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Tweakpack cases blue screen of death

Guest Simon

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Hi. I am having some serious issues with the tweakpack as it causes not the game to crash but my computer.


I'm not a genious with computers so I'll just try to explain what I did and what happens.


It begins when I try to Install the tweakpack, about the time it's supposed to go to DOS mode (it finished the first installation-screen-thingie). Then suddenly my computer crashes, goes blackscreen and then turns to a blue screen which unfortunately has to inform me that (windows?) has stopped the program so that it won't damage my computer ( or something like that) and it tells me to check 1: if I have enough room on my harddrive (I have about 80GB free) and 2: if I have the newest version of Bios (wtf?)


I should probably also say that I have installed BG 1 and that I tried installing some other mods from this site.

The first mod I downloaded was the Kivan mod, which I installed without problems. The I installed the fixpack, also without problems. Then I realized that I should've patched the game before I installed the fixpack so I patched the game and reinstalled both mods - first Fixpack, then Kivan mod.

After that I imported my old BG 1 character to the game and everything worked (and still works) very well.


My only problem is that the tweakpack still isn't installed :) and that I simply don't understand how I am supposed to get it installed.

If this information is lacking something I COULD try installing it again, to write inhere what the Blue screen says exactly - but I'd rather not do that unless it's my last option as it takes such a long time, and I really don't like the looks of it...


Thank you in advance, Simon.

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