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Poisoned Celestial Fury

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I was dual-wielding Celestial Fury and the Scarlet Ninja-To, and much to my surprise i was getting cool hits which stunned and poisoned.


I'm sure this is because the SNT is mis-doing it's effect; I know it doesn't work the other way about. Which is odd, since the stun and the poison are both set up the same way.

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I know that's what supposed to happen, but I see CF hit, stun, and "save vs. poison" sometimes. And other times, I get CF hit, stun, and poison - all with one hit. The "Poisoned" message comes up.


As I said, very strange.

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waninja.itm displays a save versus death; if you're seeing save vs poison at all there's something else going on.


I can't replicate this without using assassin poison.


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Would you mind printscreening one of those? I'm curious, now, what's been messing with the save text feedback.

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