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Expanded Character Sketches


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Expanded Character Sketches


Things to concentrate on:


1) Writing dialogue with the NPC's proper 'voice'.

2) Having a good grasp on the character or a strong personal vision of the character.

3) Coming up with numerous topics of discussion between the PC and the NPC and the NPC and other NPCs in the party.

4) Finding fun places for the NPC to comment on things said by 'scenery' NPCs.

5) Ideas on minor subplots starring the NPC and possibly expanding their personal quests, if any.


Obviously, not many people are going to be able to jump right in with all of this covered, but in my experience, the more a person works on a character, the more ideas they have.


I'm starting out with the original character sketch.  I'll also have the Bio-Bio (Bioware-biography) info.  All of this will be added to and expanded as we accumulate more thoughts on the characters.  Each character (or couple) has his/her own post to give up plenty of room.


I'll use the following format, for now.  Let me know if you can think of an improvement.


Character Czar: Name of person in charge of the character.



Character sketch.  I'll use my original blurb until the Character Czar supplies more current info.  This is to aid character development and dialogue (esp. for people in charge of other characters).



In-game biography here.


Character Sheet.

Character Name: gender, race, class, alignment.  Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Cha.


Special(s): Special abilities here, if any.


Sample Dialogue (from the game).

Character Name.

Un-modded in-game dialogue here.  Intended as another aid.  A good idea, I think, is to also use Near Infinity to listen to the character wav files; they give insight into the character's personality and speech patterns.

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Character Czar: Arian and Hendryk (Khalid)

Character Czar: Ht (Jaheira)



Khalid was born in Calimshan, the natural son of a human merchant. His mother was an elven slave-woman who died when Khalid was a small child, so his memories of her are few, misty, and poignant. His father allowed him the same material advantages as the sons of his legal wife, but he never paid him much attention, since the business would of course pass into the hands of his legitimate heirs rather than those of a half-breed slave-get. Khalid found that he had talents in the martial arena, spending much time in the company of the members of the Calimport militia and joining their ranks when he was old enough. He was on the whole a blithe and reasonably outgoing young man at that time - the constant reminders of his lesser status compared with his half-brothers', since they were not accompanied by any particular cruelty, were simply accepted as a fact of life, endowing him with unconscious humility. Despite his skills in combat, he was never foolhardy - caution was a part of his character even before the terrible events that were to come.


One day he was approached by an old man who told him about the Harpers and asked him to become one of their members. This old man turned out to be the mage Gorion. After that, he travelled freely about, doing what the Harper leadership asked him to. It was in the course of this work that he met Jaheira, who was attractive to him both as a fellow half-elf and as someone whose past life had been a source of Extreme Nasty Stuff yet she remained strong. Gorion, Jaheira and Khalid often worked together as a team in pursuing the goals of the Harpers.


During their work, he was captured, imprisoned and interrogated for information about Harper plans and activities. He would not tell, and so he was physically tortured, deprived of sleep, suffered weeks of hallucinations, watched other people tortured and killed in front of him. He now suffers sudden terrible flashbacks in the middle of battle, in response to the sight of injuries and the smell of blood, and cannot always tell where/when he is. At these times, he is likely to lose his nerve and bolt.


His partners Jaheira and Gorion finally managed to rescue him. Jaheira believed the perpetrators were Zhentarim. K didn't know and didn't want to make false assumptions without evidence, though OTOH, there was no reason to think they were *not* Zhentarim.


Because of the healing powers of her druid training, and because she was appalled by the things the scene of his tortures showed her about what had been done to him, Jaheira was the one who nursed Khalid for the long time it took for him to become even marginally functional again. Their relationship, previously that of partners in a dangerous endeavour who knew they could trust each other with their lives, developed in a more personal and almost domestic line. Khalid asked Jaheira to marry him, but she, not wanting to risk being either the object of a predictable patient-healer attachment or the experiencer of an equally predictable healer-patient attachment, repeatedly refused his proposals until she was certain he was stable enough to know how he really felt. They were married about a year and a half after his rescue, with Gorion as the best man.


This history explains why Khalid really needs the forceful attention of Jaheira - partly because of the early death of his mother and partly because of the tortures he underwent, he feels safest in a relationship with someone who is both loving and very strong. If he ever falters or loses his nerve, he knows he can rely on Jaheira to be there to support him. The ever-present risk of sudden flashbacks and his persistent stammer are a source of anxiety to him, so he needs to feel there's someone there 'at his back' while he recovers. He is aware that other people tend to see him as rather under Jaheira's thumb, but this doesn't usually bother him, since he knows that Jaheira does the best for him that she can.




The first and most important comment for anyone struggling with Khalid's stammer is: if you can't or don't want to write it, supply the dialogue unstammered. I have an emerging and evolving set of rules for how Khalid talks, and if you write a stammer for him that doesn't fit his voice as I see it, I'll only mess with it anyway, so why give yourself trouble? That being said, though, I do have a few formal rules coming into existence that I apply to help me get his voice 'right' - so for anyone who is interested to know them, here they are:


Khalid normally doesn't balk on more than one word in a sentence or major clause. The exception is if he's under notable stress. If you have him stammering over more than one word in a sentence (or sentence-equivalent), choose one instance and delete the other, unless you have a very good reason to assume he would be unusually stressed in this context. There are some occasions on which he doesn't stammer at all, so don't feel obliged to put a stammer into every line he speaks, especially if he is calm and/or happy when he's talking.


His stammer is more of a physical tic than a sign that he is shy, nervous or frightened (except if he happens to be hallucinating at the time, but the in-game manifestation of that is a morale failure), so he speaks carefully in order to make his words emerge clearly from his disobedient mouth. If he actually *is* hesitant about saying something in particular, he is more likely to pause in his speech without speaking, (e.g. say "I.... am not certain you are right,") rather than saying 'um', 'er', or repeating his words.


Khalid often stammers over the word in a sentence that has the major stress. The exception to this is if there is also a word in the sentence that starts with 'd' - he has more trouble with 'd' than with any other sound, and 's' and 'm' are good candidates for difficulty as well, especially in the stressed position. Here are some orthodox Khalid-isms:


I th-think so.

I d-don't think so.

I d-definitely think so.

I s-said so.

I d-didn't say so.

I d-definitely said so.

I might have s-said so if I'd known.

My m-mother said so.


A very strongly stressed word in a sentence that also includes a 'd' might induce two in the same utterance: "I *s-said* you shouldn't d-do it!" but this would be unusual.


Hope this helps, and as I said, if it all seems too complicated or unintuitive or whatnot, throw the lines at me untranslated and I'll do it myself.



Like Khalid, she's a friend of Gorion and a Harper. She's also a druid and a noble. We know her story fairly well, thanks to BG2, but there's lots of room to expand and explore.


Both of these characters are also 'parent-figures' in a way to CharName. He/She might not think so, but they probably feel some sense of responsibility. Both would be saddened to see an evil Charname succumb to his/her darker side. Their immediate quest is to investigate the iron shortage, and would have a strong motivation to see Charname's quest out to the end.



When asked about his past, KHALID nervously reveals that he was born and raised in the nation of Calimshan. He does not say much of his parents, but you get the feeling that his merchant father thought little of him, devoting much more attention to Khalid's half brothers. Khalid thus threw himself into the martial pursuits, studying under members of the city militia. He doesn't go into detail on how he met Jaheira, but his adoration of her is obvious. When asked about how he knew Gorion he will only say that they had long been friends, and that many shared acquaintances will mourn his loss with harpsong.


When asked about her past, JAHEIRA glares as she speaks. She says that she was born in the Tethyr region to a loyalist of the King Alemander regime, unfortunately during the Tethyrian civil war. Her family was among the nobles targeted by the angry mobs of peasants, and she was only spared because a servant girl took her from their castle before it fell. They fled into the forest of Tethyr and stumbled across an enclave of Druids willing to take the child. Jaheira grew up a very headstrong girl, believing that the only way to protect nature was to have an active role in the world. She seems to have little in common with Khalid, but even though her manner is often confrontational she apparently cares deeply for him. Her admiration of Gorion is obvious, and she plainly states that whomever was responsible for his death will suffer an equal fate.


Character Sheet.

Khalid: male, half-elf, fighter, neutral good.  Str 15, Dex 16, Con 17, Int 15, Wis 10, Cha 09.


Jaheira: female, half-elf, fighter/druid, true neutral.  Str 15, Dex 14, Con 17, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 15.


Sample Dialogue (from the game).


Something about you is f-familiar, child.  Your manner reminds me of a sage I know, b-by the name of Gorion.

If......if he has passed, we share your loss

We could t-travel with you until you get settled; help you find your l-lot in life.

Jaheira! M-mind your m-m-manners!  This must be the child that Gorion wrote of so often.

I fear I must d-depart as well.  Jaheira and I are inseparable.

I...wish you luck on your...adventures.

V-v-very well.  Though I doubt G-Gorion would approve of me leaving you, I cannot force my company upon you.  These choices are yours to make.  Come Jaheira, we should take our leave for now.

I c-cannot say that I have enjoyed our t-time together, but for the sake of Gorion I will not protest your actions further.  If there is anything of him within you, you will ultimately turn out alright...though it does seem doubtful at the moment.  Come Jaheira d-darling.  We must leave this one to his chosen path.

V-v-very well.  Though I doubt G-Gorion would approve of me  leaving you, I cannot force my company upon you.  These choices are yours to  make.  Come Jaheira, we should take our leave for now.

B-b-beg your pardon, but it would be good if we could go to  Nashkel in the near future.  I-if you you don't mind?

I will stay with you out of duty to Gorion, b-but we should  really go to Nashkel sometime soon.

I-It would seem our paths were destined to c-cross once more.  Perhaps we s-should rejoin and continue on as Gorion would have w-wanted.

T-t-that is disappointing, but I s-shall not give up on you, so long as you do not, either.

E-excellent!  It shall be as though we were never separated.

Please J-Jaheira, you needn't be so...s-so...

Yes, that's definitely it!

Ye...no, stay beautiful.  Despite yourself.

Usually everyone proves themselves, but there is something...disturbing about you.

I had thought none could be so beyond the bounds of goodness.  Certainly you need h-help.

[KHALID 1] Calm yourself dear, we must proceed c-c-carefully. 
[KHALID 2] Better part of valor!  Better part of valor!
[KHALID 4] Gorion would be proud of your actions.
[KHALID 5] Gorion would have none of this!  'Tis shameful!
[KHALID 6] I'll not have a part in t-this!  Change your course, lest I be forced to s-stop you!
[KHALID 7] I will not allow this!  It-It's utterly evil!
[KHALID 8] If you wish, but I'm not a very inspiring leader.
[KHALID 9] I think much c-c-clearer with r-rest.  Might w-we stop?
[KHALID 10] I prefer these long periods of relaxation.  Lovely day for it.
[KHALID 3] Oh, my heart's really not in this!
[KHALID 11] I am getting weaker.  I'll need a healer as soon as possible.
[KHALID 12] I am much more at ease in the forest.
[KHALID 13] Cities are always so intimidating.  So many people.
[KHALID 14] T-there are S-SO many places I would rather be.
[KHALID 15] Sunny or not, 'tis nice to enjoy the out-of-doors
[KHALID 16] Even with infravision I prefer the daylight.
[KHALID 17] C-Can I help you?
[KHALID 18] You have need of me?
[KHALID 19] WHA . . . . y-yes?
[KHALID 20] If none are better.
[KHALID 21] I can but try.
[KHALID 22] I'll do my best.
[KHALID 23] If at first I don't succeed, the wife won't let me forget.
[KHALID 24] Th-Th-That's all, Folks!
[KHALID 25] Ch-ch-ch- . . . ch-ch-ch-chia
[KHALID 26] Click on someone your own size!
[KHALID 27] Please J-Jaheira, you needn't be so . . . s-so#
[KHALID 28] Yes, that's definitely it!
[KHALID 29] Ye . . . no, stay beautiful.  Despite yourself.
[KHALID 30] Usually everyone proves themselves, but there is something . . . disturbing about you.   
[KHALID 31] I had thought none could be so beyond the bounds of goodness.  Certainly you need h-help.  
[KHALID 35] I don't want to seem c-confrontational, but could you be a little less . . . well . . . evil?
[KHALID 37] Your company is a w-welcome part of this group.
[KHALID 36] Your honesty is refreshing, but lace it well with tact.
[KHALID 40] Another friend fallen.  Does it never end?
[KHALID 41] Jah . . . Jaheira.  no.  NO!  
[KHALID 34] Th-thank you.  
[KHALID 32] S-Sharpen your tongue elsewhere.  Everyone deserves a chance.
[KHALID 33] You . . .hmmph . . .must y-you c-continually . . .



Good day friend!  You are the child of Gorion, are you not?  I recognize you from his letters, for he writes of you often.  Forgive my manners; I am Jaheira and this is Khalid, my husband.

Greetings.  You...you look familiar, though it's not your looks.  I am not sure what I expected, but I believe you are Gorion's child.  I am Jaheira; this is Khalid.

It is almost a slight on him, but I see it too.

We are old friends of your adopted father.  He is not with you?  I must assume the worst; he would not permit his only child to wander without his accompaniment.

Gorion often said that he worried for your safety, even at the expense of his own.  He also wished that Khalid and I would become your guardians, if he should ever meet an untimely end.  However, you are much older now, and the choice of your companions should be your own.

It would be a fitting last service to Gorion, though we should first go to Nashkel.  Khalid and I.....look into local concerns, and there are rumors of strange things happening at the mine.  No doubt you have heard of the iron shortage?  You would do well to help us.  It affects everyone, including you.  We are to meet the mayor of the town, Berrun Ghastkill.

Well good!  We'll leave as soon as you're ready, though it should be soon.

It seems Gorion was a bit generous in his assessment of you, but it's your decision and I wish you luck on your way.

Good luck on your further ventures.

Indeed?  Interesting.  In that case I think we should definitely travel as one.  You can never be too careful about the dangers of the open road.  Wherever they may spring from.

I openly question your judgement, but it is your decision to make.  You do show some measure of leadership, and I should be glad to assist you in the future.  Come Khalid, we must depart for now.

Perhaps it is for the best.  I would rather be somewhere else, as you appear to be somewhat of a lost cause.  You have some of Gorion's sense, but little of his wisdom.  Come Khalid, there are better places for us than this.

You have returned.  Perhaps you have discovered some of the wisdom that Gorion tried to impart upon you?  Shall we rejoin for the good of all?

Then I shall await the day when your senses return to you, for it is foolish to disregard such helpful and righteous allies.

As well it should be.  Gorion taught you as best he could, and evidently some of that knowledge has stuck after all.

As much as I admire your desire to travel your own path, I must insist that we go to Nashkel soon.

Still we have not gone to Nashkel.  Where do you get this streak of laziness?  Gorion was a man of action and conviction.

Khalid, my dear, 'twould take a sailor to untie that tongue.



Do you claim to fight evil while you are diabolic yourself?

I know not your goals, but you are nearly Zhentish in spirit.  'Tis disgusting.

Is grass not made of blades?  Do stars not shoot?  Nature be well armed, and demands so of her servants!

[JAHEIRA 1] How long must we wait here?  Things stir to the south as we sit!
[JAHEIRA 2] Better to fight this battle when 'tis winnable! 
[JAHEIRA 4] Perhaps this group needs not quite as much help as I thought.
[JAHEIRA 5] I don't like the way this group is turning out.  Better leadership might help.
[JAHEIRA 6] Decide you well your next move!  I'll not allow this to continue!
[JAHEIRA 7] You have shown your true nature, and we are henceforth enemies!
[JAHEIRA 8] You couldn't have made a better choice.
[JAHEIRA 9] I've just about seen enough waking hours, slave-driver.
[JAHEIRA 10] Shouldn't we be doing something USEFUL with this time?!
[JAHEIRA 3] For the fallen!
[JAHEIRA 11] I fear I need healing, lest I not survive.
[JAHEIRA 12] Tread lightly.  You must show respect in nature's house.
[JAHEIRA 13] This city is a blight on the landscape.  Better to have let the land grow wild.
[JAHEIRA 14] An open wound in mother earth.  I would plug it, had I the power.
[JAHEIRA 16] Darkness falls, and nature sleeps.  Why do we still tromp about?!
[JAHEIRA 17] Nature's servant awaits.  
[JAHEIRA 18] Yes, oh omnipresent authority figure?
[JAHEIRA 19] You've a task?
[JAHEIRA 20] For the group.
[JAHEIRA 21] As you direct.
[JAHEIRA 22] 'Tis good as done.
[JAHEIRA 23] What now?  Need your pantaloons pressed?!
[JAHEIRA 24] By your command.
[JAHEIRA 25] This would be a good place for a henge!
[JAHEIRA 26] If a tree falls in the forest . . . I'll kill the bastard what done it!
[JAHEIRA 27] Khalid, my dear, 'twould take a sailor to untie that tongue.
[JAHEIRA 28] Insufferable? 
[JAHEIRA 29] Beautiful? 
[JAHEIRA 30] Do you claim to fight evil while you are diabolic yourself?
[JAHEIRA 31] I know not your goals, but you are nearly Zhentish in spirit.  'Tis disgusting.
[JAHEIRA 35] You are amusing , in a "what the hell is wrong with you" kind of way.
[JAHEIRA 37] Keep your distance.  I doubt your motives are as you claim.
[JAHEIRA 36] Seldom do I find so little fault with someone.  I hope it lasts.
[JAHEIRA 40] No sorrow for those lost in righteous battles.
[JAHEIRA 41] Blast it Khalid!  You die and I swear you'll never hear the end of it!
[JAHEIRA 32] You demonstrate your own pettiness.  It saves me the trouble, so I take no offense.  
[JAHEIRA 33] Careful.  Ground tongue makes excellent fertilizer, especially with what you're spewing.  
[JAHEIRA 34] Is grass not made of blades?  Do stars not shoot?  Nature be well armed, and demands so of her servants!

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Character Czar: Hendryk



Xzar was born in the Dales. Quite early in his life, his family relocated to Zhentil Keep due to some local catastrophe or other. Whether the move was voluntary or not, pressure of life under Zhentish rule quickly and completely eroded whatever functionality the family unit ever had. Happily, I have no more need than I have desire to reconstruct the particulars of this sordid mishmash. Suffice to say, Xzar was, at rather under the customary age, apprenticed to a Zhent necromancer and began to mature into the adult lunatic whom we meet in the game.


The most obvious point about Xzar is that he has constructed and, mentally, often inhabits an infantile dream world which is far more “real†to him than reality. Here, he, of course, is god and other persons and things exist only to the extent to which they succeed in attracting his notice. He phases in and out of his dream rather like a fever patient lapses into and comes out of delirium. Like the fever patient, the movements of his consciousness are unpredictable and involuntary. Also like the fever patient, he is never wholly free from his debility.


The core of this dream world is an Oedipal attachment to “Mommy†whom he vaguely but potently deifies. This creates in turn an attitude which regards all life (and especially sex) as corruptive which in turn conditions his attitude toward (others!) death as being not only the logical goal of life but a genuinely altruistic release as well. Note that this attitude would cause him to regard a frankly sensual manipulator like Safana with the utmost disgust; rather as a normal person thinks of green slime. Xzar would actually prefer green slime as being more honest and more “pureâ€Â.


In his nearer approaches to rationality, Xzar has some of the competence implied by his intelligence but is never free of his regressive tendency to regard all others as “Not Meâ€Â. Thus, all Lawful and/or Good individuals are utterly beneath contempt while all those with any Neutral component are negligible shilly-shallyers. Judging other Chaotic Evil persons by himself, he regards them as menacing rivals who must be exterminated. This leaves him with no one to like but himself which suits him well enough. Still, he is, at times, acute enough to recognize that the “Not Me’s†of the world must be placated to some extent which leads him to perform his hideous imitation of good fellowship. He is capable to a limited extent of distinguishing among individuals, so he regards, say, Montaron rather as a mage might regard a familiar or golem; as a useful extension of himself – albeit one with regrettable tendencies to independent behavior.


