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Party advice?

Guest Bion

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Could anyone could give party advice to someone who (sadly) has time for only one run through of this mod (I've run through IWD2 once before, many moons ago)?


I'd prefer to play a male PC, otherwise I'm flexible as to race and class...


My original thought was to take Nord's Company, subbing out one of the NPCs for a PC playing a similar role. As it's not recommended to split Nord and Hildury and I wanted to see the Salomeya dialogue, this would mean subbing out Diriel for a divine caster, Nikosh for a thief, or Jaemal for an arcane caster. Any thoughts on the least bad option here?


Another thought would be to make a thief/fighter or thief/cleric character and go with Rizdaer, Nord/Prachi, Diriel, Salomeya, and Peony/Jaemal...


Any advice would be welcome... (And thanks so much for creating this mod!)

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To me it seems that Direl and Salomeya and Nord+Hildury are the "meat" of the mod, so I recommend them.


(I would add Jaemal to the list, but I didn't find the character appealing from the first public alpha, so I cannot honestly recommend him).


I like Prachi a lot as a character, though, sadly, she does not have as much content as, for example, Salomeya.

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For a male PC who wants to see the absolute maximum of content I will advise to take all the romances along:


Salomeya, Jaemal, Peony,


plus some of the 'romance conflicts', ie Hildury (for a half-orc), Prachi (anyone), Rizdaer (anyone).


So, looking at your combination, I'll probably go with:


thief/cleric character + Rizdaer, Prachi, Salomeya, Peony and Jaemal.


If you find either Peony or Jaemal redundant, I will replace one of them with someone else; if you kick out Peony, Rizdaer's extrta content related to the romance is a gonner, so you can substitute him with someone else (ie Rizdaer-Peony for Nord-Hildury, for example).


The 'original' core party was Nord, Hildury, Jaemal, Salomeya and Nikosh.

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Thanks, Domi (I can imagine this request is like asking an author to advise which 1/4 of their book they should read)! I'll post how it goes under the topic already created for this...


Thanks again for putting together a mod that makes me want to run through IWD2 again...

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I can imagine this request is like asking an author to advise which 1/4 of their book they should read


Nope, not really. My goal was to design a set of NPCs that people can pick and chose from to derive the maximum enjoyement from their run through IWD2. :) Seeing which parties the people end up with, and which characters they hate and love is the pay off for making this mod. And sometimes the best way to decide is to make a short trial run switching the NPCs around.

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Hi and greetings to all!


I just ran into this Mod and can´t wait to give it a try.


BUT: enthusiasm!!! I have lots of ideas for my party. So I´m looking for advice:


I just recently started a new game with a party of 4 clerics. I´m right before the attack on the palisades. I understand that there can be only one PC for the mod to work properly. Though, will it do to kick all but one of the PCs and import any number from 1 to 5 of the NPCs? Or won´t it work that way at all and I have to start a new game? And if so, can I choose a smaller party or do I have to use 5 NPCs?


Another question that came to my mind: did anybody try a same-sex group yet? I think there will be a romance only in the male group, right? The female group could be fun, anyway. (probably lots of mocking and quarrels?)


Hmm, thanks a lot


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Heya. You can import as many characters as you wish at any stage of the game. The main thing is to keep your 'main' character in the first slot (you can export and reimport him or her), and make sure s/he is the only custom character.


Each of the mod NPCs have creatures at different levels, so you can play with it.


Make sure to initiate conversations from your player-initiated menue with all the characters to 'catch-up' on their stories that would have come up earlier in the game.


With a same sex party, you will get a male same-sex romance, but you won't have the romantic conflicts, as the girls are the conflicts for Jaemal's romance there. Another thing with the same-sex party is that lots of interesting relationship are actually cross-gender (romantic or not), ie Nord and Hildury, Valeero and Diriel, etc.


To max out the girls bickering betweem each other you actually will need the male lead, a half orc, then all the eligible ladies will interject: Hildury, Prachi, Salomeya and Peony. If you add Jaemal to it, then you will have an insane amount of hormones going wild there.


By the same token, Jaemal, Rizader, Diriel and Nikosh for a female halfling or a gnome character with either Salomeya or Peony thrown into the mix will give a maximum romantic content for a female PC.


I hope that helps!

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Hi again!


I just won the battle at the palisades. Right before the battle I imported Sir Nord (Lvl 6), Diriel and Salomeya (both Lvl 3) and Hildury and Peony (both Lvl 1). Obviously these two ladies didn´t contribute very much to the victory, but hey - we won!


Since my PC is a (now Lvl 4) male, half-orc cleric (Bane) I suppose to get quite much content. I´m quite curious how his evil alignment will affect the story.


No rogue, though... must see to get one of the chars skilled properly. There are lots of nasty traps to expect along the way, since I have also installed ´The light of Selune´ mod for this run.


Thanks for the advice and of course for this mod. Must have been one hell of a job... :)




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Hello everyone!

I played this mod 2 or 3 years ago and decide to refresh memories with new IWD2 run.

But today I can't decide whom I want to take with me to adventures. may be people on forum can help me with that?

First I wish to play female elf any class exept warrior.

Second I want to see as much drama as I can and a lot of romance talks. So I want to ask question that may be you tired to hear, whom should I add to party?

My first Idea was

1 elf female PC

2 Rizzdaer

3 Diriel

4 Jaemal

5 Peony

6 Salomea


But It seems I have a 2 problems here, no one can open locks and disable traps and my party full of weak mages, who will stand on first line?

May be I should trade Jaemal and Peony for someone else?

And no, I will never trow away Rizzdaer and Diriel, love them both <3

I would appreciate any suggestions.


And sorry for my bad english, it is not my native language, my grammar is terrible most of time =D


Also, I'm an artist, if you will need some character art for future project ask me, i will draw anything for such talanted mod writers. If you interested I can write my deviant art adress in private messages.




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I've decided to give this one a go again and came up party with following members:


PC (Moon elf female, cleric), Diriel, Razdaer, Jaemal, Nikosh and Peony.


Do you think this is a good party composition? Also, is there alignment or race restriction for romance??


And just wondering... anyone experiencing lag + fog of war looking jagged on Win7? I had similar problem when I ran IWD2 on Win XP. I did something last run to fix this but I can't remember what I did.... I did look around google to see what I can do, but things they suggest look quite risky (using compatibility toolkit)




Anyone know a way around this problem without having to modify my PC too much?


Thanks in advance!

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There is an over-complicated romance matching in the mod that takes in account race, alignment, certain skills, etc. Diriel is the hardest match, Mal's the easiest. Salomeya will net more dialogue than Nikosh as a romantic conflict on both Diriel and Mal, but your mileage may vary. You can always swap characters during the game if one of them is underperforming or is not entertaining enough.

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