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How do I uninstall this mod?


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I absolutely loved the romances in BG2, but hated the ones in NWN2, so I thought this mod would be great, considering all the great reviews it's gotten. Sadly, it did not appeal to me one bit. When Bishop comes up to me in the glade basically saying "I'm an ass, wanna fuck?" I couldn't say anything but "NO!". So, I decided to delete it, knowing that I probably wouldn't let him near me anyway and it really bothered me that he came instead of Shandra.


The problem is that now noone shows up in the glade and I'm not ambushed at all. Now I wonder if I have to do something else to get her to show up, change something in the global.xml or something.

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You can say NO! and do not ruin your romance; Bishop will change his attitude a bit, but he won't become a flower-giving, loving partner, lol. :)


To uninstall the romance all you have to do is delete the folder you put in the Override. If Shandra doesn't show up in the Glade, you most probably are running into the imfamous 'missing a companion' bug. Try checking the bio boards as to how deal with it.


Alternatively, with the romance installed, you can pull out Bishop's Flirts, slap him a couple of times, that will interrupt the romance, and your game will function as if it was never there.

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