For the other NPCs, he will ignore most of them if he can. If Jaheira and Khalid are in the group too, he will of course react to the Harper-Zhent hostility but not in ways which suggest that he shares much commitment to the feud (as, indeed, he does not. It is an irrational inconvenience as far as he is concerned.) In Shar-teel, he will acknowledge a similar (but of course, inferior) rejection of the flesh to his own. Perversely, (almost everything about Xzar is perverse) he will be fascinated by Viconia. Not certainly by her femininity but by her being drow. Anything so dark, alien and demonic would certainly rouse his curiosity. Finally, he will have some positive feeling for bards. (Think of the effect of a lullaby on an infant not yet capable of speech.)


The Zhents, clearly, do not know what to make of Xzar. Certainly, they regard him as much too unstable to succeed in any routine or administrative assignment but his continued existence suggests that they think that something profitable to themselves might occur if he is allowed to roam under the Zhent imprimatur. This also suggests that they know little of the iron situation on the Sword Coast beyond the corruption of the ores in the Nashkel mines. If they had tied in the banditry and the Cloakwood mine situation, they would have sent more (and more competent) men to investigate. This would also account for the lack of Zhent presence just off-stage during the game. Making reports is beneath Xzar’s notice so his masters have had no updates on the scope of the conspiracy. Thus, they haven’t hustled any of their own SWAT teams into the fray.



Montaron was a very late child in the very large brood produced by parents who inhabited a large, rustic, respectable halfling hall. As the baby of the household, he was partly ignored and partly outrageously spoiled. This unhealthy situation continued until it dawned on his parents that their youngest was using rudimentary thief skills (readily acquired, I hear, in any halfling community) to take whatever he had otherwise been denied. A period of more attentive and austere treatment followed without notable result save for a steady improvement in Montaron’s thief skills. At length, his father had the (all things considered) unhappy notion of enrolling his wayward son as a regular soldier under the local militia master; the thought being that the experience would impart a discipline notably lacking in the boy to this point. Discipline was duly achieved but, alas, not the sort that conduces to obedience or public service. Rather, Montaron achieved the self-discipline required to master weapon use and to cloak his own motives far more successfully than he had previously been able to do. His term also solidified the grievance he felt over his family’s “rejection†of him into a hard core of enmity toward all other sentient beings. The unanticipated product of this upbringing was a highly qualified and totally dedicated little assassin.


Upon leaving home (and leaving also, no doubt, a number of corpses of close relations) Montaron would have wandered for a time until his tastes and talents recommended him to the Zhents. Being without the encumbrance (as the Zhents view them) of ambition or loyalty to persons (as distinct from the organization as an abstraction) Montaron moved easily into orbit about the Zhentil sun. He is rational in the sense of being able clearly to distinguish others as unique individuals with personal goals, talents and weaknesses. He is also normal in his appreciation of creature comforts such as food, drink, pleasant surroundings and sex. His perversion is that his strongest satisfaction by far is derived from inflicting pain on others. Indeed, he regrets it when death terminates an agreeable relationship with one of his “playmatesâ€Â. Insofar as he has any larger goal, it is to be promoted from fieldwork to the position of head torturer in one of the Keep’s deeper dungeons. There, he rightly imagines, he could indulge his passion without that haste which the risk of discovery often imparts to his activities in the outside world.


His madness has not yet mastered him so Montaron is still capable of tactical obedience and, in perilous emergencies, even of trust. He has, after all, no desire to die himself and recognizes that some sort of fulfillment of his current assignment is important to his continued employment by the Zhents. His habitual surliness is mostly just his normal attitude, accentuated by the dim feeling that the Zhents are abandoning him (as his family did) by fobbing him off as bodyguard and servant to this wacko necromancer. His feelings about Xzar are strongly mixed. First, he is plainly a lunatic. Worse, his activities are, in the Zhentil Big Picture, of purely secondary import (and Montaron will realize, even more quickly than Xzar, that the expanding scope of the iron conspiracy will make success that much more impressive to the higher-ups). On the other hand, Xzar is not indifferent to physical comfort and his activities are such that Montaron gets to hurt things badly with fair regularity, so no special hardship is involved. Too, Montaron shares with his superiors the hunch that this mad Xzar might, just might, manage to pull off something really spectacular. In that case, Montaron will obviously claim as much credit as possible. Finally, there is a small, almost unnoticed and certainly unspoken matter. Xzar, for whatever unfathomable reason, seems actually to like Montaron and it has been many years since anyone (whether Zhent or not) has felt any such regard.


As far as other NPCs are concerned, Montaron will react with less than his usual snottiness only to those whom he judges (from ample experience) to have qualities making them especially desirable as “playmates†for him. Garrick, Alora, Imoen, Khalid and Coran might qualify. On the other hand, obvious stoics like Kivan, Kagain, Ajantis, Jaheira and Branwen will be treated with a shade more hostility than the superficial relationship might otherwise suggest (in the cases of Ajantis and Jaheira, that’s quite a load of hostility).



When asked about his past, XZAR has very few coherent things to say. His desire to determine the cause of the iron shortage seems benevolent enough, but his motives remain unclear. His ramblings seem disjointed, but his faculties are obviously in good enough order for him to be adept at magic. He mutters something about how he and his associate Montaron are in the employ of a powerful group, but when pressed for details he gets extremely agitated and does not speak for some time. He is obviously at least partially insane, and the network that would hire him must be dark indeed.


When asked about his past, MONTARON openly threatens you with bodily harm. He seems quite dangerous, and more than willing to engage in gratuitous violence. It would appear that he cares little for life, including his own. He works grudgingly with Xzar, even though he obviously despises the man. Whoever their employers are, they must be powerful indeed. These two would likely kill each other without a presence over their heads preventing it. Montaron might be willing to discuss the whole matter with you, but you get the feeling that you probably would not wake up the next morning.


Character Sheet.

Xzar: male, human, mage (necromancer), chaotic-evil.  Str 14, Dex 16, Con 10, Int 17, Wis 16, Cha 10.


Montaron: male, halfling, fighter/thief, neutral-evil.  Str 16, Dex 17, Con 15, Int 12, Wis 13, Cha 09.


Special(s): Xzar's wisdom is almost high enough to dual to cleric.


Sample Dialogue (from the game).



Hold Montaron, this young wayfarer is in need.  Someone has set about thee, stranger, and you have barely escaped with your life.

A child wandering the wilderness?  Surely you must be none too bright to be traveling these roads.

An exhausted whelp in the forest?

Indeed.  I can offer you healing potions, if you wish, as a token of good will.

You do not trust us?

Now Montaron, had I just been attacked I might be leery as well.  So be it, I shall not heal you.

Neither shall I hold thee to a debt of honor for slighting my...good intentions, though your conscience may.

Nothing to fear from these simple potions, and I'll not even hold you in debt, though your conscience knows otherwise.

Perhaps as payment you would go with us to Nashkel.  It is a troubled area and we mean to investigate some disturbing rumors surrounding the local mine.  Some acquaintances are very concerned about the iron shortage.  Specifically, where to lay blame in the matter.  You would be useful, though I'll not hold you to it.  We are to meet the mayor of the town, a man named Berrun Ghastkill, I believe.

My compatriot and I go to Nashkel.  Our business is not your concern.  Suffice it to say that some acquaintances of mine wish us to look into this iron shortage.  If you follow, I'm sure we'll find a use for you.

Goody good good!  We should make haste to Nashkel, just a short ways south of here.  Onward intrepid friends.

You won't do this for me?  You're bad, and I'll have someone hurt you!  You'll see!  That one's a meany, Monty; not a nice child at all!

We've precious little time, but it's best to travel accompanied.

Silly!  Your friends are no concern of ours.  Go as you wish by yourself.  Hopefully you fare better than you have so far.

I've no wish to strain our relationship, but you did promise to go to Nashkel.  Our delay is making me rather...tense.  I'm not nice when I'm tense.

Much as I truly care about your needs, I would prefer that we forgot your petty travels and went to Nashkel!

Ooo...subtle, yet insulting.

You said we would go to Nashkel!  You did!  I don't wanna be you friend no more!  Wahhhhhh!

Well I never!  Hmph!

I have nothing more to say to you!  You chose your goody-goody bedfellows, now make your bed and lay in it!

Well, my good friends, perhaps you'd like to know a little more about me?  I'm part of an order known as the Zhentarim.  We've been sent to learn why the Zhentish name has been slandered along the Coast Way.  It would seem that someone has been trying to make our order look bad.

Have ye changed your mind there kid.  Do you want our help?

You...you're letting me go?  But we have shared so much...so many good times...this is truly a sad day indeed.  Goodbye, so sad, blah blah blah and all that rot.  Come along Montaron.  You are my counterpart and we shall not be separated.

Indeed, it is quite about time that we should part company.  You have proven unsympathetic to my interests, and I look forward to eventually owning a charming little ashtray made from your skull.  Come, Montaron.  We shall not be separated by this fool.

I've no wish to strain our relationship, but you did promise to go to Nashkel.  Our delay is making me rather...tense.  I'm not nice when I'm tense.

You came back!  Oh I just knew you would, especially after what we shared!  What was that again?  Oh pish, no matter.  All that is important is that we are back together as one big happy family.  You too Monty, let's go.

You would tempt me so?  How cruel!  I shall pine away the days on this very spot lamenting your distinct lack of humanity.  And picking daisies.   Wheeeeee.

Hurrah!  I'd have us all sing with joy, but I'm sure such an outpouring would come dangerously close to making me sick.  Onward, and all that.

Well, my good friends, perhaps you'd like to know a little more about me?  I'm part of an order known as the Zhentarim.  We've been sent to learn why the Zhentish name has been slandered along the Coast Way.  It would seem that someone has been trying to make our order look bad.

Tell us a story, Monty.  Something with bears and gold. 

HaHAR there Montaron!  Quite the fight, eh chum! 

C'mon Montaron, lighten up.  Must you be so moody all the time? 

Why must you goad us into other peoples concerns?  Can you not just let us mind our own enterprise? 

I begin to see your true nature, and 'tis as I expected.  None are as insufferably righteous as Harpers! 

[XZAR 1] Montaron, you are so AGGRAVATING!  'Tis disturbing to my demeanor!
[XZAR 2] Waaaa!  Mommy I'm a scared!
[XZAR 4] I'm starting to find this group almost . . . palatable.
[XZAR 5] Must we be so insufferably charitable?!
[XZAR 6] I'll not tolerate any more of this benevolence!
[XZAR 7] I can take this no longer.  May you all die cold miserable deaths!  Farewell!
[XZAR 8] A wise choice for leader.
[XZAR 9] I tire!  I'll be MUCH MORE AGREEABLE with rest!
[XZAR 10] Much as I enjoy these moments of repose, GET A MOVE ON IT!
[XZAR 3] I am become death, destroyer of worlds!
[XZAR 11] Mommy, I don't feel too good.
[XZAR 12] The trees . . , move.  Do you not see it?!
[XZAR 13] A cutthroat in every alley, but I'll not let them take us alive.
[XZAR 14] I'm never quite so comfortable, as when I'm at least 6 feet under.
[XZAR 15] I've never liked the sunlight.  'Tis just too . . . bright.
[XZAR 16] I wanted infravision like the elves, but 'tis more than just taking their eyes.
[XZAR 17] Something troubling you?
[XZAR 18] Your voice is ambrosia.
[XZAR 19] Stop touching me!
[XZAR 20] If I must!
[XZAR 21] I could do no other.
[XZAR 22] Hardly worth my time!
[XZAR 23] Tell me 'bout the rabbits.
[XZAR 24] Those the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad!
[XZAR 25] I ate his liver with a nice Chianti and some fava beans. 
[XZAR 26] I'll teach yer grandmother to suck eggs!
[XZAR 27] Tell us a story, Monty.  Something with bears and gold.
[XZAR 28] HaHAR there Montaron!  Quite the fight, eh chum!
[XZAR 29] C'mon Montaron, lighten up.  Must you be so moody all the time?
[XZAR 30] Why must you goad us into other peoples concerns?  Can you not just let us mind our own enterprise?
[XZAR 31] I begin to see your true nature, and 'tis as I expected.  None are as insufferably righteous as Harpers!
[XZAR 35] Could we cease the incessant noise?! 'Tis such a pain behind the eyes!
[XZAR 36] Smiles everyone, smiles!  This is like some great Fantasy!
[XZAR 37] I know dragons with feet like rabbits!  'Tis true I swear!
[XZAR 40] I suppose I should feel a sense of loss. How unfortunate I don't care. 
[XZAR 41] Montaron!  I . . . I never loved you.
[XZAR 34] Ahh yes, the chatter of friends and compatriots! Does it not warm the cockles?
[XZAR 32] Oh speak no more, lest ye gorge my sweet tooth!
[XZAR 33] I'll not be mocked, thou most slanderous harlot!



Aye Xzar, looks to have been roughed up quite well.

And ye look a bit scuffed, too.  A fine pair of troubles all your own.

We've not the time for your troubles, though we may have a purpose for ye.

I'll not be insulted by this whelp!

Refuse if ye wish.

Just like all good people.

Your conscience be your guide.

Aye, we'll go wit ye.  Ye owe us fer our time though.

The night be not kind to fools.  Luck be with you.  You'll need it.

Now you've gone and set him off!  Blasted mage will blither for hours!  Off wit ye!  I'll not suffer the both of ye!

Rein it in, wizard!  I canna stand the way your senses flit about.  Could we just travel in peace?

Hello there kid.  Rather strange place be to wandering, ain't it?  My companion has something to say to ya.

I have no desire to speak with such as you!

As ye would have it.  I likely would have put a dagger in ye eventually, but for now ye have been adequately useful.  Come wizard, we are inseparable until the day ye die.

And good riddance to yer bad rubbish!  I suggest ye sleep with one eye open from now on.  Come wizard!  I'll not miss yer inevitable death by leavin' ye behind!

Now you've gone and set him off!  Blasted mage will blither for hours!  Off wit ye!  I'll not suffer the both of ye!

Ye waste my time and test my patience!  To Nashkel we must go!

Nashkel is where I must go.  If ye will not go there yerself, then here is where we part company!  Sleep lightly, if ye dare to sleep at all!

I thought ye would eventually return this way.  Need our services once again?

Fine, but know this: If my blade does not work for ye, you'll likely end up with it against ye.

A wise choice, indeed.  Puts off me having to kill you by a few days at least.  Move it wizard!  I'll not have us delayed by your flitting about.

That mad wizard is off on one of his "spells" again. 

My "equal" is a talent of many men; all of them fools. 

Do ye truly want yer last words to be so stupid? 

Do not make light of me!  My purpose is greater that you can imagine!

I've suffered yer company as long as I'm going to!  Ye could be Harpers, the way ye irritate me so! 

[MONTARON 1] Ye already be disturbed, now leave me be.  Yer company be toil enough as is.  
[MONTARON 2] A pox on ye, I'll no lose my neck to this lot!
[MONTARON 4] Effective.  I may not kill you after all.
[MONTARON 5] Ye goody goodies make me sick!
[MONTARON 6] Any more of yer nice-nice and I'm gone!
[MONTARON 7] I'll suffer this group no more!  Best ye sleep with one eye open!
[MONTARON 8] I have no equal, but I prefer to work alone.
[MONTARON 9] If'n I'm not allowed to sleep, our next assailants may just live.
[MONTARON 10] A good blade must be fed.  Find prey or I find you.
[MONTARON 3] And the rivers run red!
[MONTARON 11] A death be in me if I no get help.
[MONTARON 12] I hate the woods.  Prey be so much easier to find in the city.
[MONTARON 14] Dungeons!  The dark is nice, but blast this damp!
[MONTARON 15] I be much preferring the cover of night o'er this blasted daylight.
[MONTARON 17] Ye spoke at me?
[MONTARON 18] This better be good.  
[MONTARON 19] What need ye dead?
[MONTARON 20] I'll do yer toil. 
[MONTARON 21] Go suck yer blade.
[MONTARON 22] Sleep lightly taskmaster. 
[MONTARON 23] I warrant your attention?!  Oh frabgerous day, kaloo kaley!  
[MONTARON 24] Arrrr!
[MONTARON 25] Leave me be, lest your head leave yer neck.
[MONTARON 26] What part of "I'm a loner" do ye not understand?!
[MONTARON 27] That mad wizard is off on one of his "spells" again.
[MONTARON 28] My "equal" is a talent of many men; all of them fools.
[MONTARON 29] Do ye truly want yer last words to be so stupid?
[MONTARON 30] Do not make light of me!  My purpose is greater that you can imagine!
[MONTARON 31] I've suffered yer company as long as I'm going to!  Ye could be Harpers, the way ye irritate me so!
[MONTARON 35] Keep yer distance ye goody-goody.  I no like the smell of charity.
[MONTARON 36] Good or bad, you'll go the way of all flesh.
[MONTARON 37] 'Tis a wonder you've lived as long as you have.  
[MONTARON 40] Fool!  Now we'll need another mule!
[MONTARON 41] And the mad wizard falls!  Saves me the trouble!
[MONTARON 33] Mayhaps we should just befriend them all and go for tea, eh?
[MONTARON 32] Yer wit be sharp as my blade!  Do we exchange jabs, or will ye cease yer prattle?!
[MONTARON 34] Ye live longer if ye don't annoy me.  Mayhaps even a week or more.

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Character Czar: Aurelius (Minsc).

Character Czar: Sarah J. (Dynaheir).



Everyone knows his story. He is accompanying his witch, Dyanheir, and is on his dejemma. He wants to prove his manhood and be accepted into the Ice Dragon berserker lodge. He has suffered a head wound sometime between his leaving Rasheman and meeting Charname, this has caused him to lose his marbles and become obsessed with Boo, his animal companion. He's almost all comic relief, though he's also mildly tragic. He is also one of the easiest characters to write dialogue for.


from Aurelius


I see Minsc as a big mountain of a man, with apparently no brains at all. I say apparently, because from time to time he gets certain insights that astonish everyone, even as the claims that all the credit goes to Boo. And let us not forget that the big guy is a ranger , so he should be " wise to the ways of nature" and all that.


He is also very kind to all those that lack physical prowess and must rely on him for protection ( halflings, little kids go in this category. Oh, and ofcourse witches). He also nourishes a romantic side ( loves " pretty flowers and such).


Backround : As everyone knows, Minsc is hailing from Rasheman. This harsh land nourishes some of the most powerful warriors in Faerun, the cold climate and dangerous beasts claiming all those who are weak and letting only the strong survive. Minsc was raised in the warrior spirit of the Ice Dragon Berserker Lodge, and his only dream is to be one day one of it's members. To reach his aim, but also to satisfy his lust for travel and "buttkicking" he gladly accepted to embark on a dajemma as the bodyguard of a distant relative, the witch Dynaheir. Their travel was full of dangers and, one night in Sembia, Minsc was happily rooting out another nest of evil, when he received a terrible blow to the head. This did little to improve his already fading grip on reality, and soon he became a walking timebomb, his berserker fits coming and going without warning. Dynaheir was ready to give up and return home when Destiny chose to manifest itself in the form of an old man (beard, pointy hat, pipe smoker) who was selling "Miniature Giant Space Hamsters" in the market. Clever advertisment or disguised truth? You decide. Anyway, Minsc was immediately captivated by a certain specimen named Boo, and spent all his savings to purchase him. Thus the terrible buttkicking duo was born.


Boo did indeed have a calming influence on Minsc's mind, as well as providing him with certain flashes of genius ( or so Minsc claims).


Party interaction:


Ajantis: Minsc is captivated by the idea of a righteous "evil buttkicking" Order and does a lot of comparisons with his berserker lodge, asking details about the celebration held after another succesfull campaign agains evil. The details he provides and the suggestions made make the pure Ajantis blush, but he lets them slip because of the rangers childlike innocence and good nature. They get along pretty well.


