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  1. Hiya, I've decided to give this one a go again and came up party with following members: PC (Moon elf female, cleric), Diriel, Razdaer, Jaemal, Nikosh and Peony. Do you think this is a good party composition? Also, is there alignment or race restriction for romance?? And just wondering... anyone experiencing lag + fog of war looking jagged on Win7? I had similar problem when I ran IWD2 on Win XP. I did something last run to fix this but I can't remember what I did.... I did look around google to see what I can do, but things they suggest look quite risky (using compatibility toolkit) http://zeckul.wordpress.com/2012/01/10/icewind-dale-2-ultimate-installation-guide/ Anyone know a way around this problem without having to modify my PC too much? Thanks in advance!
  2. Good. Coz I don't want to buy SoZ either....
  3. Keep up the good work Domi! Still waiting for this mod
  4. Good to hear you've made more progress I'm sure we can wait 6 or so more months! We've been waiting all this time! A little longer won't hurt Keep it up!
  5. oooh good news! Keep it up Domi! We are all counting on you
  6. good to hear you are making some progress. I was really upset when I found out you've given up on MotB for now... (poor Bishop!) but I'm really looking forward to this mod! please do not abandon this project!!!
  7. now that IWD NPC project is released... I really want to see IWD tutu in action!
  8. purpleblob

    Meet Gavin

    I didn't realise Gavin doesn't befriend with assassins until way into the game... I can't be bothered to restart the game.. is there anyway to change my PC's class somehow? (My PC is female human, CN assassin).
  9. I've reinstalled BG1 tutu along with some mods (including NPC project)... must have to say I LOVE IT. Thank you so much guys
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