones but same time I tries keep party in good balance so: Nord (as he is old grouch I adores to irritate lol), Hildury (very valuable warrior plus amazing character), Salomeya (cuz there gotta be one evil individual type in the party lol), Nikosh (as Hobbit fan I cannot skip halfling thief, right?), and obviously Peony (and she's my fav as her character is as childish as mine lol). My main protagonist is human male warrior, neutral evil. And that's it, 3 shooting chars plus 3 warriors works cool together. I likes Valeero too, a lot but there's no space for more than 6 people :( and she's great friend material

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Do you consider this team to be reliable?:

- Nord Paladin
- Hildury Barbarian
- Jaemal Sorcerer
- Nikosh Rogue Lv10 then Wizard (specialty of wizard ???)
- Valeero Priestess of Lathander lv12 or lv13, then Fighter

I don't know yet which class for my PC. Maybe Fighter/Wizard? I don't know what specialty of wizard however...

PS: I plan to play in normal or easy mode.

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