Yeslick: Minsc respects any accomplished warrior, and a good natured warrior priest is even more so to his liking. i see them happily changing informations about where a good meal and some "strong, dwarven ale" might be found.


Edwin: This guy is asking for a buttkicking. He is his sworn enemy, and Minsc doesn't hesitate to openly menace him with boddily harm. Then he changes tune, going as far as to offer Ewin Boo to pet. The wizard agrees, happily preparing to cast a Shocking grasp spell, only to find Boo charging at his nose ( he is responsible for the hole that Edwin uses for his nose ring in BG2).


Branwen: Oh, we're talking romance here! The cleric shows some interest in Minsc after he compares her to "the strong, fighting women back home", but the ranger is too busy buttkicking to even notice. Branwen will be deeply disappointed after Minsc presents himself with a bouquet, only to ask her opinion if any of those flowers are responsible for Boo's little stomach problem, and pleading for her to cure the little guy.


Xan: Minsc simply doesn't understand the elf's gloomy mood, and happily tries to brighten his day, but to no avail. Finally he presents Boo, who has just learned his "roll over" trick, only to discover that the Greycloack has a terrible alergie to hamsters.


Xzar: Even Minsc realises that the wizard is somewhere "faaaaar away", and tries to draw some comparisons with his head wound consequences. Xzar's following questions about Minsc's encounters with "dragons with feet like rabbits" leave him puzzled, and finally he gives up, deeming Xzar too crazy even for him.


Viconia: Minsc harbours no prejudice towards her race, and even goes as far as to offer his services as protector, clayming that " that's enough of Minsc to defend both you and Dynaheir". Viconia's refusal and threat to one day cook Boo don't impress him, claiming that " she's a good garl. She simply doesn't know it yet".


Shar Teel: The ranger tries to understand why she hates men so, and gives his relation with Dynaheir as an example of complimentary roles. Her hateful remarks to Dynaheir for depending on a man to defend her make him really angry.


Safana: at sometimes Minsc looks like jelly in her hands, but when she tries to make use of her influence to fool him out of all his possesions Boo makes his influence felt and Minsc gets off the hook by claiming that they are too heavy for her to carry.


Montaron: they hate each other. Minsc doesn't trust him one bit, and they change a few angry replies.


Quayle: Minsc tries to impress the gnome by comparing his wisdom to the one Boo provides. The result is easy to guess.


Tiax: The irritating little gnome is for Minsc the proof that the world is full of dangerous maniacs, and that people should leave him and Boo alone while such specimens still roam free.


Kivan: Another ranger is always welcome, and Minsc tries to brighten his mood by pointing out to all the beauty that nature still holds.


Jaheira & Dynaheir: Strong, bossy women are too much for Minsc to handle. His timid attempts to gain their favor come by presenting Boo to them but Dynaheir rejects him as "unclean" and Jaheira throws a fit after discovering that Boo gorged himself on her medicinal plants.


Khalid: best pals, and that says it all.


Garrick: Minsc tries to convince him to become a skald, and Garrick promises a great saga about him and Boo ( which he never finishes).


Alora: Minsc loves the little thief, and if anyone tries to harm the halfling will have to answer to him.


Imoen: another one of his favorites, she even seems to share his love for Boo.






When asked about his past, MINSC proudly announces that he is a berserker warrior from the nation of Rasheman in the utter east. He is currently undertaking his dejemma, a ritual journey to manhood, and is seeking adventure and glory in battle. It is also his honor to be the bodyguard of a young Wychalarn of Rasheman named Dynaheir, and if anyone tries to harm her he will beat sense into their heads until they reconsider. He is unsure as to why she has led them to the Sword Coast, but his loyalty is unquestioning. If he serves her well and distinguishes himself in battle he hopes to be accepted into the Ice Dragon berserker lodge upon return to their homeland. So far Minsc considers his most notable experience in the world abroad to be the acquisition of his animal companion 'Boo,' a creature that he claims is a miniature giant space hamster. Apparently such things do exist in the Realms, but Minsc has surely taken too many blows to the head. He seems a good-natured fellow, but is all too willing to indulge his berserker nature.


When asked about her past DYNAHEIR has very little to say. She is apparently from the far-eastern nation of Rasheman, and has come to the west with a bodyguard known as Minsc. Minsc is on his 'dejemma,' a right of passage, and it appears that she may be involved in something similar. Of this, she will only state that great things are foretold for the Sword Coast. She seems very sure of herself, is possessed with an old-world sensibility, and is very demanding of her companions. She has expressed concerns about the sanity of her bodyguard, though she has an obvious respect for him and will not go far from his side.


More Dynahmite Info from Sarah J.: My assumption is that Dynaheir was sent west to find out what is behind some visions that some ranking clerics of the Three (especially the Hidden One/Mystra, who has her own reasons to oppose Bhaal) have been having. Old evil rising anew, or something like that. She is bound to express interest in Candlekeep's libraries, especially in Alaundo's prophecies, and should be quite excited (well, in her reserved way ;) ) when the party finally returns to Candlekeep. Likewise, she won't fail to take notice of various soothsayers and seers who make vague remarks about CHARNAME's strange aura, terrible destiny and all that.


I picture Dynaheir as a rather hardy, healthy woman (Con 16!), certainly no frail, spoiled bookworm who can't do without various creature comforts -- remember, Rashemen is a wild land with little "civilization" to speak of. She is both smart and wise, so when she gives advice it will be sound and as she is used to commanding respect, she likely expects her advice to be followed. With her, ah, somewhat domineering and demanding mannerism, she does remind me a bit of a toned-down version of everyone's favourite druid, Jaheira. Witches are expected to "foster agreement" among their people and keeping them strong and unified, so she will do the same in CHARNAME's adventuring party. I take that to mean that on one hand she is quite tolerant IF a given person is doing their best for the group and not bothering innocent passers-by, but on the other hand she'll crack down quite hard and fast on selfish, irresponsible, untrustworthy or just plain cruel behavior. She's Lawful Good, after all.


Dynaheir speaks "Shakespeare English" -- if you can't be bothered with the thees and thous, I'll handle it. Just keep in mind that her speech suits her character: formal and dignified, maybe a little "stiff". I strongly advise against using contractions like "don't" or "I'm".


Character Sheet.

Minsc: male, human, ranger, neutral-good.  Str 18/93, Dex 15, Con 15, Int 08, Wis 06, Cha 09.


Dynaheir: female, human, mage (invoker), lawful-good.  Str 11, Dex 13, Con 16, Int 17, Wis 15, Cha 12.


Special(s): Minsc has Boo and a once/day innate berserking ability.  Dynaheir has a once/day innate slow poison ability.  Dynaheir's wisdom just two points below that needed to dual to cleric.


Some general info on Rashemen:


First of all, it's "Rashemen" and "dajemma", regardless of what the game says. ;) The adjective as well as the name for the people is "Rashemi". All the following info is from the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting.


Rashemen is a cold, wild land ruled by a society of female wizards (priest/wizards, actually, in 3E), the Wychlaran or Witches. The authority of these women is absolute, but benevolent, and their efforts seem to play a crucial role in keeping the unruly berserkers of their homeland efficiently united against their traditional enemy, Thay, which has attempted to invade Rashemen countless times. Predictably, the Wychlaran and the Red Wizards hate each other with a passion. Many Witches are sent abroad to study other cultures or keep en eye on important people, always accompanied by a faithful bodyguard. Dynaheir refers to the "Orthlor" once, that should be "othlot", though, and refers to the highest-ranking Wychlaran; the name simply means "True Ones".


Male wizards are rare in Rashemen, the few who exist are highly regarded, kept hidden and well protected, and devote their time to researching new spells and crafting magical items for the Witches (who in turn are strictly forbidden from making magic items themselves). These men are called Vremyonni, the Old Ones, because their magic prolongs their lifespan.


Young Rashemi are expected to leave their country and roam the world for a while before they are considered adults, this rite of passage is called the "dajemma". The leader of the warriors is known as the Huthrong, the Iron Lord, who is chosen by the Wychlaran. The dominant religion in Rashemen worships Bhalla (Chauntea), the Hidden One (Mystra) and Khelliara (Mielikki), who are collectively known as The Three.


Sample Dialogue (from the game).


I agree Boo, they look to be friendly.  Greetings, we are Minsc and Boo.  We have traveled far to explore this land, but now my charge Dynaheir has been taken from us.  'Twas gnolls, and once we have tracked them I will beat sense into their heads until they release her.  Accompany us and bards will sing the deeds of Minsc and Boo....and friends.

Let us pass strangers, for we have not much time to waste.  What?  Yes, I'll ask them.  Boo and I go to rescue my charge Dynaheir.  You may aid in our victory, if you wish.  There is glory enough for all!

Boo is my faithful animal companion, and more than he seems.

My hamster does not like your tone.  Away with ye.

You would leave an innocent to suffer with nary a twitch of your sword-arm?  RrraaaAAGHGHHH!!!

Take heart fellow adventurers, for you have curried the favor of Boo, the only miniature giant space hamster in the Realm!  My friend and companion ever since my h-h-head wound, he will lead us to victory!  Onward to the Gnoll Stronghold in the west!  Tarry not!  We must go soon!

JOURNAL I have agreed to help Minsc rescue his friend.  She is held captive at a gnoll stronghold, far west of Nashkel.  EXIT

We take too long!  My charge is in desperate peril!  If we do not go now you are a coward!

You agreed to help in my cause, yet now you break your word by your inaction!  I'll have none of it!  Feel the wrath of Minsc and Boo!

AAuughh!  Dynaheir has been slain!  For what purpose am I now?  I cannot return home in disgrace, she was my responsibility!  NOOOOO! What (sniff) what is it Boo?  Yes...no I...yes...yes...YES!   You there, may we join with you?  You fought well, and it would lessen my shame to be in your company.  My honor is yours, will you accept it?

Sniff...yes.  YES!  A quest!  I shall quest until my honor positively bloats!  Minsc and Boo, roaming the Realms for adventure!  When the epics tale of us are written, I'll be sure to give you a footnote!  Farewell!

My sword is at your feet and you would spit upon it!?  That's just so...un-heroic!

Hooray!  We will honor the memory of Dynaheir with deeds that make grown men tremble!  See?  Boo trembles even now!

Boo, do my eyes deceive me?  Dynaheir!  Who are these knaves that would dare to stand so close to you?!  If they are the ones that took you from me I shall tear their skins off!

Then I am truly shamed.  I could not prevent your capture, and strangers were your saviors.  I present my head for the taking.

Wondrous!  Introductions are formally in order then.  I am Minsc, and I am the sworn protector of the fair Dynaheir.  Boo is my faithful animal companion, and more than he seems.  My friend since the h-h-head wound, he is the only miniature giant space hamster you are ever likely to meet.  We have a bond, we do.  Onward!  Onward to adventure!

Discard a such a buff companion as myself, not to mention the brainy leadership of worthy Boo.  You cause Boo much distress, and that's something I cannot tolerate.  Rrrraaaghh!!

If you no longer want me and Boo, then I'll be taking Dynaheir and we'll be on our way!

Boo forgives you.

Let's be on our way Dynaheir.  Boo doesn't like the smell of our old companions.

We take too long!  My charge is in desperate peril!  If we do not go now you are a coward!

JOURNAL Minsc is getting impatient, I must go to rescue his friend soon. He previously said that she was being held at a gnoll encampment to the west of Nashkel.  EXIT

You agreed to help in my cause, yet now you break your word by your inaction!  I'll have none of it!  Feel the wrath of Minsc and Boo!

I have never seen such behavior in all my days!  And you claim to be heroes?  Raaaargh!!!

Boo and I were about to leave anyway!  I have never seen such behavior in all my days!  And you claim to be heroes?  Good riddance!  Come Dynaheir, I will not feel good about your safety until we are away from here.

I am truly saddened that you wish Minsc and Boo to leave.  If you have any need for stout blade, and an even stouter man to swing it, do not hesitate to call on me.

I fear that where Dynaheir goes, so must I!  It must be both of us, or neither.

Boo and I were about to leave anyway!  I have never seen such behavior in all my days!  And you claim to be heroes?  Good riddance!  Come Dynaheir, I will not feel good about your safety until we are away from here.

I am truly saddened that you wish Minsc and Boo to leave.  If you have any need for stout blade, and an even stouter man to swing it, do not hesitate to call on me.  Let's go Dynaheir.  You are safe with me regardless.

I knew you would return!  Rejoin with Minsc and Boo, and we shall once more charge headlong into adventure and glory!

If that is your wish, but adventure will not wait forever, not unless you tie it down and sit on it for good measure.  Minsc knows.

Let evil beware, lest it get a righteous boot betwixt the eyes!  Dynaheir need not worry for her safety while Minsc lives!

Let evil beware, lest it get a righteous boot betwixt the eyes!  Onward!

It is as you would have it.  'Tis my sworn vow to ensure your every need is catered to. [MINSC2]

Where Dynaheir goes, so goes my blade. [MINSC28]

Lay a finger on what I protect and forevermore ye will answer natures call with a hook!

Stand ye not to close!  Dynaheir is under my protection! [MINSC30]

Play on, bard!  'Tis sweet music to my furry friend. [MINSC31]

I take no offense from your comments.  You just don't understand the bond I have with Boo. [MINSC32]

[MINSC 1] Stand and deliver, that my hamster might have a better look at ye!  
[MINSC 2] No, despair not!  I will inspire you by charging blindly on!
[MINSC 4] Camaraderie, adventure, and steel on steel.  The stuff of legend!  Right Boo? 
[MINSC 5] Yes Boo, I agree.  This group could do with a swift kick in the morals.    
[MINSC 6] If I continue with this I'll never look Boo in the eyes again.  Choose carefully, I'll not let this come to pass!
[MINSC ] Ye have stepped beyond the line of evil!  Taste hamster justice!
[MINSC 8] Magic is impressive, but now Minsc leads!  Swords for everyone!
[MINSC 9] I must rest, I've a bad case of armor chafe.
[MINSC 10] My hamster's getting antsy! If we be adventurers, let us adventure!
[MINSC 3] Go for the eyes Boo, GO FOR THE EYES!!  RrraaaAAGHGHH!!!
[MINSC 11] I need aid soon, lest my hamster become an orphan.
[MINSC 12] Boo likes the forest.  
[MINSC 14] Evil 'round every corner.  Careful not to step in any.
[MINSC 16] Ahh, nighttime.  Good for sneakin' up on evil.
[MINSC 1] Who wants some?
[MINSC 18] You point, I punch.
[MINSC 19] Less talk, more fight!
[MINSC 20] Butt-kickin' for goodness!
[MINSC 21] Squeaky wheel gets the kick.
[MINSC 22] Full plate and packing steel!
[MINSC 23] Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, watch it!  I'm huge!
[MINSC 24] When the going gets tough, someone hold my rodent.
[MINSC 25] There be safety in numbers and I am two or three at least.
[MINSC 26] Make way evil!  I'm armed to the teeth and packing a hamster!
[MINSC 2] It is as you would have it.  'Tis my sworn vow to ensure your every need is catered to.
[MINSC 28] Where Dynaheir goes, so goes my blade.
[MINSC 29] Lay a finger on what I protect and forevermore ye will answer natures call with a hook!
[MINSC 30] Stand ye not too close!  Dynaheir is under my protection!
[MINSC 31] Play on, bard!  'Tis sweet music to my furry friend.
[MINSC 35] You travel with Minsc, you toe the line!  I'll not suffer slackers while I'm busy hero-ing!
[MINSC 36] Boo does not like your manner.  Away with ye.
[MINSC 3] Choose your friends wisely.  Not all are as trustworthy as Minsc and Boo.
[MINSC 40] No finer a place to die than the battlefield!
[MINSC 41] Dynaheir!  Nooooo!  You will be avenged!
[MINSC 34] I am of few words and fewer hesitations!  Warnings past and now you die!
[MINSC 32] I take no offense from your comments.  You just don't understand the bond I have with Boo.
[MINSC 33] Your words are as sharp as my blade, though not half as shiny.  Oooo, shiny.



I thank thee for saving me.  'Twas courageous to follow the likes of Minsc into battle, if a touch foolish.  I have naught to offer thee in return, save my services in battle.  Mayhaps I could travel with thee awhile, and an opportunity may arise for repayment of mine debt.  Minsc is...well...Minsc, but he hast a strong sword arm, whilst I am practiced in the arts magica.  Shall we join?

Thine efforts to save me are well appreciated, but I cannot help but be saddened.  My guardian Minsc  has left this life behind.  His valor and mighty berserker wrath will not go unremembered.  However, as I have lost my escort and 'tis not safe to wander these lands alone, perhaps I could join with thee.  My knowledge of the arts magica would no doubt be useful, while the strength of a group would benefit me as well.

I am Dynaheir of Rasheman.  'Tis not a title; 'tis just where I am from.  We two are indeed far afield of our home, but 'tis a necessary rite of passage.  Minsc must make his "dejemma" by seeking adventure, while I must prove my worth to my....sisters in much the same manner.  'Tis an interesting time for the Realms, with great things foretold for the Sword Coast.  'Tis therefore a likely place to look for what we need.  What dost thou seek on this adventurous road?  Mayhaps we can all find what we need together?

Alas, we were ambushed in the night.  Minsc was overcome by yet another blow to the head, and I was spirited away before he could recover.  With but two eyes apiece there is naught more we could have done.  Certainly 'twill be safer for all of us if we join together.  What say thee?

The choice thou makes dost puzzle me, but 'tis thine to make.  So be it.

As thy wish, though the logic of thy decision escapes me.  Come Minsc, we depart forthwith.

I have no doubt thou shalt make an... interesting traveling companion.

JOURNAL I have rescued a mage by the name of Dynaheir, just as Minsc requested.  They will both be valuable assets to my group, I am sure.  EXIT

Thine assistance is most appreciated.  'Twas a dastardly fate thou have saved me from.

I see bravery was not all that motivates thee.  I take it I am rescued from one death to die by another then?  How can the cause be just?  I urge caution; the likes of him are best kept at pole-arms length.

Put aside his paranoid goals; I make a far better friend than enemy.

An unfortunate decision!  Pardon me while I put up a fight!

I knew intelligence would prevail.  Simple common-sense, the foil of every Red Wizard.

I shall watch thee as well, though I expect to receive less pleasure from my task than thou from thine.

They know enough to turn thee away.  Crawl back to Thay and refine thy manners.

Thy know not even why I have traveled, only that thou must stop what e'er it is I've come to do?!  Get thyself a hobby, thou dost have too much time on thy hands!

I am Dynaheir, a witch of Rasheman.  I and my comrade Minsc have been sent by the Wychalarn to determine if the prophecies of Alaundo are true.  We search for the spawn of Bhaal.

The fool dies.  Such a loss of wasted life.  To have followed all this way, only to die not knowing the reason why.  Edwin, thou art surely the greatest fool I have ever known.  Such are the follies of the fanatical, though I suppose my own sisters are equally guilty of this on occasion.  Enough navel gazing.  <player name>, would'st thou consent to my joining thy group.  I can but try to promise no more mystery mages will come seeking me.

'Tis certainly good to see a face possessed of less teeth than my captors.  I am Dynaheir, and I welcome thine aid.

I fear I was separated from my guardian, Minsc.  I know not his fate, for we were ambushed in the night.  Doubtless he is alive and looking for me, though the blow to the head he suffered can not have further helped his wits.  He is a good and noble warrior, though less gifted in matters of judgement.  Mayhaps I could travel with thee until I find him?

'Tis dark times indeed when such as thee would talk to me thus.  If thou would decline the company of an established mage, perhaps thine own head bears examining even moreso than my bodyguard's.  I take my leave of thee.

My rescue was timely and appreciated.  I suppose some manner of payment might be warrented, though I have little other than mine own skills to give.  Would'st thou accept the company of one practised in the magical arts as reward?  I could do with an escort as well, at least until I locate mine bodyguard, Minsc.

Stand easy Minsc.  They  are to be trusted, for it was their valor that rescued me.

Now Minsc, that thick head is best left where it is, regardless of how little it is used.  Thou shalt continue to accompany me as previously assigned.  No doubt our new friends would welcome a warrior of thy...perseverance.

They obviously no longer wish our companionship Minsc; let us be on our way.

We'll be on our way then; though I do not understand why thou would'st place such little value on the abilities of Minsc and I.

Of course we'll stay.

Thank you for the rescue.  I am deeply in debt to you.  I must leave now, so that I can find my guardian Minsc.

Stand easy Minsc.  They  are to be trusted, for it was their valor that rescued me.

Now Minsc, that thick head is best left where it is, regardless of how little it is used.  Thou shalt continue to accompany me as previously assigned.  No doubt our new friends would welcome a warrior of thy...perseverance.

The choice thou makes dost puzzle me, but 'tis thine to make.  So be it.

Pay him little mind.  Minsc must make his "dejemma" by seeking adventure, while I must prove my worth to my...sisters in much the same manner.  'Tis an interesting time for the Realms, with great things foretold for the Sword Coast.  Hopefully we shall all find what we seek.

Thou hast proven to be quite a leader.  I shall look forward to when we can again call each other comrade.

I shall watch thee as well, though I expect to receive less pleasure from my task than thou from thine.

We are nearly a season's travel from our northern homes, and yet still ye wish to dredge up the old battles?  Fanatical fool!

Thy know not even why I have traveled, only that thou must stop what e'er it is I've come to do?!  Get thyself a hobby, thou dost have too much time on thy hands!

If thou dost no longer desire my companionship, then so be it.  I shall not force myself where I am not wanted.  Come Minsc, we will continue on ourselves.

Thou hast proven to be quite a leader.  I shall look forward to when we can again call each other comrade.  Come along Minsc.

I had hope I would see thee again.  Mayhaps we could join once again?

I have no words to express my disappointment.  Perhaps another time, then.

That is a wise and beneficial decision for all concerned.  My escort Minsc would be a valuable companion as well.

Must thou keep that rodent so close?  'Tis surely unclean. [DYNAH2]

Stand easy Minsc, thy needs not be so motherly. [DYNAH28]

Evil to thy cause?  Perhaps.  However, those of decent nature know otherwise. [DYNAH29]

Any protection would be courtesy, not necessity.  My power is no less than thine! [DYNAH30]

Thou shalt not question my will once I present thy neck to the Orthlor!   [DYNAH31]

I should keep an eye towards Edwin.  One can only expect treachery from his kind. [DYNAH36]

[DYNAHEIR 3] Thy decency is refreshing when so many we meet are . . . lacking.
[DYNAHEIR 2] These odds are idiocy!  Retreat!
[DYNAHEIR 4] This group shows promise exceptional.
[DYNAHEIR 5] Must I watch over this group as a nanny the child?!
[DYNAHEIR 6] I cannot abide by this decision!  'Tis idiocy!
[DYNAHEIR ] Thy manner is inexplicably evil!  I take my leave!
[DYNAHEIR 8] A wise choice to appoint the wiser.
[DYNAHEIR 9] Magic does not nest well in a tired mind.  I must sleep.
[DYNAHEIR 10] Might we move on?
[DYNAHEIR 3] For right! And I always am!
[DYNAHEIR 11] By The Three, I do not feel well inside.
[DYNAHEIR 13] Such bustle!  The cities of Rasheman are empty compared.
[DYNAHEIR 1] Thy called?
[DYNAHEIR 18] Whatever thy need.
[DYNAHEIR 19] Thy wish my ear?
[DYNAHEIR 20] As directed.
[DYNAHEIR 21] No less than done.
[DYNAHEIR 22] As well as I can.
[DYNAHEIR 23] Go here!  Do that!  What about MY needs?
[DYNAHEIR 24] These boots were made for walking, and that's just what they'll do.
[DYNAHEIR 25] Who art thou to touch me like you know me?!
[DYNAHEIR 26] Watch thee where thy place that pointer!
[DYNAHEIR 2] Must thou keep that rodent so close?  'Tis surely unclean.
[DYNAHEIR 28] Stand easy Minsc, thy needs not be so motherly.
[DYNAHEIR 29] Evil to thy cause?  Perhaps.  However, those of decent nature know otherwise.
[DYNAHEIR 30] Any protection would be courtesy, not necessity.  My power is no less than thine!
[DYNAHEIR 31] Thou shalt not question my will once I present thy neck to the Orthlor!  
[DYNAHEIR 35] I'll thank thee to remain downwind.  'Tis hard to cast spells while I gag. 
[DYNAHEIR 3] Thy decency is refreshing when so many we meet are . . . lacking.
[DYNAHEIR 36] I should keep an eye towards Edwin.  One can only expect treachery from his kind.
[DYNAHEIR 40] No more mistakes, people!  We can afford no more losses!
[DYNAHEIR 41] Minsc!  His mighty berserker wrath will not go unremembered.
[DYNAHEIR 33] Thou art right indeed.  After my own heart.
[DYNAHEIR 34] Thou art fluent in compliments.  Some might say effluent.
[DYNAHEIR 32] I pray thee did not kiss thy mother with that mouth.

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Character Czar: Domi



While Kivan seems to break all your notions about Elves as lighthearted easy to smile people, you can sometimes catch a glimpse of his true nature. Born and raised in the Forest of Shadows (Shilmista in Elven), Kivan has a deep love of his motherland, and pledged his allegiance to the Elven King of Shilmista: Elbereth and to Galladel before him. As all Elves he is attuned to the ways of Nature and holds dear the beasts and birds and plants. You suspect that if tricked into or forced to, he will dance with the same grace he fights, and that the odds are that he can sing as well. Or smile.


However, the death of his wife, Deheriana, put him at odds with all his beliefs and ideals. The sheer brutality of Deheriana’s murder made him to deny the traditional Elven fascination with beauty and arts. He is more likely to be found sharpening his sword than reciting poetry. He believes that his kin is diminishing and that nothing will prevent it. Kivan’s singular goal in life is to find and kill everyone who partook in the capture and murder of Deheriana. Over the years he had succeeded in chasing down and destroying all of them but Tazok. The fact that the half-ogre eluded him few times drove Kivan to the brink of obsession. It is unclear if the Elf has any plans for the future in case he does succeed in finishing Tazok off. While he has only the warmest memories of Shilmista, he is quick to add that Shilmista will be barren and joyless to him should he return under its boughs after Deheriana’s death. He hints sometimes that besides the Elven pantheon he holds the fascination for Shaundakul, and it is not unlikely that after his debts are paid in full, that he’d become one of the adepts of the Rider of the Winds and the Helping Hand.


It will also be revealed in some banters that Kivan's current diety is Sheverash - an Elven God of Vengeance. About 6000 years ago Sheverash stood his guard during a festival celebrated by dwarves and elves. A drow attack turned the joy into slaughter. Sheverash lost all of his family in tha raid and swore never to laugh or to smile untill any follower of Lloth is alive. He chased drow parties for a number of years and evern went into the Underdark to carry on his revenge. Finally drow managed to capture and kill him. Upon his death he joined Seldarine. he appears as a tall green elf clad in black. His nicknbame is the Black Archer. He still does not laugh, unless it is a short triumphant laughter after slaughtering yet another drow party. His avatars often show up in the leven settlements to prevenue the elves of the upcoming drow attack or in case they are too late - to exact revenge on the drow for the spilt elven blood. Generally Shevereashdevotees are those who lost their family or friends as a resulat of a violent attack, especially if a killer was a black elf.


Suggested topics for banters: Deheriana/Tazok, Shilmista (Daoine Dun, Syldritch Trea, last war in Shilmista, Elbereth etc), conversation on things Elven, ranging/travels/stars/etc, very probable target of “cheer-up†attempts, may be some "atypical behavior" talks with inclusions of Elvish and sudden poetic notions)



When asked about his past KIVAN reveals that he hails from the forest of Shilmista, though he has not visited his homeland for quite some time. He has instead been traveling the world driven by the darkest of obsessions: revenge. Kivan and his mate Deheriana were apparently on a romantic sojourn years ago when they were waylaid by a group of Brigands. They were captured and tortured for the amusement of Tazok, the half-ogre that led the attack. Kivan eventually escaped, but Deheriana did not survive the encounter. Kivan is a man of few words, and obviously does not make friends easily. Likely he will not take much pleasure from life until he has revenged the death of his love.


Character Sheet.

Kivan: male, elf, ranger, chaotic-good.  Str 18/12, Dex 17, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 08.


Sample Dialogue (from the game).


What takes you out this far from civilization?

What foolishness takes city dwellers this far from civilization?

I don't have time to waste on naive adventurers.

A strange coincidence; I have a quest similar to your own.  I have been hunting the bandits in the region for the past few months.  Perhaps if we worked together we would fare better.  What say you to that?

Perhaps our paths will cross some other day.

I have been tracking a group of bandits for the past few days; if you desire we can continue to track these brigands together.

It is none of your affair.

Their leader, an ogre named Tazok, took the life of someone very dear to me.

JOURNAL Kivan hunts after an ogre named Tazok.  He has told us that Tazok has killed someone close to him.  GOTO 9


I hope that we will work well together.

I am glad to rid myself of such evil companions.  Raise your weapons, so that I might cleanse your evil from this world!

You said you would help in my search for the bandits and their camp.  Please quicken your step, or I will have to find aid elsewhere.

I fear that I must take my leave.  I have urgent matters that must be attended to, and I cannot wait for you any longer.  Farewell.

I am glad to rid myself of such burdensome companions.

It is a good time for us to go our separate ways.  Perhaps we shall meet again.

It is good that you have returned, for there is much important work left to be done.

That is your decision to make, but I won't wait an eternity.

A wise choice.  Lead on.

All I can tell you friend, is that you must help me gain revenge.  The evil ogre Tazok killed my lover, Deheran.  He must suffer for that act, and I will insure that he does!

Stay away from me dark elf. [KIVAN2]

How are we to trust one who venerates the Spider Queen. [KIVAN28]

Your evil ways will bring your ruin, dark elf. [KIVAN29]

Don't make me warn you again, drow.  Your next slip will be your last.

You dark hearted bitch, you'll die for that. [KIVAN31]

[KIVAN 1] Hail! It is not often that I come across strangers in this part of the world.
[KIVAN 2] Retreat you fools, we have no hope to win.
[KIVAN 4] That was a noble deed.
[KIVAN 5] I don't agree with our party's course of action.
[KIVAN 6] I won't stand for such behavior again.
[KIVAN 7] I cannot allow this to go on.  Defend yourselves.
[KIVAN 8] I will lead for as long as I am needed.
[KIVAN 9] yawn It is time for us to rest.
[KIVAN 10] Oh please, we have tarried long enough.
[KIVAN 11] I don't know how much longer I can go on.
[KIVAN 13]  The city is an example of man's excesses.  I wish we would be gone from this miserable place.
[KIVAN 14] Why must we emulate the ways of the dwarven folk by crawling about these warrens
[KIVAN 17] Yes?
[KIVAN 18] What do you want?
[KIVAN 19] Don't bother me.
[KIVAN 21] As you wish
[KIVAN 22] Aye.
[KIVAN 23] There is a time for talk, this is not such a time.
[KIVAN 24] My soul aches for my lost Deheriana.
[KIVAN 25] We must not waste time on idle chatter.
[KIVAN 26] My need for revenge gives me strength to go on.
[KIVAN 27] Stay away from me dark elf.
[KIVAN 28] How are we to trust one who venerates the Spider Queen?
[KIVAN 29] Your evil ways will bring your ruin, dark elf.
[KIVAN 30] Don't make me warn you again, drow.  Your next slip will be your last.
[KIVAN 31] You dark-hearted bitch, you'll die for that.
[KIVAN 37] Shut up, your chattering might drive us all insane.
[KIVAN 35] You are a valuable companion.
[KIVAN 36] Your courage shames the others.
[KIVAN 40] One more friend to mourn.
[KIVAN 41] May Viconia's soul rot in hell.
[KIVAN 34] Your candor is appreciated.
[KIVAN 32] Watch what you say.
[KIVAN 33] Shut your mouth!

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Character Czar: NiGHTMARE



I admit, she cracks me up and I like her even if there's not much depth to her. Not much room for angst here either. She could be fun though and is a very pleasant change of pace. Strangely, she takes a shine to Edwin and from the dialogue she makes an impression on him as well. It's possible that she's from the halfling village and something could be done with that. I also see her getting into some trouble because of her innocent and curious nature (she's like Imoen on anti-depressants).



When asked about her past, ALORA reveals that she was originally from Iriaebor. As a child she was cute, outgoing, and dangerously curious, causing no end of trouble for her parents. They tried to curb her lunatic behavior, and encouraged her to be content with home and hearth like other halflings. Alora found this unbearably stifling, and left to explore the world. She quickly found herself falling into all sorts of trouble, going to the wrong places and angering the wrong sorts of people. Eventually she found herself in the city of Baldur's Gate, and it was there that she discovered her future profession: thievery. Wealth was never her chief concern; it's just that too many interesting things are behind locked doors. Her unassuming temperament makes it easy for her to hoodwink the authorities, and her sweet nature has saved her from a jail cell numerous times.


Alora, Halfling female 4th-level Thief



MOVE: 12


THAC0: 19


ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Good

STR 8, DEX 19, CON 12, INT 14, WIS 7, CHA 10


Weapons Proficiency: missile weapons; small sword


Thief Abilities: PP 45, OL 45


Equipment: Typical Thief's gear, including Studded Leather Armor and a Dagger.


Magical Items: She always carries around a Lucky Rabbit's Foot, which has a minor luck enchantment. While she currently doesn't have any other magical equipment, she would be absolutely thrilled to get her hands on some.


Combat/Tactics: Whatever the player decides, although her personally preference is to backstab the nearest enemy, run away and start firing arrows until everyone's dead.


Allies/Companions: Obviously her main allies are the PC and the rest of her current group; the Halfling communities of Baldur's Gate, Iriaebor and to a lesser extent Berdusk would also help her out if she was in trouble; she's also made friends with a handful of other Thieves in Baldur's Gate.


Foes/Enemies: Alora is too likeable to have any real enemies, but as an independent Thief, the Baldur's Gate Thieves' Guild isn't particularly fond of her; a few nobles in the city would be very "interested" to learn who was responsible for certain robberies; she holds a strong dislike for the Zhentarim, although it's doubtful that anyone in that organisation would even know who she is


Personality: Cute, lively and outgoing, Alora generally seems more like a playful, affectionate and sometimes mischevious human girl than a grown up Halfling woman. Life as a Thief doesn't seem to have adversely affected her at all - if anything, she's thriving off of it.


She has yet to have had any real romantic relationship, and she is often just as flirtatious and cheeky around women than she is around men. Perhaps one day someone will take advantage of this innocence and naievity, but she's so likeable that it seems unlikely.


Locales Frequented: Alora spends most of her time in Baldur's Gate, but may make the occassional foray to a nearby town or city. She has yet to return to her home city of Iriaebor, but it seems likely she may feel the need to sometime in the future.


History: Alora is originally from Iriaebor, a city to the east of Baldur's Gate which is more-or-less halfway between there and the city of Westgate in Sembia. There she had a relatively normal childhood, although she had a habit of causing trouble for her parents. This was nothing to compared to the antics of one of her older brothers, Erone, who their parents disowned after he became involved with the more shady side of the local criminal underworld.


Soon after her 15th birthday in 1361, Alora decided it was time to make her own way in the world. She first travelled north to the nearby town of Asbrawn, and from there she continued west to Berdusk, where she stayed with friends of her parents for several months. After that, she headed northwest to Elturel, and from there west to Baldur's Gate. Although she had originally intended to travel all the way to the fabled Waterdeep, Baldur's Gate intrigued Alora enough for her to make it her home.


The local Halfling community welcomed her readily enough, but she soon began to find that she still didn't feel content. At first she thought that the wanderlust had returned, but a chain of events led her to discover her future profession: thievery. Whether it was pretending to be an innocent human child and picking the pockets of gullible passers-by, or picking locks in some rich noble's house, Alora had discovered what she considered her true calling in life.


In 1363, Alora was extremely distressed to learn that her childhood home of Iriaebor had been captured by Zhentish forces. She wanted to return there to help her friends and family (if they hadn't already been sold as slaved or even killed) but, concerned for her safety, her friends in Baldur's Gate managed to persuade her against it. The fact that an evil Zhent warrioress now ruled the city was bad enough, but there were rumours of an ancient evil stirring beneath the city.


Since then Alora has been content to live the life of a Thief, although recently she's begun to embark on more dangerous and rewarding burglaries. This has earned her the attention of the local Thieves' guild, who had previously been content to allow her carry on as her pickpocketing and minor robberies weren't seen as a threat.


Motivations/Goals: Simply living life, and having as fun as possible whilst doing it. Also, encouraging others to do the same.



Character Sheet.

Alora: female, halfling, thief, chaotic-good.  Str 08, Dex 19, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 07, Cha 10.


Special(s): Alora has a lucky rabbit's foot, this gives her a +2 to luck (enhances all combat and thieving rolls).


Sample Dialogue (from the game).


Oh!  Scared me you did!  I suppose I'm caught then?  Peacefully I'll go, I'm not much for fighting.  . . .Wait a minute. . .Holy Leapin' Lavender Lizards!  You're not the guard!  You're. . .you're burglaring just like me!  Now this IS exciting!  We should. . .we should work together!  Yeah!  I could use the help. . .uh. . .I mean, we could just help each other a little bit.  Just for this one heist, you keep watch while I point out the good stuff.  You can even keep most of it!  I got a good tip on where to be looking!  Whatcha say?

Holy Kitty Cacophony, you scared the bejeebbers outta me!  Sure it's yer job to catch us thievers, but ye need not give me a heart attack too!  Hey. . .you're not the guard!  Yeesh!  Getting me all in a tizzy when you're here for the same thing as me.  Well, since you're here, howz about we work together?  Just for this one heist, I mean. You keep watch while I show the stash. I know a secret here and there, but we get equal shares OK?

Wha. . .!  Aww nutbunnies, caught again!  Hey wait . . .there's no polish on yer boots; no snap in yer suspenders.  You're. . .you're not the guard.  They're always so much more. . .presentable.  Well. . .be on your way then.  I just wanna grab a few things and. . .be off.  There's lots for both of us so leave me be.  Hmph. . .not so much fun if just anyone can bust in here.

Just you leave me to my sneakin'.  I'm not gonna take the big stuff.

Well if your gonna be puppy-doggin  after me all night, maybe we should work together.  I know this place pretty good; know a few secrets.  Could be fun.  What say you? Wanna keep watch while I scout for pretties?

Well!  There's no need to be rude about it!  Hmph!  Never meet nice people in this line of work!  No wonder people hate thieves!  Well, we steal stuff too, BUT BEING JERKS DOESN'T HELP!  Not one bit!  Goodbye!

Double good and done!  Oh, it'll be great fun having someone around to talk to!  I don't meet many nice people in this trade.  Just because we steal doesn't mean we have to be bad.  Mostly I'm just curious what people have.  Here, I'll point out a few things and then we can get to sneakin.'  He he, such fun!

Pretty good takin's with none too many bruises.  We do pretty good for just meeting!  How about we do this again, like all the time?  Wanna join up permanent?

Ah well, easy go I guess.  Never get to keep my friends in this biz.  Specially the nice ones.  Bye, I guess.

Friends we are, and nice ones too!  One for all and things like that!  Fun for all of us, I just KNOW it!

I'm just a thief.  Sorry, but I don't have much to tell.

Ahh!  I can't fight ya, but I'll call the guard I will!  Rather be in jail than dead from you!  Help!  Nasty mean and evil!

If that's the way you want it, then fine, I'll leave!  Sniff...

I don't wanna go, but if yer gonna force me, then I guess I'll just mope around here 'till you come back to your senses and come back for me.

You've come back!  Oh, I knew you would.  We were such good friends.  Shall we go adventuring again?

So you're a mage?  I knew a mage once but he was pretty stuffy.  You're not like that. [ALORA27]

Everyone is basically decent, once you get them to unwrinkle their faces. [ALORA29]

Play your song again, Garrick.  That one I like.  Please? [ALORA30]

Awww!  It's just the cutest little hamsty-wamsty!  Who's a fuzzy Boo? [ALORA31]

Smile more often ,Edwin.  It looks good on you. [ALORA28]

[ALORA 01] Blast and bother!  These locks have always given me trouble!  Trouble they are!
[ALORA 02] AHHH!  Somebody hide me!
[ALORA 04] Isn't this great? All of us, doing nice things, being happy. It's great!
[ALORA 05] Hey, I think everyone would be happier if we were a little nicer!
[ALORA 06] Please be nicer.  You don't want me to pick up any bad habits, do you?
[ALORA 07] I don't think you're the type of people I should be hanging around with!  Goodbye!
[ALORA 08] Wow!  Leader?  Me?  Oh this will be GREAT fun!
[ALORA 09] I'm sleepy.  Can we nap a moment?
[ALORA 10] So when are we gonna do something?  I'm raring to go!
[ALORA 03] Careful everyone!  Play nice!
[ALORA 11]  I'm hurt.  Please help me.
[ALORA 12] What a great forest, huh?  I never seen trees like these before.
[ALORA 13] I like the bustle of the city!  So many interesting people!
[ALORA 14] Ooh, this is pretty scary, isn't it?  I mean, I'd be scared without the rest of you.
[ALORA 15] What a great day for adventuring!  In fact, everyday is a great day for adventuring!
[ALORA 16] Pretty spooky night, but still great for adventuring!
[ALORA 17] Whatever you wish!
[ALORA 18] Whatever you need!
[ALORA 19] Hey there hi there!
[ALORA 20] Hop skip to it!
[ALORA 21] With a smile!
[ALORA 22] Happy to help!
[ALORA 23]  I'm so sweet I've got rotting teeth and gums!
[ALORA 24] C'mon people now, smile on your brother.  Everybody get together, try to love one another right now.
[ALORA 25] I don't think you're happy enough!  I'll teach you to be happy!
[ALORA 26]  Happy happy joy joy, happy happy joy joy
[ALORA 27] So you're a mage?  I knew a mage once but he was pretty stuffy.  You're not like that.
[ALORA 28] Smile more often, Edwin.  It looks good on you.
[ALORA 29] Everyone is basically descent, once you get them to unwrinkle their faces.
[ALORA 30] Play your song again, Garrick.  That one I like.  Please?
[ALORA 31] Awww!  It's just the cutest little hamsty-wamsty!  Who's a fuzzy Boo?
[ALORA 35] Why must you be such a grumpypuss?!  Cheer up!
[ALORA 36] I've heard that if you go too long without smiling, your face will crack!
[ALORA 37] It must be hard work to be negative all the time!
[ALORA 40] I've had friends die before, and it's still sad.
[ALORA 41] Poor Edwin!  He was just learning how to loosen up.
[ALORA 33] Oh, someone needs a tickle.  Someone needs a tickle!  Smile already!  Yeesh!
[ALORA 32] You needn't be so mean!  I'm nice to you!
[ALORA 34] You are mean, mean, mean!  No wonder people don't like you!

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Character Czar: Tancred



Yeslick is a kindly, old-sounding dwarf fighter/cleric. Apparently the last surviving member of his clan, once based in the Cloakwood Mines. I haven't had him in any of my parties longer than it takes to escort him to the surface, so I don't have many ideas about him. He'd probably have a lot to say in Durlag's Tower and like most clerics, would probably be very proactive in championing his deity's ethos. He doesn't get along with Kagain.


From Tancred:




Yeslick Orothiar was born and raised as a young dwarven boy in the small but self-sufficient dwarf settlement deep in the Cloakwood forests. For generations Yeslick's family had been accomplished miners, eminent among the community for their hereditary skills and staunch attitude to their work (and for Dwarves, that's saying something). Yeslick's life turned down a different street. An indifferent and certainly not particularly gifted miner, the young dwarf convinced his father to let him branch out. An apprenticeship with the smiths of the mine passed reasonably, if uneventfully, until - in Yeslick's seventieth year - tragedy hit the settlement.


Wyverns had descended upon the forest, hungry beasts not adverse to the occasional Dwarf. Parties of woodcutters and farmers found themselves under attack, and the beasts claimed many lives - among them Dargil, the son of the clan-head Vorlag Orothiar. Many Dwarves felt vengeance was due, others thought the beasts should be taught not to come hunting near Orothiar land. A large band was formed, of volunteers; smiths, miners, warriors, farmers, craftsmen, traders... men, women and yongsters, the clan all! Armed with newly-forged spears, axes and hammers, the dwarves marched on the wyvern nest with Torgrim, the settlement's war-priest or alaghor, at their head. Yeslick was among them.


The nest was found, indeed, and the battle was bloody and bitter on both sides. The wyvern brood mother was a gigantic creature much larger than the Dwarves had thought, and her clutch of children were no less deadly for being half her size. They fought like maddened dragons, and many dwarves fell. Yeslick's father fought bravely, wielding a pick-axe and hacking away as if iron was in the wyverns' bellies, but he was counted among the slain. So too was Vorlag, maddened by the death of his son, who slew two of the brood before their mother proved too much for his axe. But the dwarves had the numbers, and their grief drove them on, stabbing and hacking at the creatures, the hymns of Torgrim driving them into battle-frenzy. At the last, all the creatures lay dead - even the giant mother-beast, and at the end it was Yeslick who found himself pulling his spear from the gigantic wyvern's heart.


Whether it was luck or frenzy fuelled by grief or even some untapped skill that had allowed Yeslick to be the one of many Dwarves fighting to strike the fatal blow, he was at least a minor hero for it, and in that grim time as the cost was counted heroes were needed. The survivors of the raiding party came home to cheers and celebrations that justice had been done, and it was during that night's great feast that Torgrim approached Yeslick and made him an offer... to be taught the ways of Clangeddin, war-god of the dwarves. The young apprentice-smith had caught the old war priest's eye, and Yeslick found himself equal to the responsibilities and the sacrifices he needed to make. He accepted, and became a cleric of Clangeddin.


Years passed. Raids against the wyverns and other creatures of the forest continued, under the guidance and command of Torgrim and Yeslick. In time, Torgrim passed on, and Yeslick filled his role, ministering to the needs of the flourishing community of dwarves and their martial needs. He passed on some of the training Torgrim had given him, forming a small cadre of elite soldiers among the community militia who would help him fight when called for.


Many years later, the full tale of the tragedy of the clan Orothiar played itself out. Yeslick and his party returned to the mines to find it flooded; only a few exhausted, half-drowned survivors had managed to drag themselves from the mining levels, a mere handful at best. Yeslick led forays into the flooded interior to find any surviving trapped clan-members, but as night began to draw on, it became clear the search was hopeless. Yeslick consecrated the mine to serve as a permanent watery grave-site for his kin, leaving it there as a monument to the memory of his family. Taking what food they could scavenge, the score or so of surviving Orothiar journeyed out of Cloakwood, and went their seperate ways, seeking a new life.


The life of a cleric of a war-god is difficult in times of peace, so Yeslick found himself forced to rely on his other skills to survive. He journeyed to Sembia and became a smith again, offering his services. Through various jobs and contacts, he found himself eventually working with a merchant group named the Iron Throne, who paid good prices for all the weapons Yeslick could craft. Yeslick got to know one of their higher agents, Rieltar; an intelligent, respectable character, but one whose bland face held dark designs. When - during one unguarded conversation - Yeslick let slip a mention of his flooded home, Rieltar turned from friend to captor, imprisoning Yeslick within the dungeons of the Iron Throne and torturing him for the location of the mines of clan Orothiar. Now imprisoned in what was once his ancestral home, Yeslick is holding on to the faith of Clangeddin all the stronger, praying for one thing... freedom to inflict vengeance upon Rieltar, the Throne, and anyone else who would profit by despoiling his family's mine-tomb...




Yeslick is a stern cleric, or 'alaghor' ("he who demonstrates valour in battle"), of Clangeddin, the dwarf god of battle. As such, I see him as a sort of veteran soldier, a grizzled old colour-sergeant who, while not as young as he used to be, still considers himself to have the edge over younger adventurers when it comes to fighting through the benefit of his experience. When championing his god in battle, Yeslick is bombastic and brave, yelling hymns to Clangeddin at the top of his voice while laying about him with his chosen weapons... a "Praise Clangeddin, and pass the slingshot" kind of attitude. He'll take a dim view of those who shirk the front lines, but rather than criticise he'll try to help and encourage those who need it in a 'stern father' kind of way, working to instil the battle-fury of Clangeddin in them. Quite possibly a few of them won't appreciate this. When not 'training', Yeslick will no doubt try to dispense some fatherly Dwarvish wisdom on the party members who he thinks need setting straight. Generally, he's an old busybody.

At the same time, Yeslick has an introspective, melancholy streak that comes from the death of his clan and his shame at revealing the location of what, to him, is more or less a family grave. He can be gruff, surly and melancholic by degrees, especially when drunk. His reaction to discussing his family history and his involvement with the Throne will really depend on who he speaks to - gruff to those who are Evil, wistful to those who are Good. Generally, however, while Yeslick questions and punishes himself, his faith in Clangeddin remains steadfast.

Yeslick's chief foe, as we know, is Kagain; the pair of them hold diametrically opposing views on what is important in life. Yeslick upholds the importance on fighting the good fight and the ties of the clan: Kagain takes the view that gold and getting ahead are the only things worth worrying about. Besides Kagain, however, any character holding an Evil alignment will most likely get a stern grilling from Yeslick at some point. At the least, Yeslick will have no respect for them whatsoever and make it very plain to them this is the case.




Clangeddin is kind of like Tempus; his creed emphasises the challenges that can be found in righteous conflict, and the importance of resolution and bravery in all that you do. Never flee a battle in cowardice, never back down from a true challenge, but to sacrifice your life in a pointless battle is a grave wrong. Generally speaking the clerics of Clangeddin are a beserk, ferocious lot, but no strangers to tactical and strategic thinking. Clangeddin's ethos is upon the DEFENCE of kin, clan and honour, not the overt attack upon anything that lives or breathes, no doubt due to the waned strength and the comparatively small numbers of Dwarves there are in the world. Generally, when not fighting, Clangeddin's priests are preparing themselves to fight in any way they can; training, weapons, methods, tactics, lore.


When asked about his past, YESLICK quietly states that he was once a member of the dwarven clan Orothiar. For generations they used the iron mine in the center of Cloakwood as their home, but almost a century ago catastrophe struck. As skilled as they are underground, dwarves occasionally make mistakes.  One such incident cost them dearly. They apparently breached an underground river and the resulting flood claimed nearly all of the clan. Yeslick was one of the few survivors, and made his way to Sembia to start a new life. There he made the acquaintance of Rieltar, a member of the Iron Throne, and was hired as a personal smith. They became friends, and eventually Yeslick told of his past. This proved to be his undoing, as Rieltar used this information to formulate a plan to expand the Iron Throne power base in the Sword Coast.  Rieltar betrayed his supposed friend and forced him to reveal the location of the mines. Yeslick has been imprisoned ever since so as not to reveal the site to others. Now he wishes for nothing but the chance to right the wrongs that have been committed using his ancestral home.


Character Sheet.

Yeslick: male, dwarf, fighter/cleric, lawful-good.  Str 15, Dex 12, Con 17, Int 07, Wis 16, Cha 10.


Special(s): Yeslick has a once/day dispel magic ability.


Sample Dialogue (from the game).


Oh a fine sight are you, who ever you are!  Sick to death of bandits I am!  I have been cooped up the longest time, but if you've a spare mace I'd gladly swing it for yer cause.  I can do things cleric wise as well, so I'm mind as well as muscle.  By Clangeddin, a chance to right past wrongs!  Can I join you?

I don't know who you are, but I'm glad to see you nonetheless.  I canna be done with this place soon enough!  I don't fancy the look of you, but if you be against the Throne you've my best blessings.  If fact, I'll do you better than blessings.  This mine was once my clan-home, and after that my clan-tomb.  We breached a riverbank over a hundred years ago and most of us died.  A few survived, but we left the mine flooded as a monument to the dead.  I got trade-work at the Iron Throne smithing, but I then told my "friend" Rieltar about my old home.  They chained me up and tortured the location out of me, and now my home feeds the Iron Throne and their evil plans.  I'd sooner destroy it again than have the Throne use it so!  Here are directions to the lower levels.  They plugged the hole to the river, but knowing hands can loose it again!  Flood the blaggards out!  I must leave, I can bear the sight of this place no longer.  I'll black a few eyes on the way out though!  Clangeddin's might be with you!

That you have, and none would know better than I.  These are my mines that the blasted Iron Throne has stolen.  Well, they were my clan's home 125 years ago.  Curse me for a fool, I trusted them!  Years ago that blasted Rieltar gave me a good trade smithing for the Throne, and then I go and tell him about my old home!  About how my clan had the richest iron mine on any coast, and how almost all were killed when we breached a riverbank.  Lost most my kin in that flood.  Those of us that survived couldn't bear to go back down.  It was a giant watery tomb, and we left it the way she stood.  So I go and tell this to my "friend" Rieltar, and he has me chained up!  He tortures the location outta me, and now this graveyard feeds the Iron Throne as they bleed the coast dry.   If you want to cripple their plans, help me flood these accursed mines once more!  They plugged the breach, but knowing hands can loose the flow!  We can drown these black-hearted rats in the very mine they've stolen!  Here be the way!

You're a bit of a fool to refuse any help, though perhaps foolhardy risks are called for.  So be it, I'll go my own way.  I will tell you how to hurt these blaggards though.  These mines here, they were my clan's long ago.  We were just tapping the richest ore deposits when we breached a riverbank.  Most of us died, and those that lived left the mine a flooded tomb.  So here's the fool me, who gets a trade with the Iron Throne.  My "friend" Rieltar learns of my past and tortures the mine location outta me!  Now my clan graveyard feeds the Throne while they starve the coast of ore.  Here be directions to the river breach.  Knowing hands can loosen the magical plug and flood the mines again.  Do this for me, and for yourselves if you be against the Throne.  I'll make my way out without you, but I'll black a few eyes on the way.

JOURNAL The dwarf Yeslick has told us a great deal about the Cloakwood mines.  He and his clan used to work in the mines, but they dug into an underground river.  In the ensuing flood, most of Yeslick's clan died.  Yeslick later met the man known as Rieltar, an important figure in the Iron Throne.  With Yeslick's help Reiltar reopened the mines for the Iron Throne.  Yeslick tells us that a mage called Davaeorn runs the mines from the fourth level.  If we were to get a key from him we could flood the entire mine site.  EXIT

Fancy meeting the bunch of you again.  Well, I better git going, I have heads to bust up.

I've been in prison for a considerable time.  I really don't know what's been happening on the surface.  All I can tell you is this:  whatever those Iron Throne crooks are up to, it's not good, not good at all.

Fine, I'll be leaving the likes of you, then. This party's been just another prison for me.

You've been good to me, friends.  Bust some heads, will you?

I'd sooner be back in my cell if you merely wish to stroll about with no purpose.  We must flood the mine to dampen the plans of the Throne!

I cannot waste any more time on your pointless meandering.  If you will not try to destroy the Iron Throne mine, then I shall have to set off on my own.

So you've come back, have you?  Perhaps we should join forces once again.  There is much work left to be done.

A wise move.  Together we can't possibly fail.

The mines were there for anyone who looked!  I'll not be blamed for what the Throne does with em! [YESLK27]

'Twould be good if you tithed a few coins now and then.  The favor of gods is worth a few gold. [YESLK28]

You've sold your mores for the love of gold.  All dwarves are kin, but I'll not call YOU family. [YESLK29]

Friendships last when gold is long gone.  Perhaps you should be a little nicer to the group. [YESLK30]

I've been through enough without suffering you as well.  Begone. [YESLK31]

Ya load sixteen tons, what do ya get?  Another day older and deeper in debt.

My father was a miner.  And my mother was a miner before him.

[YESLICK 1] Aye, who's there now?  More smithing, or did ye burrow into another river?
[YESLICK 2] I should'na got out of bed this morn!
[YESLICK 4] We do good!  'Tis as my clan was, long ago.
[YESLICK 5] There'll be dark horizons if we don't change our ways!
[YESLICK 6] I've seen enough greed and evil!  Change your ways, lest enemies we be!
[YESLICK 7] Ye be no better than the Throne themselves!  I'll not stand by while this happens!
[YESLICK 8] Slow and steady while I'm leader.
[YESLICK 9] Even dwarves need to rest.  I can't walk much further.
[YESLICK 10] Why did I leave my cell if I'm to stand about doing nothing?!
[YESLICK 3] Clangeddin's might be with us!
[YESLICK 11] Ill I am, and when a dwarf says he's sick, you know it's serious!
[YESLICK 14] 'Tis just like the tunnels of my old clan.
[YESLICK 15] I prefer the stone of my cell o'er this wide open empty.
[YESLICK 17] You need something?
[YESLICK 18] What e're ye need.
[YESLICK 19] Ye need only ask.
[YESLICK 20] As you will.
[YESLICK 21] Clangeddin's will be done.
[YESLICK 22] Be glad to.
[YESLICK 23] My father was a miner.  And my mother was a miner before him.
[YESLICK 24] Keep yer straw and sticks!  Only Stone protects the pigs!
[YESLICK 25] You load sixteen tons, what do ya get?  Another day older and deeper in debt.
[YESLICK 27] The mines were there for anyone who looked!  I'll not be blamed for what the Throne does with em!
[YESLICK 28] 'Twould be good if you tithed a few coins now and then.  The favor of gods is worth a few gold.
[YESLICK 29] You've sold your mores for the love of gold.  All dwarves are kin, but I'll not call YOU family.
[YESLICK 30] Friendships last when gold is long gone.  Perhaps you should be a little nicer to the group.
[YESLICK 31] I've been through enough without suffering you as well.  Begone.
[YESLICK 37] Your ego is positively elven.  Drop it a notch, lest I do it for you.
[YESLICK 36] A friendly face is a blessed sight in these times.
[YESLICK 35] Violence solves only the simplest problems.  You must think your way through the tough ones.
[YESLICK 40] I've lost too many clan-mates already!  Must I lose these as well?
[YESLICK 41] I wish no dwarf dead, but I'll not miss his company!
[YESLICK 34] Kind words are always appreciated.
[YESLICK 32] Watch what you say.  Good-natured I am, but I swing a mean ax where evil's concerned!
[YESLICK 33] We fight for what's right, but you needn't take such pleasure in it.

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Character Czar: Domi



Old Info:

He's a popular character amongst most players, roguish, charming womanizer that he is. He spends an awful lot of time chatting up the ladies (and we know he eventually hooks up with Safana). On the downside, we also know that he has a child in Baldur's Gate and, when he discovers this, doesn't seem too concerned about his responsibilities. In modern times, he'd be charged with child support evasion. Still, this guy can be a lot of fun and I don't see anyone having problems coming up with ideas for him.


Extra Info from Domi:

Majority of players have noted the inconsistency between Coran's alignment (CG) and his refusal to provide for his daughter (he does agree to save her from death). I propose the "Coran's Daughter" quest expansion, when PC can either reinforce Coran's alignment (CG) and in this case Coran will end up as:


Case 1: devoted, very anxious single father taking care of his daughter with the same gusto he before was wenching and drinking.


or PC can force alignment switch to CN (which sort of more true to original Coran's char concept) and then  Coran will end up as:


Case 2: Coran who tries to pick up every woman in sight , drinks and has fun no matter what.



When asked about his past, CORAN reveals that he hails from the Forest of Tethir, and while he has great memories of his time there, the serene lifestyle he felt it offered was ultimately not for him. Instead he traveled to the city of Baldur's Gate, dreaming of wealth, power, and respect. With nary a coin to his name he resorted to thievery, stealing only from those that he felt could spare it, and swearing that he would quit once he had enough gold to start his own business. Unfortunately he soon grew to love his new lifestyle, looking forward to each hair-raising escape, dangerous break-in, or beautiful woman. Occasionally he would need to leave town for a while, disappearing into the wilderness until things had cooled down and his name was less known. His most recent retreat is apparently the result of a relationship with the female sorceress Brielbara. He sheepishly admits to being caught in the act of seducing a female member of the Knights of the Unicorn, and being forced to flee from the violently jealous mage.


Character Sheet.

Coran: male, elf, fighter-thief, chaotic-good.  Str 14, Dex 20, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 09, Cha 16.


Special(s): Coran has three *** in the bows proficiency.


Sample Dialogue (from the game).


Its refreshing to find other people in this wood. My name is Coran: thief and archer!  I've been alone in the wilderness for far too long.  I wouldn't mind returning to the big city but I have yet to collect my bounty.  I'd share the reward with the lot of you, if you would help hasten the hunt.  You interested in hearing more?

Sorry if I startled you but I always approach strangers cautiously.  I'm Coran, hunter and archer.  Are any of you interested in making some money?  If you are, I'm the person who could help you do it.

Sorry to be so abrupt but I haven't time for monotonous chit chat

No problem, though you are missing quite the little adventure.

Good, I'm glad you're smart enough to recognize opportunity when it comes knocking.  The deal is this:  I've been hired out by the mayor of Beregost to hunt down a great winged dragon that's been plaguing the caravan routes.  He's offered 2 000 gold for its head.  Now before you get cold feet, let me allay your fears.  The only descriptions of the beast have always mentioned its deadly barbed tail.  From what I know about dragons they don't have barbs on their tails -  that's something unique to wyverns.  So all we have to do is find this wyvern's nest and kill it.  Our only worries are if it has friends over for dinner!  So what is your decision, yea or nay?

JOURNAL We have decided to join up with an elf named Coran in hunting down a wyvern.  There has been a substantial reward offered for the head of the beast.  We can collect the award just east of Beregost at the temple of Lathander.  That is where the mayor of Beregost is to be found, as he is also the head of the temple.  EXIT

Aren't stout enough of heart.  I can understand, not all of us are.

Perhaps you've changed your minds about my offer from before.  Come now, it would be quite the adventure.

Can't stick around to talk, I have some wyverns to kill.

I'll not speak a word after what you did!

Now, we must take the beast's head, and bring it to the Temple of Morning  in Beregost.  It is there that we can receive our reward.

I have a daughter?  That's.....that's ahhhhh....wonderful.

Her name's Namara.....curse, what curse?  Slow down and let me....

All right, I'll do this for my...ummmm...daughter.  So friends, are you with me or not, cause if you're not I'll have to do this alone.

I'm sorry Briel, but I just don't have the time or inclination to care for your..... I mean our child.

As much as I have enjoyed our jaunty banter, I simply must be going.  I've a wyvern to kill and simply cannot waste any further time.

I could while away days on end in the company of friends, but there is business to attend to as well.  We must set out after our wyvern quarry soon, lest we lose the chance at all.

It seems we have crossed paths yet again.  Shall we renew our partnership and travel together?

Ah, old friends made new again.  A pairing that cannot be beaten.

Ah well, even the best things pass away.  Your company was enjoyable while it lasted.  Perhaps we shall meet again.

It is too hard to be stealthy with a group like this. I should have known not to have joined you in the first place.

What knowledge would you like from me?  I could tell you about the beautiful forests of Tehir, or the many gorgeous damsels that have fallen for my charms.  I have studied up on the wyverns that prey upon the area.  They have wicked barbs upon their tales, which they use to poison their victims.  They are cruel beasts that enjoy inflicting suffering upon their prey.  I really have not much more to say.

Safana, you are full of such subtle wit and charm.  [CORAN2]

Sometimes Safana, I find myself attracted to you, despite your shallow spiteful demeanor. [CORAN28]

You've been dominating my thoughts recently Safana.  It's distracting my work. [CORAN29]

If you weren't such a self serving wench...I don't think I'd find you half as attractive. [CORAN30]

Admit it Safana, you sometimes find me to your liking. [CORAN31]

[CORAN 1] Ho!  Travelers, hold a moment.
[CORAN 2] This adventure has gotten out of hand.
[CORAN 4] I think we all deserve a pat on the back.
[CORAN 5] I cannot give my approval for what we've just done.
[CORAN 6] If our fellowship continues in this vein, I may have to leave.
[CORAN ] I can't stay with this group any longer. I have to call it quits. 
[CORAN 8] I think my new responsibility will be a great deal of fun.
[CORAN 9] Even the most prolific adventurer must take some time to rest.
[CORAN 10] My worst hate is reserved for sitting and doing nothing.
[CORAN 11] It's only a flesh wound.
[CORAN 1] Yes?
[CORAN 18] What is your bidding?
[CORAN 19] Life is adventure or nothing.
[CORAN 20] Luck be a lady.
[CORAN 21] Great peril yields great beauty.
[CORAN 22] Wherever fate takes me.
[CORAN 23] The storm is always preferable to the calm.
[CORAN 24] The essence of pleasure is spontaneity. 
[CORAN 25] You can't live without a little adventure.
[CORAN 26] Luck is always on the side of the romantic.
[CORAN 2] Safana, you are full of such subtle wit and charm.
[CORAN 28] Sometimes Safana, I find myself attracted to you, despite your shallow spiteful demeanor.
[CORAN 29] You've been dominating my thoughts recently Safana.  It's distracting my work.
[CORAN 30] If you weren't such a self serving wench. . . .  don't think I'd find you half as attractive.
[CORAN 31] Admit it Safana, you sometimes find me to your liking.
[CORAN 35] A fine figure like yours shouldn't be risked in an occupation such as adventuring.
[CORAN 36] A more beautiful girl, I don't think I've laid eyes on. 
[CORAN 3] You have the most beautiful . . .er. . .eyes.
[CORAN 40] I grieve to lose a friend.
[CORAN 41] I wish we had more time to know each other Safana.
[CORAN 34] I accept your compliments.
[CORAN 32] You are rather uncouth today.
[CORAN 33] I don't appreciate your humor.
[CORAN HOSTILE]  I'll not speak a word after what you did!

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Character Czar: Merja



Like Anomen in BG2, this guy is a squire of the Most Holy Order of the Radiant Heart, adventuring to prove his worth. He seems to have had a better go of it than Anomen, though. He's a noble and a true paladin. Not much else too him really and he's always struck me as rather flat. Hopefully there's an Ajantis fan out there.



When asked about his past, AJANTIS announces that he is a squire-paladin of the Order of the Most Radiant Heart, and that he enforces the power and discipline of Helm. He belongs to the noble family of Ilvastarr in Waterdeep, and has studied swordplay under such luminaries as Myrmith Splendon. His skill and devotion apparently brought him to the attention of the paladin Keldorn, one of the most respected of the order, who decided to take Ajantis under his wing as a squire. Recently Ajantis has asked for the honor of becoming a full-fledged member of the order. To accomplish this he has traveled to the Sword Coast, in order to help curtail the increased humanoid activity in the region. If he succeeds in his quest the order will vote on his eligibility for membership. He seems utterly devoted to his mission.




The family Ilvastarr is a canon one:

Family Name: ILVASTARR

Prominent Members:

Patriarch: Ulguth Ilvastarr

Consort: Mara Ilvastarr

Heir: Gotom Ilvastarr (second son)

Trade & Interests: beast-taming and breeding, cooking of exotic meats

Arms: field: gold minidragon: metallic green (body), orange (eye)

You can see their coat of arms here: http://www.nctimes.net/~bryonw/heraldry-ilvastarr.htm


Looking at a map from Waterdeep, the family mansion can be found in the North Ward (http://www.raflar.com/fantasyrpg/waterdeep-northward.html)


I thought to make him the youngest of four children,

first son: died when Ajantis was 5 due to desease

second son: Gotom

third daughter

fourth son: Ajantis


Basically, Ajantis is a noble(therefore rich) young man, with the right idea about what is just and fair, but not very good at applying it properly- which means he is somehow(or deeply) lacking on diplomacy. He is young, so he is rash, doesn't know much about the world and most certainly will have quite violent outbursts when party rep goes down or when faced with evil NPCs. Another thing I noticed about paladins is that their views on the world are very hard to shift, so he will be resistant to change and even well intentioned remarques...from time to time. I will try to make him learn some things, like moderation, and maybe a bit of modesty, but the rest of him will remain unchanged. Everyone who would want to see him developed in some other ways is most welcome to add them; I could only think of these two, as paladins seem to lack them severely no mater how wise they are.


As he does seem to see the world in black and white, Ajantis will like/dislike other NPCs according to alignament, in an initial banter at least. He will be curteous to all ladies except Shar Teel and Viconia, methinks. Though Jaheira and Khalid are neutral, they are the most experienced NPCs so if there are any teachings forthcoming, they ought to come from these two. The knight completely sympathises with Kivan, would look rather harshly on Coran for disregarding family duties and probably not understand Xan at all.


He would like Minsc, but also look down to him a bit on the intellingence issue; he would like Yeslick as another man of deep religious convictions-and Yeslick might be a good mentor too. As the knight in shining armor that he is, he'd be very curteous towards Imoen, Alora and protective of Skie - which, of course, implies strong conflict with Eldoth. In Branwen he'd find a like minded companion.


I think I'd have fun seeing him try to make Safana into a good girl  and dampen Quayle's enthusiasm of himself, LOL. Faldorn is a person of strong convictions, and I can see Ajantis respecting that.


The major conflicts Ajantis would have are of course, Kagain and Montaron for being so obviously evil, Xzar because of his choice of magic, Tiax because of his choice of religion,and Edwin...because of everything. He will be very hard on them ( he WILL chocke on Edwin, I foresee it, though why, I dunno ) The lifestyle of a bard is to Ajantis wanting in purpose and superficial, so he would probably undeservedly ridicule Garrick.


Character Sheet.

Ajantis: male, human, paladin, lawful-good.  Str 17, Dex 13, Con 16, Int 12, Wis 13, Cha 17.


Sample Dialogue (from the game).


Halt, be you friend or foe?

I am Ajantis, squire paladin of the Order of the Most Radiant Heart, servant to Helm, son of the noble family of Ilvastarr.  I am here to hunt down the vile brigands who assault those traveling these roads.  What of you?

I am Ajantis, squire paladin to Lord Helm.  I have come down from the city of Waterdeep to fight against the brigands that make these roads unsafe to travel.  What of you?

I have not come across such rude travelers in a long time; off with you.

Well then, I wish you safety in your travels, for the roads are very dangerous.

In that case, why do we not join forces against these contemptible law breakers?

When I introduced myself, you perhaps heard when I referred to myself as a Squire knight.  I am on a quest to earn my right to be a full fledged member of the Order of the Most Radiant Heart.  Perhaps we could join forces, for we both wish to see the end of this bandit threat.

I will not take these insults to my honor, draw steel!

You.....are correct.  I apologize for my misbehavior, goodbye and good riddance.

I cannot tarry about for idle conversation.  As a knight there are many tasks that must be looked after!  If you wish to join me in my tasks, then just say the word, otherwise leave me be.

Associating myself with you was beneath my honor. Now excuse me, as I must cleanse myself of this entire experience.

But... but... we were a team, we were bound by... by honor! Sigh... Why is everything always so complicated?

No doubt you have returned to your senses and wish to continue our glorious fight against evil!  A wise and fortuitous decision.

As it should be!  Let us go!

Your actions fly in the face of everything Helm holds sacred.   [AJANT2]

There is not but good and evil, I suspect you are of the latter. [ADJANT28]

Evil must be purged wherever it is found, even among companions. [ADJANT29]

The stench of evil clings to you in the most vile manner. [ADJANT30]

I can bear no more.  Raise your weapon and defend yourself. [ADJANT31]

[AJANTIS 01] Halt, be you friend or foe?
[AJANTIS 02] What cowardice is this!  Return to where you are needed.
[AJANTIS 04] We follow the righteous path, the path of Helm.
[AJANTIS 05] This course we take is beyond all tenets of decency.
[AJANTIS 06] I will not stand by while this party descends into depravity.
[AJANTIS 0] Your evil ways end here.  Draw steel and we will settle this dispute once and for all.
[AJANTIS 08] I take honor with this responsibility you have bestowed.
[AJANTIS 09] I grow weary.
[AJANTIS 10] We have much evil to fight, we have no time for idleness. 
[AJANTIS 03] For the glory of Helm!
[AJANTIS 11] I am in need of aid.
[AJANTIS 12] This forest has a sense of evil about it.
[AJANTIS 13] This city has a sense of evil about it.
[AJANTIS 14] This dungeon has a sense of evil about it.
[AJANTIS 1] My honor is my life.
[AJANTIS 18] Helm, give me strength.
[AJANTIS 19] By Helm!
[AJANTIS 20] As you will.
[AJANTIS 21] With Helm's blessing.
[AJANTIS 22] Yea.
[AJANTIS 23] We must always strive to be role models to the meek.
[AJANTIS 24] Duty to one's cause outweighs all.
[AJANTIS 25] Evil will always fail against courage and honor.
[AJANTIS 26] Evil must be purged without mercy.
[AJANTIS 2] Your actions fly in the face of everything Helm holds sacred.  
[AJANTIS 28] There is not but good and evil. I suspect you are of the latter.
[AJANTIS 29] Evil must be purged wherever it is found, even among companions.
[AJANTIS 30] The stench of evil clings to you in the most vile manner.
[AJANTIS 31] I can bear no more.  Raise your weapon and defend yourself.
[AJANTIS 3] I think it would be wise for you to improve your conduct while in this party.
[AJANTIS 36] You are a man of honor. I respect your  integrity.
[AJANTIS 35] You are a most beautiful lady, miss.
[AJANTIS 40] We can only be content that our companion has fallen while pursuing a just cause. 
[AJANTIS 41] It is unfortunate that our companion died before he could recant his ways.
[AJANTIS 34] I thank you for your compliment.
[AJANTIS 32] I may yet still be a squire, but I possess more integrity than you could ever hope for. 
[AJANTIS 33] You will watch your mouth around the fairer sex.

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Character Czar: Andyr



He's flaky and despite his chaotic-neutral alignment seems to tend more towards good than evil. He doesn't seem very bright nor does he seem to have much common sense despite his above average scores in both intelligence and wisdom. Apparently he's the type to fall in love easily and if Skie is in the party, he becomes smitten with her, and views Eldoth as a rival. His music seems popular with some of the female members of the party. Again, I have no ideas worth mentioning on this character.



When asked about his past, GARRICK explains that he was part of a celebrated acting troupe called the Dale Wind Troubadours. They traveled the length of the coast from Neverwinter to Amn and often played to Dukes and other nobility. Indeed, few others could afford the cost of a performance when the group was at its peak. Garrick does not speak fondly of this time however, as the direction the group was taking left him dissatisfied with their conduct. He apparently discovered that performances were being used as distractions for thievery and declared he would have nothing to do with it. Rebuffed by his comrades, now he wishes simply to travel and play his music for those that will listen. He seems a bit young and naive, and a touch too ready to take the word of a stranger.


Character Sheet.

Garrick: male, human, bard, chaotic-neutral.  Str 14, Dex 16, Con 09, Int 13, Wis 14, Cha 15.


Sample Dialogue (from the game).


Hail, adventurers.  I have a proposal for you.  I have heard that you're an excellent group of warriors.  How would you like a well-paying job as bodyguards for my mistress?

I'm Garrick and I work for Silke Rosena.  She's the most skilled musician and actor along the Sword Coast; in fact, she's to play at the Duchal palace before the month's done.  But.....she's been having some problems of late.  Some thugs have been hired by Feldepost to hurt her bad, because she didn't perform at his inn when she was supposed to.  You can't blame her for not showing up, what with a villain like Feldepost running the place.  She needs mercenaries to protect her until she's ready to go to Baldur's Gate.  She's willing to pay about 300 gold.  What do you say?

I think you've made a good decision, now just meet me outside of the Red Sheaf Inn.

All right then, I'm sorry for taking up your time.

This is my mistress; Ms. Silke Rosena.

What are you doing Silke?!?  Have you gone mad?  These are innocent men you're attacking!

After seeing Ms. Silke's true nature I don't think I could bear to work with her anymore.  Could I come with you?   I have many skills, and  I know I'd be an asset.

Silke's dead!  I guess she had it coming; you can't be evil like her and expect to get away with it.  I'm out of a job now.  Would it be too much to ask if I could join up with you?

I offered them 300 gold, just like you told me.

My name is Garrick, and my profession is music.  I have a few skills with magic, and know quite a bit of lore.  I have worked in the musical troupe of Silke for about 3 months.

JOURNAL We charmed a man named Garrick.  From his description of himself, we'd have to assume that he was a bard.  EXIT

You can't let her do this.  Silke was lying about the whole thing!  These are innocent men.  You've got to stop Silke!

You're no better than Ms. Silke! It will catch up with you, someday, mark my words.

Ah well, I suppose it will give me the opportunity to work on this new ballad I've been thinking of... I bet you'll never guess who the protagonists are!

You're back!  And just in time, too.  I need material for a few more verses of my tribute to our friendship.

We are surely at the beginning of an epic tale.  Lead on!

Perhaps you'd care to hear my music Skie, it's very different and somewhat better than Eldoth's. [GARRK27]

Why do you stay with Eldoth, Skie?  Can't you see he's just using you? [GARRK28]

Don't speak to Skie that way Eldoth.  She deserves better. [GARRK29]

My music is superior to yours Eldoth, I was taught at the college in Berdusk. [GARRK30]

A girl of beauty is a joy forever. [GARRK31]

Perhaps you'd care to hear my music Skie, it's very different and somewhat better than Eldoth's. [GARRK27]

[GARRICK 1] Hello there.  I have a pretty proposal for you.
[GARRICK 2] Brave, brave sir Garrick, sir Garick led the way.  Brave, brave sir Garrick, sir Garrick ran away!
[GARRICK 4] If man is known by the company he keeps, I shall be thought of gloriously.
[GARRICK 5] Why did we just do that?
[GARRICK 6] I can't stand by and just let this happen.
[GARRICK 7] I'm sorry, but I have to leave, I can't stomach what we do any more.
[GARRICK 8] I feel a little unprepared for this job, but I'll try my best.
[GARRICK 9] A yawn is a silent shout.
[GARRICK 10] A bored man is an angry man.
[GARRICK 3] Once more unto the breach, dear friends.
[GARRICK 11] My goodness, I think I'm dying.
[GARRICK 12] I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree.
[GARRICK 13] 'Tis a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
[GARRICK 17] Yes sir?
[GARRICK 18] I am at your service.
[GARRICK 19] Life is glorious.
[GARRICK 20] At once.
[GARRICK 21] With god speed.
[GARRICK 22] With joy, sir.
[GARRICK 23] Give and spend, and the Gods will send.
[GARRICK 24] Make short the miles with talk and smiles.
[GARRICK 25] Love makes the world go round.
[GARRICK 26] Music has charms to soothe the savage breast.
[GARRICK 27] Perhaps you'd care to hear my music Skie, it's very different and somewhat better than Eldoth's.
[GARRICK 28] Why do you stay with Eldath, Skie?  Can't you see he's just using you?
[GARRICK 29] Don't speak to Skie that way, Eldoth.  She deserves better.
[GARRICK 30] My music is superior to yours, Eldoth, I was taught at the college in Berdusk.
[GARRICK 31] A girl of beauty is a joy forever.
[GARRICK 37] I think you need to learn some manners.
[GARRICK 35] I think you're an honorable person.
[GARRICK 36] I don't remember knowing a more caring person.
[GARRICK 40] The world is such a cruel place.
[GARRICK 41] Nooo.  Why her? She didn't deserve this!!
[GARRICK 32] Thank you so very much for your most gracious compliment.
[GARRICK 33] I don't know what I did to deserve that.
[GARRICK 34] It takes two to make a quarrel.

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Character Czar: Kiki & Husband



She's either 'easy' or just pretends to be. She certainly seems to enjoy manipulating men and spends a lot of time flirting. She's very mercenary, has only a passing familiarity with the truth, and her high charisma helps her get her way more often then not. Same old story, not many ideas here.



When asked about her past, SAFANA spins tale upon tale involving fantastic liaisons with pirate captains, nobles, and royalty of all shapes and sizes. The consistent details seem to be that she grew up in the city of Calimport, surrounded by luxury. Her father was a very influential noble, and though she could have had anything, she apparently found herself too confined by her father's protective arm. She ran away in her early teens with the help of the first mate of the pirate ship 'Exzesus,' and remained with the crew for several years as they raided up and down the Sword Coast. Eventually she tried to manipulate the captain and found her self in a lot of trouble, escaping when the ship was at port in Baldur's Gate. She has many stories of her escapades after that, but if there is a grain of truth in them you certainly cannot find it. 


Character Sheet.

Safana: female, human, thief, chaotic-neutral.  Str 13, Dex 17, Con 10, Int 16, Wis 09, Cha 17.


Special(s): Safana has a once/day charm animal ability.  Her intelligence is almost high enough to allow her to dual to mage.


Sample Dialogue (from the game).


I have a problem that only you could help me solve.

Well, good sirs, you may call me Safana.  You'll have to excuse me if I sound startled, but in the south were I come from they don't grow their men as big as any of you.  Anyhow, if you want, I have a way to make you all fabulously wealthy.   In my possession I have a map that gives the location of an old pirate treasure trove.  According to the writings on the map, it's where the legendary Black Alaric dumped his treasure before being captured by the Amnish fleets!  You interested in hearing more?

My name is Safana and I can make all of you richer than any of you could imagine.  I know  where the pirate Black Alaric dumped his greatest trove of treasure.  Looking at the dynamic and intelligent men before me, I know you'd want to join me in a venture to get this treasure.

You may call me Safana if it pleases you.  I guess you could say I'm an archeologist, at least I fancy myself as one.  Along the coast is the burial place of one of my ancestors.  I wish to find it in order to learn some of the secrets of my families past.  Recently, I have come across a map that may reveal its location.

The reason I need so many heroic men, is that that the caverns where I wish to go are guarded by some sort of creature; which kind I couldn't tell you.  If you help me, I'll let you share in the treasure.  I may be grateful in other ways, as well.

Ohh, thank you, you won't regret your decision.  I know that powerful heroes like you will easily push through any obstacles in our path.  Well, we should be off then.  From what my map showed, the pirate cove is located somewhere along the coast, just south of Candlekeep.

I guess I was wrong in my initial assessment, you're not men, but rather spineless, impotent cowards.

What's taking you so long; remember we have an agreement.

Well, we have worked well together, wouldn't you agree?  Perhaps we could continue this working relationship beyond just one treasure hunt, that is, if you'll have me.  If you haven't guessed yet, my skills are of a thieving nature.

If that's the way you want to be, then I guess this is goodbye.

You've made the right decision boys, but now we should talk about the leadership of this group, I think it needs overhauling.

For once I don't have to feign my affection for others, I really do find you so very attractive.  I can think of no others that I would wish to travel with.

Hello again.  Have you rethought my offer to join your group?

Hmm, the men in this part of the world are fine specimens, aren't they? They grow them bigger here than where I come from.  If you find any fighting ready men on your travels, could you send them my way?  I have need of able bodied men for a treasure hunt of sorts.

I seek adventure, sisters, but what adventure can be had without a strong, young male along to toy with?

Hmm, it seems that northern men are as mindless as they are impotent.  Leave as you wish, I have my own agenda.

Can I not stay with you, even a little longer? Our time together has been... quite enjoyable.  Ah well, perhaps we shall meet again.

Do any of you have the desire to hunt for a grand treasure?  The pirate Black Alaric hid his treasure trove somewhere upon the coast just west of here.  Come now, it'll be fun.

Well, it certainly is a pleasure to see you again.  No doubt you've come to renew our working relationship?

I'm sure you do.  Lead and I shall follow.

I see.  Well, do not test my patience indefinitely.  I have my own concerns to worry about as well.

I assume Coran, that you think your elven charms are considerable.  Let me enlighten you: they aren't. [SAFAN27]

You have about as much appeal as a rutting Owlbear. [SAFAN28]

You think I'd surrender myself to the likes of you, that's a laugh. [SAFAN29]

Watch what you say, elf. [SAFAN30]

I might find you attractive Coran, if you weren't so irritating. [SAFAN31]

[SAFANA 1] I've been looking for. . . strong men like yourselves.
[SAFANA 2] Nothing's worth dying for.
[SAFANA 4] Mmmmm.  I keep very pleasant company.
[SAFANA 5] I really think this party needs new leadership.
[SAFANA 6] To lead this party, we need someone intelligent, preferably female, and most likely me.
[SAFANA 7] I've tried to guide this group in the right direction, but I'm tired of trying.  Goodbye.
[SAFANA 8] This is probably the sanest decision this group has ever made.
[SAFANA 9] A woman needs her beauty rest.
[SAFANA 10] Perhaps we could do something a little more exciting than looking pretty.
[SAFANA 11] I'm hurt, stop what you're doing and help me now.
[SAFANA 13] The city is a beautiful place, so full of the gullible and stupid.
[SAFANA 17] Yes dear?
[SAFANA 18] I'll do anything.
[SAFANA 19] I feel so sensual.
[SAFANA 20] If that's your desire.
[SAFANA 21] With pleasure.
[SAFANA 22] Of course, darling.
[SAFANA 23] Between two evils I always choose the one I haven't tried.
[SAFANA 24] I love it when you speak to me that way.
[SAFANA 25] When I'm good I'm very very good, but when I'm bad I'm better.
[SAFANA 26] Everyone in this party is entitled to my opinion.
[SAFANA 27] I assume Coran, that you think your elven charms are considerable.  Let me enlighten you: they aren't.
[SAFANA 28] You have about as much appeal as a rutting Owlbear.
[SAFANA 29] You think I'd surrender myself to the likes of you, that's a laugh.
[SAFANA 30] Watch what you say, elf.
[SAFANA 31] I might find you attractive Coran, if you weren't so irritating.
[SAFANA 37] My feet are very sore, perhaps you could massage them.
[SAFANA 35] You're a very sexy man.
[SAFANA 36] I'd love to see what other skills you possess.
[SAFANA 40] The rest of you should be careful, lest you end up like our unfortunate friend.
[SAFANA 41] Don't die silly elf, I didn't mean all of the things I've said.
[SAFANA 34] I always love a good compliment.
[SAFANA 32] I like it when you're nasty to me.
[SAFANA 33] You could be somewhat more creative in your insults.

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Character Czar: Domi



She's a shadow druid and tends to evil, given her treatment in BG2. I see her as a militant eco-warrior with the power to enforce her beliefs. If I have few ideas about some of the other characters, you could divide that by 100 and be left over with the amount of inspiration I have regarding Faldorn.



When asked about her past, FALDORN states that she was the child of a Black Raven Uthgardt woman. As an infant she was given over to an enclave of Shadow Druids as an offering, and was thereafter raised according to their beliefs. A splinter group of the main druidic order, Shadow Druids engage in very aggressive protection of nature, often relying on violence to achieve their aims. Faldorn showed great promise as she approached adulthood, and the order decided to send her to the Sword Coast to test her devotion to their ideals. Her ongoing mission is to use any means available to stop the despoiling of nature, no matter the risk or the cost to her life or any other.


As a baby Faldorn was given to the druids groove, and she knew no other parents than the druidic community. Since she was an acolyte basically since the day she was born, her ascension to the druidic power came at an early age as well. At present she is 16 and believes that she has a mission in life. Faldorn hopes that she is the chosen one who will be able to bring the great change to Faerun. She announces that her elders in the Grove suspected it ever since the Barbarians offered the child to them. That is why she was sent on such an important mission at such an early age.


After spending few hours in the company of the wordy and over-enthusiastic neophyte you start to suspect that the girl was simply set on the wild goose chase by the elder Grove members. Perhaps they hoped that she would acquire more worldly experience and return to the Grove as less of a troublemaker. Now it is your turn to deal with her! And with her stories about druid heroes. And with her inability to give up in an argument. And with her explosive temper. And with her healthy appetite. And with the fact that she likes to dye her nails and hair green…


In a while you have a list of her faults longer than Elminster’s Ackologies. She is lively and cannot sit still. She rushes into any argument head first and no matter what the argument was about it ends up as an argument about nature and the civilization. Her ideas are rather simple: the civilization and growth of the cities had spoiled rotten all the races, with the exception of the forest dwelling elves, forest gnomes and Barbarian tribes. They lost their freedom as well, becoming slaves of the hearths and conventions. They shall be freed from these heavy chains, by guess who? Faldorn of Black Raven! Did I mention that she consider anyone who does not share her attitude a weakling and does not hesitate to say so?


She never misses a chance to announce herself a Nature’s True Child and she is proud to be coming from the tribe of Black Raven of Uthgardt. She gives their due to the gods traditionally worshiped in the North, such as Tempus, Auril and Umberlee, but she gives the hottest worship to Silvanus. Faldorn talks to every raven that passes by, and if at first you think it a folly, latter you realize that the conversation indeed serves as a source of spiritual inspiration for Faldorn. You suspect that if she was not destined to become a druid, she would be a shaman in her tribe.


In fact you think her rather annoying but harmless until you start to understand that Faldorn’s concept of dealing with opponents is very…odd. She is quick to tell that someone or another should die…but she has no perception of murder in a traditional sense. Killing for Faldorn means giving a chance to a person to start a wiser life cycle. Say, that concubine, she probably would be much better of be she a sunflower instead… Thus, killing she not only takes life, but also gives it. Just like it happens in nature, when a rabbit’s death means life for a wolf and for a patch of grass….That disregard for individual life, compare to the life as a whole, makes her a perfect killer, the killer who has no pangs of guilt or hesitation. Her understanding on feelings is non-traditional as well;

Love? Mating is necessary for the life to continue.

Friendship? We are of one pack and run together; but I will fight you for my piece of meat or leadership

Law? Nature says that the most fittest survive and the rest are reborn

Greed? How can one own anything, in the world belongs to everyone?

Etc, etc…in short she is really neutral, young and arrogant…


The only thing close enough to passion Faldorn knows is her devotion to Silvanus. And she also seem to have a childish dream of finding the Emerald Ray. What in Nine Hells is that? Glad you asked – says Faldorn. Her favorite druidic idol is Kador of Cormyr. This half-elven druid appeared in the Realms about 100 years ago and became known as A Burner soon enough. He walked from village to village preaching the return to nature. His words had such an effect that those who at first would not open their doors to him, would end up by burning their houses, plowing their fields where crops were ripening, setting their herds free and going to live naturally in the forest. His line of work did not please the authority and he was hunted far and wide, appearing here and there in Faerun, than going into hiding… They never caught him, because it seemed that every tree, bird, beast, dryad or any other natural creature would give him shelter and help. The last time he appeared was exactly 16 years ago on the day Faldorn was brought to the Grove. Faldorn is quick to interpret the fact that she is Kador ‘s reincarnation and a heir. All she needs to prove it is the Emerald Ray. When they sent her to the Sword Coast she thought it was a hand of fate, for it was there where Kador was last seen and heard. After a while you wish you had that Emerald Ray. It is simply a sickle re-forged into a scimitar…but it belonged to Kador. Maybe if you find it, Faldorn would shut up! Then again, maybe not…


The Emerald Ray is a Scimitar+1 which is made out of a sickle and has a great green pommel jewel.


Character Sheet.

Faldorn: female, human, druid, true-neutral.  Str 12, Dex 15, Con 11, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 15.


Special(s): Faldorn has a once/day summon dread wolf ability.


Sample Dialogue (from the game).


Evil men have been defiling the woodlands with smoke and waste, all in a futile quest for the metal, iron.  Would you join me in my task.  I would destroy these men of the 'Iron Throne'.  Come with me, they dwell to the east within a fort.

Move aside city dwellers.  I warn you now; if you have any connection with the men that defile this wood in search of iron, I will cause you much suffering.

Your lack of concern for this forest's suffering is dissapointing.

You will help me!?  Let us find the men who foul our forests.  Quickly!  Their punishment must be swift.  We must travel east to their fort.

JOURNAL We have agreed to help Faldorn against the people who have been polluting the Cloakwood forest.  These people, apparently agents of the Iron Throne, dwell in a fort to the east.  EXIT

Shut up old man.  You and your kind's weakling ways have never helped the cause of balance.  You have no claim to wisdom.

Have you changed your minds about combating the evil of the Iron Throne?  Join me, and together we can end the defiling of the Cloakwood.

I am Faldorn, a member of the Shadow Druids.  The Shadow Druids are a sect of druids that believes in the destruction of civilization.  I have come to this region of the world to sow disorder among those druid sects that are too weak to share our vision.

I have no patience for your weaknesses.  If I want action, I guess I'll have to make my own.

Very well but do not forget what I have taught you, friends: walk with rage against all who threaten the Great Mother.

We meet again.  I trust you have been vigilant in protecting the ways of nature?  Perhaps we should continue our previous partnership, and further our causes together.

Together we shall enforce the laws of nature with the ruthless vigor they deserve.

You are a fool, Jaheira, to think that man can live with nature and not destroy it.  [FALDN27]

You dilute our order with your compassionate attitude.  [FALDN28]

One day, woman, you and I will settle our differences. [FALDN29]

Jaheira, your choice of a mate suits your weakling nature.  [FALDN30]

It's time that I rid our fellowship of your unwholesome influence. [FALDN31]

[FALDORN 1] I am Faldorn.  I have been looking for those who would fight for the sanctity of this forest.
[FALDORN 2] I will not waste my life here.
[FALDORN 4] We have pleased Oak Father, I sense it.
[FALDORN 5] Oak Father would frown on us now.
[FALDORN 6] I cannot stand by people of such little character.
[FALDORN 7] I will have nothing more to do with your lot.
[FALDORN 8] I will do as best I can as your leader.
[FALDORN 9] All of nature's children must rest sometime.
[FALDORN 10] There is much to do, and little time to waste.
[FALDORN 11] I am wounded.
[FALDORN 12] The sanctity of these woods must be preserved.
[FALDORN 13] Cities are a blight upon the beauty of nature.
[FALDORN 17] Nature is all.
[FALDORN 18] I am one with nature.
[FALDORN 19] You want something?
[FALDORN 20] I will do that.
[FALDORN 21] Of course.
[FALDORN 23] Why must man always despoil the Oak Father's gifts.
[FALDORN 24] Man is the least grateful of nature's children.
[FALDORN 25] Oak Father, please forgive your wayward brood.
[FALDORN 26] I am angry, don't talk to me now.
[FALDORN 27] You are a fool, Jaheira, to think that man can live with nature and not destroy it.
[FALDORN 28] You dilute our order with your compassionate attitude.
[FALDORN 29] One day woman, you and I will settle our differences.
[FALDORN 30] Jaheira, your choice of a mate suits your weakling nature.
[FALDORN 31] It's time that I rid our fellowship of your unwholesome influence.
[FALDORN 37] Your shallow regard for nature sickens me.
[FALDORN 35] You have more wisdom than the others give you credit for.
[FALDORN 36] I am glad to adventure with one who respects our Oak Father's kingdom.
[FALDORN 40] Death is a natural end that everyone must face.
[FALDORN 41] Her poisonous influence has been ended.
[FALDORN 34] I thank you.
[FALDORN 32] I don't know why you speak to me so.
[FALDORN 33] I have no quarrel with you, please don't create one.
[FALDORN POST]  Get away, I don't wish to talk to you.

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Character Czar: Karkadinn.



I liked Branwen in my first game, even though I dropped her for Dynaheir, but since then I've been fairly ambivalent about her. She's an outcast but not bitter about it, seemingly viewing hardships as tests of her strength. She can be a fun character and has potential I think; esp. considering she's a priestess of Tempus and lives to do battle and has a strong code of honor. She seems to get along fairly well with Shar-Teel. She also has what looks to be an aborted quest involving Tranzig, the mage who turned her to stone (you can meet him later, though she has nothing to say to him).



When asked about her past, BRANWEN reveals that she left her home of Seawolf in the Norheim isles at an early age. She was apparently reviled by her own people for wanting to become a priest, a station reserved exclusively for the men of the village. She harbors no resentment, realizing that her faith must face such tests or be worthless. She traveled the coast, offering her services to local militias, and eventually came into the employ of an adventuring troup in the Nashkel area. Branwen had no idea that the group was participating in banditry however, and on their first raid she balked at attacking a caravan of unarmed merchants. She rebelled, and a mage named Tranzig turned her to stone in the ensuing fight. Despite the unfavorable outcome, Branwen feels that Tempus views her actions approvingly. To attack those that are unarmed is the basest of villainy.


Character Sheet.

Branwen: female, human, cleric, neutral-neutral.  Str 13, Dex 16, Con 15, Int 09, Wis 16, Cha 13.


Special(s): Branwen has a thrice/day spiritual hammer ability.  Her dexterity is almost high enough to allow her to dual to thief.


Sample Dialogue (from the game).


I am Branwen, a War-priest from the Norheim isles. I have been trapped in stone for what seems like an eternity. You have saved me, and for that I owe you my life. I am indebted to you and by Tempus I leave no debt unpaid!  Let me join whichever cause you're fighting for, I should make a valuable ally and bring the favor of the Lord of Battles upon us.

It's an insult to my honor to refuse my services, but the choice is yours.

JOURNAL I rescued a priest that had been turned to stone, but I did not let her join with us.   EXIT

I am glad to be part of your war party. I will not make you regret your decision. A word of caution though: beware of the dog that entrapped me in stone. Tranzig he called himself. He was in the employ of a mercenary group, but I do not know the name. I shall see him dead before I see the shores of home again!

JOURNAL I have rescued a priest named Branwen. She was apparently turned to stone by a mage named Tranzig, so I should be wary of him in the future.  EXIT

Perhaps you have changed your mind, and now need my skills?

I have not much to tell you. I was in the employ of an adventuring group that dared to attack unarmed merchants. I battled them bravely, but a dog named Tranzig entrapped me in stone. I shall see his head leave his body if it is the last thing I do!

JOURNAL When we charmed Branwen we learned that she had been a prisoner in stone for many weeks, after she had confronted an adventuring group that was preying on merchants. A mage named Tranzig was the one that entrapped her.   EXIT

By Tempus, you have returned!  Are we to join again and fight as mighty warriors should?  Say it is so!

A triumphant day, indeed!  I welcome your company once again!

We have fought well and we have fought bravely. Tempus willing, perhaps I will fight at your side again someday.

You are no more honorable than the Loki spawn I left behind.

I have not much to tell you, but this:  I was a foolish woman and joined the forces of these Loki spawn, The Iron Throne.  I was insubordinate to my commander, and for punishment they locked me up in a prison cell for many weeks.

Shar-Teel seems to have more spine that a lot of the men in this party. [BRANW2]

You are valiant of action Shar-Teel.  A pity your spirit is mismatched. [BRANW28]

Stay well clear of me, you foul speakin' heretic! [BRANW29]

Tempus would guide your wayward soul, if you let him. [BRANW30]

May Tempus someday show you the error of your ways. [BRANW31]

[BRANWEN 01] By the ice breath of Auril! 'Tis good to see new faces and taste freedom again.  
[BRANWEN 02] Tempus, forgive my cowardice.
[BRANWEN 04] I am proud to stand among such strong warriors.
[BRANWEN 05] Our actions are not those of warrior born.
[BRANWEN 06] What sort of craven cowards are we?
[BRANWEN 0] I can no longer honorably work with such as you.
[BRANWEN 08] I have always dreamt of leading such a worthy band.
[BRANWEN 09] I'm tired.
[BRANWEN 10] Damn the icicles of Auril. I'm BORED.
[BRANWEN 03] Tempus! Give us victory!
[BRANWEN 11] 'Tis but a flesh wound. 
[BRANWEN 1] By Tempus' shield.
[BRANWEN 18] What is your command?
[BRANWEN 19] Hello?
[BRANWEN 20] 'Tis a fine day to die.
[BRANWEN 21] If Tempus wills it.
[BRANWEN 22] By Valkur's mighty blade.
[BRANWEN 23] 'Tis better to die on your feet, than live on your knees.
[BRANWEN 24] May Auril bestow the frost kiss upon our enemies.
[BRANWEN 25] By Valkur's strapping buttocks.
[BRANWEN 26] A god's favor is fickle, at best.
[BRANWEN 2] Shar-Teel seems to have more spine that a lot of the men in this party.
[BRANWEN 28] You are valiant of action Shar-Teel.  A pity your spirit is mismatched.
[BRANWEN 29] Stay well clear of me, you foul speakin' heretic!
[BRANWEN 30] Tempus would guide your wayward soul, if you let him.
[BRANWEN 31] May Tempus someday show you the error of your ways.
[BRANWEN 3] In a war of virtues, thou art unarmed.
[BRANWEN 35] You shame this party by your mere presence.
[BRANWEN 36] You are a strong warrior, I respect that.
[BRANWEN 40] To die in battle is the most glorious death of all.
[BRANWEN 41] 'Tis a shame to lose such an accomplished warrior.
[BRANWEN 33] I thank you for your kind words.
[BRANWEN 32] I do not take such insults lightly.
[BRANWEN 34] Do not mock me!

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Character Czar: Andyr



Quayle is another character we know a little more about from BG2. He's much more annoying in BG1 though. He's almost a proto-Jan, but without the turnips and family tales. I find him even less entertaining than Jan, and that's saying a lot. He has a very high opinion of himself and his intelligence, to say the least, and doesn't get along with Tiax at all. He's almost all comic relief, as far as I can tell.



When asked about his past, QUAYLE talks for a good hour about his worship of Baravar Cloakshadow, how he is well on his way to mastering sorcery, and just generally how incredibly smart he is compared to everyone else in the party.  He was apparently encouraged to strike out on his own as soon as he came of age because, as he claims, he was simply too gifted to remain in that stifling environment. You get the feeling, however, that no one was terribly broken up over his leaving. He says that he apprenticed in the arts of magic and the worship of Baravar under a gnome named Gifos, though it was not long before this teacher also sent him on his way. Since then, Quayle has wandered the Sword Coast looking for people who were willing to accept his "his wisdom and instruction." It has likely been a long walk.


Character Sheet.

Quayle: male, gnome, cleric/mage (illusionist), chaotic-neutral.  Str 08, Dex 15, Con 11, Int 17, Wis 10, Cha 06.


Special(s): Quayle has a once/day invisibility special ability.


Sample Dialogue (from the game).


Hey ho there fellow travelers!  You look to be wanderers of the adventuring sort.  Tell me; what direction calls you?   

It is the same as I!  Surely this lends us a familial bond of sorts.  The smart move would be to travel as one, especially with the number of bandits in the area.  You probably need the counterbalance of my intelligence, as well.    

Ah my loutish friends, that is my direction too.  Fate has crossed our paths and we could all benefit by traveling together.  It will be the classic pairing of you, the stalwart adventurers, and I, the intelligent one.  How could you refuse?   

Oh no, not my way at all.  Never the less, since you are so obviously in need of guidance from someone with...not quite so much Orc-ish heritage, I shall alter my course and come with you.  Don't bother to thank me; just grunt approval. 

Well I suppose I'll be on my way then you idi...you said YES!  I mean, of course I'll come with you.  My intellect and skill as a cleric will undoubtedly make your group much better than it is.  Onward. 

I should have guessed by your knuckle-dragging gait and minuscule nose; you're a complete and utter moron, aren't ya? 

You will find that I make a most magnificent friend! 

Bumbling simpeltons, get out of my way!  Unless, of course, you need my services.  Well do you? 

Hmph! You are superfluous to my well being and I can't say I'll miss being confronted with your Orc-ish face and Troll-like breath each morning!  Good riddance to stupid rubbish! 

Please don't leave me out here! Do you hear buzzards? I hear buzzards. 

It's about time you came back!  I thought for sure that you had met some characteristically stupid end, like forgetting to breath or something. 

You are just too stupid to realize how much you need me.  Don't worry, I'll wait here until you smarten up. 

Of course you do!  You would be a complete and utter moron if you didn't think so!  Lead on.

Ruler of the world, hmmm?  Only if chosen by virtue of an...uncluttered mind. [QUAYL27] 

Indeed you grow "grander" by the moment.  Though how a fat head will help, I do not know. [QUAYL28] 

Oh yeah?!  Well I've got more smarts in my little finger, than you've got in your little finger!  No...wait a minute. [QUAYL29] 

Violence is a trademark of low intelligence!  [QUAYL30] 

Mind not what others say.  The intelligent enjoy your music regardless. [QUAYL31] 

[QUAYLE 1] Walking alone on the Coastway road!  How smart is this?
[QUAYLE 2] Live smart!  Live long!  Run away!
[QUAYLE 4] This group may be capable of learning after all!
[QUAYLE 5] 'Tis a wonder your brains can keep you breathing!  Try to behave!
[QUAYLE 6] Only the truly inept would resort to such evil as this!  I'll not stand much more!
[QUAYLE 7] I am getting stupid just being near you!  You are unteachable!  Goodbye!
[QUAYLE 8] At last you realize the potential of my amazing brain!
[QUAYLE 9] If I go too long without rest, I'll end up as stupid as you!
[QUAYLE 10] The mind atrophies with disuse!  Let's do something!
[QUAYLE 11] Hello!  I need healing here!
[QUAYLE 12] Deciduous, coniferous, and . . . uhhh . . . green.
[QUAYLE 14] If I'm so smart, what am I doing down here?
[QUAYLE 16] If I weren't so intelligent I might be a little nervous of the dark.
[QUAYLE 17] What do you need?!
[QUAYLE 18] You grunted?
[QUAYLE 19] Can I . . . help you?
[QUAYLE 20] I'm too smart for this.
[QUAYLE 21] Is that all?
[QUAYLE 22] There's none better.
[QUAYLE 23] I am so smart!  S  M  R  T!  I mean  S  M  A  R  T!
[QUAYLE 24] Shake a paw!  C'mon, shake a paw!
[QUAYLE 25] Feel my amazing brain!  Go on, touch it!
[QUAYLE 26] I wile away the hours, conferring with the flowers, consulting with the rain.
[QUAYLE 27] Ruler of the world, hmmm?  Only if chosen by virtue of an . . . uncluttered mind.
[QUAYLE 28] Indeed you grow "grander" by the moment.  Though how a fat head will help, I do not know.
[QUAYLE 29] Oh yeah?!  Well I've got more smarts in my little finger, than you've got in your little finger!  No . . . wait a minute.
[QUAYLE 30] Violence is a trademark of low intelligence! 
[QUAYLE 31] Mind not what others say.  The intelligent enjoy your music regardless.
[QUAYLE 37] If you need any help . . .y'now . . .thinking, just let me know.  I'm here to help.
[QUAYLE 35] Well I certainly would have handled THAT better.
[QUAYLE 36] If you were smarter, you'd enjoy my company more.  
[QUAYLE 40] The stupid will fall while the smart survive.
[QUAYLE 41] Ahh Tiax.  Had you asked I would have said you were too dumb to live.
[QUAYLE 33] You don't expect me to believe you meant that?  I'm too smart for your hidden insults!
[QUAYLE 32] Oooo, insult me again.  Only this time, use your brain.
[QUAYLE 34] Who taught this chimp to talk?!  What they can't do these days!
[QUAYLE POST]  Bumbling simpeltons, get out of my way!

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Character Czar: Thanatos.


The following was written by Sphira, now that Than is in charge this is subject to change.



Here are the ideas of how Xan will interact with the other party members. Just a quick write up, if anyone who's writing for an NPC doesn't see the relationship with Xan or agrees with it or has suggestions, let me know.  Bad grammar ahead, btw.


Quick Personality Sketch: Xan is quite paranoid of his own safety, and to an extent the safety of others. This paranoia is connected to his odd obsession-phobia of death. I also see Xan as being somewhat obsessive compulsive and has a respect for order and notably duty, which is quite unusual for an elf. It’s this trait for order in society that probably has made him a respected member of his society. (*shakes her fist at the heavens for loading BGI and ponders about buying the game again*) Being quite intelligent and dourer, Xan doesn’t put up with much nonsense. He agrees to stay with CHARNAME due to the fact he highly doubts that Mulahey has the common sense to conduct even the tainting the iron reserves at Nashkel mines properly, let alone be solely responsible for creating the iron shortage.


--- How Xan Gets Along With People---


Yeslick: While not a fan of dwarves, Xan wouldn't be as negative to Yeslick due to the fact Yeslick isn't as keen on violence than per say Kargin. I might have a banter between the two talking about faith.


Alora: He and Alora are like oil and water. Xan cannot stand Alora’s chipper delusions and the halfling gives him a headache if not a tooth ache. When dealing with her he would treat her as a child


Ajantis: suicide Monger at his best. Xan cannot understand paladins and why logically they throw their lives away for the so called benefit of others. He accuses Ajantis of not being altruistic but rather doing so for his benefit; our whiny elf thinks that Ajantis (and Paladins in general) want praise and glory after death no matter what the cost to themselves making them hypocrites. (this is XAN'S belief, not mine.  ) Notably he doesn't hate Ajantis, he just thinks Ajantis is stupid.


Kivan: Despite Kivan SHOULD be a candidate to be on Xan's 'annoy' list, Xan seems to like him. I suppose Xan sympathizes with Kivan's revenge or perhaps it's just because he respects how Kivan is following his duty in life.


Kagain: Xan hates him. He's rude, he's lazy, and most of all he's a dwarf. Despite Kagain's low charisma and one dimensional personality, Kagain -is- smart (int 15) and I would think the two would have surprisingly interesting debates. Kagain might also try to weasel out the moon blade out of Xan.


Quayle: While they both have the same Intelligence, Xan wouldn’t like the gnome due to his arrogance. I'm thinking the two could have a battle of 'wits', trying out shine the other.


Safana: Being male, Xan thinks Safana is beautiful and intelligent and will start to compliment her in one banter. This will get Coran a little upset, but this won't be a love triangle, in the same banter Xan also tells Safana she's vacant lacking no goals and it would be a waste of talent if she keeps on her current path.


Imoen: While Xan wouldn't have too much beef against Imoen, Imoen would dislike Xan's dismissive nature towards the others. They'll never hate one another but I just don't see Imoen putting up with Xan's depressive/pessimistic attitude.


Dynaheir: Gets along with Dynaheir and somehow she tolerates him. I can see a few banters on the nature of magic and Dynaheir notably talks about Xan's nature, why he's so pessimistic.


Minsc: Xan at first dislikes him but gradually decides that Minsc is not in his right mind so he doesn't blame the warrior for his suicide tactics and simple ways. However if he finds Boo in his bedroll one more time...


Edwin: I see Edwin ridiculing Xan's lack to cast proper offensive spells and Xan is disgusted with Edwin due where he’s from (Thay).


Shar-Teel: Xan thinks she's a brash and utterly based woman who he wants no accompany of. That, and she simply terrifies the mage.


Jaheira: Not too keen on being a leader, Xan doesn’t mind her ‘natural leader’ mentality Jahiera has but he does get his feathers ruffled if she starts using that attitude with him.


Eldoth: Xan HATES Eldoth. He cannot tolerate Eldoth’s sociopath nature and the risks that Eldoth takes also can endanger the life of everyone in the party.


Skie: Another bubble head in Xan's opinion, one who follows her down fall foolishly. Because to her relationship with Eldoth he's quite sympatric towards her and offers a few kindly words about getting away from Edloth. Probably the only time we'll ever see him showing any compassion to the group members.


Garrick: While they have little in common, the two with most certainly will have a banter that bashes Eldoth.


Branwen: Xan is dismissive to Branwen, she's a cleric of the god of battle, another holy person with convictions that coincide with death. I'm thinking Xan keeps referring her to worshipping the god of death and perhaps the two can discuss the nature of war.


Xzar: Xan, like anyone, thinks Xzar is a nutcase. Seeing his preoccupation with death, Xzar can easily pick on the whiny elf.


Tiax: Like the rest of the clerics, Xan with challenge Tiax’s faith and quickly lose interest as Tiax rambles on about becoming the Emperor of All.


Viconia: Xan is probably what exactly Viccy’s stereotype of what all surface elves are like, notably the males. Xan also avoids Viccy like the plague and would only bother to speak to her if she starts an argument.


Khalid: Xan appreciates someone else who’s cautious and while I won’t say they’re friends, Khalid is respected by Xan.


Coran: Coran’s carefree nature doesn’t rub well with Xan and I just don’t see them talking. However I think he would pipe up at Coran’s refusal to take care of his child, ridiculing his so called good nature.


Faldorn: Really not sure what they’d say.


Montaron: Not sure what they’d say to one another.



When asked about his past, XAN wistfully speaks of his home in the elven stronghold of Evereska, and his role as a Greycloak. It was apparently decreed that he was to investigate the events of the iron shortage, determine who or what were the causes, and ascertain whether there was a greater threat to the region as a whole. This was definitely not a small task, and he accepted the responsibility with a great deal of dread. You get the feeling, however, that he approaches everything with a great deal of dread. He has devoted his life to improving his mastery of magic and has become a skilled wizard, though this dedication has left him little time to make friends or acquire any other pastimes. He strikes you as very capable, though probably not the best influence on morale.


Character Sheet.

Xan: male, elf, mage (enchanter), lawful-neutral.  Str 13, Dex 16, Con 07, Int 17, Wis 14, Cha 16.


Special(s): Xan has a moon blade (1d8+3, +1 ac, +50% fire resistance).


Sample Dialogue (from the game).


It was unbearable; waking each morn to the mud and rock instead of the rising sun.  I am Xan, a Greycloak of Evereska, and as proficient in the ways of magic as any man can be.  If you be enemies of Mulahey I would join your cause, hopeless though it is.

At last I am free of my dreary prison; five and eighty days are far too long for one of the fair folk to live as a dwarf.  You look no better off than I, but my appreciation for my liberty bids me add my spells to your cause.  I am Xan; shall we face the impossible together?

Alas, I was sent to investigate the strange goings-on about this area and I landed caged for seemingly hopeless weeks on end.  I have not seen the sun almost as long as I have not seen my home.

I thank you for my rescue but I must leave quickly.  I wish you well in your struggle, though it is surely lost.

I understand your decision, for the odds are surely insurmountable.  I shall return unto Evereska and report of these dire straits.

JOURNAL I rescued an elf named Xan from the mines in Nashkel.  Quite a despondent fellow, actually.  He was investigating the problems in the region just as I am.  We probably could have worked together, but I did not like his manner.  EXIT

I thank you.  However ineffective our actions be, I shall not rest until I have made payment to you.  If you have searched through Mulahey's treasure you may have found a sword among his documents.  The sword is a moonblade and it is my most valued possesion.

There is no need to be rude.  I will go back to my home in Evereska, and leave the lot of you to your hopeless quest.

I apologize if I seem abrupt, but I must be leaving, and quickly.

If you are interested friend, I am a Greycloak from Everaksa.  It is my duty to watch over the political events of the human nations along our borders.  From what I have learned so far, there is some sort of mercantile organization known as the Iron Throne that has been trying to cause turmoil along the Sword Coast.  To what end I could not tell you, as I was captured before learning any more.

JOURNAL While in the Nashkel mines, I rescued an elf named Xan. When charmed he revealed that there is some sort of mercantile organization known as the Iron Throne that has been trying to cause turmoil along the Sword Coast.  To what end, he could not say.   EXIT

This whole mission has been a dismal failure from the very start. Consider my debt repaid, friends, as I certainly do.

While my stay with you was admittedly fruitless, it has, at least, been fun. I might even enjoy sharing another ill-fated adventure with you, should you ever require the use of my considerable talents.

Hello, my unfortunate friends.  No doubt a comrade or two has met their deaths, and now you require me to step into their still-warm boots.

Then I shall do my best for you, though I am sure we both know that the worst is inevitable.

Your decision is understandable, and not altogether undesirable.  I shall do my best to not try at all in your absence.  We're all doomed you know.

Eldoth, could you stand away from me, the stench is somewhat unnerving. [XANNN27]

Perhaps Eldoth, you could be a little more polite to our companions. [XANNN28]

You could do us all a favor Eldoth, by getting killed in the next battle. [XZANN29]

Have you ever wondered how hollow your convictions sound Ajantis. [XANNN30]

It seems our resident suicide monger, Ajantis, lives in a black and white world. [XANNN31]

[XAN 1] I thank you for my freedom, friends, for I have languished in these dismal vaults too long.
[XAN 2] We're all doomed, run while we're still able.
[XAN 4] Perhaps we'll survive longer than I had originally thought.
[XAN 5] This group is especially hopeless today!
[XAN 6] Keep up this evil, and we're deservedly doomed.
[XAN 7] I cannot abide by these actions!  I must take my leave from this barbaric fellowship.
[XAN 8] While leader, I will endeavor not to get ALL of us killed.
[XAN 9]Certainly I shall collapse from exhaustion before I fall on the Battlefield.
[XAN 10] If we are doomed to fail, could we at least do it faster!
[XAN 3] Onward, to futility!
[XAN 11] My wounds are too grave, I'm a dead man.
[XAN 12] The majesty of the forest makes me feel insignificant.
[XAN 13] The bustle of the city makes me feel insignificant.
[XAN 15] The sun shines, and I am amazed we live to see another day.
[XAN 17] We're all doomed.
[XAN 18] Life is so hollow.
[XAN 19] Our quest is vain.
[XAN 20] Whatever.
[XAN 21] What is the point?
[XAN 22]If you want.
[XAN 23] It is hardly worth the effort of trying.
[XAN 24] We delude ourselves to think our pitiable band will stand up to our enemies.
[XAN 25] Let us save our effort and just lie down and die.
[XAN 26] I'll do what I can, but expect very little.
[XAN 27] Eldoth, could you stand away from me, the stench is somewhat unnerving.
[XAN 28] Perhaps Eldoth, you could be a little more polite to our companions.
[XAN 29] You could do us all a favor Eldoth, by getting killed in the next battle.
[XAN 30] Have you ever wondered how hollow your convictions sound, Ajantis?
[XAN 31] It seems our resident suicide monger, Ajantis, lives in a black and white world.
[XAN 35] Your stupidity makes you a doomed man.
[XAN 36] With you as my companion, who needs enemies?
[XAN 37] Around you I almost feel that we have a chance.
[XAN 40] Another victim in our hopeless crusade.
[XAN 41] I would grieve for Eldoth if it were not for the sense of joy I now feel.
[XAN 32] If I'd wanted your opinion I would have asked for it.
[XAN 34] Do not think I will endure your insults indefinitely
[XAN 33] I hope what you say was well intentioned.

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