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Lower Resistance & Pierce Magic

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I noticed that my Lower Resistance spell was capped off at 30% even though my wizard is like level 24. Is there anyway to uncap certain spells such as this one? Also my second inquiry is on Pierce Magic and that it doesn't show me numerically like Lower Resistance that it is actually lowering the magic resistance of my enemy. Thanks for listening guys and keep up the good work.

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Actually I had used that "Spell 50" mod and there is a lot of stuff in that I don't necessarily agree in terms of power. Which one reason why I didn't bother to download a second time around though. I'm just saying that spells that don't really have a cap in said in the descriptions shouldn't be capped.

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As WizWom suggested but didn't outright say, this was done by design--game balance concerns, I'd wager. From the manual:


Spells Past Level 20

In many spell descriptions, the spell does a certain effect and an additional portion is dependent on the caster's level. For example, the duration of a protection spell may be 1D4 rounds plus 1 round/caster's level. These effects are capped at level 20 and the caster's level beyond this will not add additional effects to the spells.


Yeah, I know it's kinda arbitrary, but who wants to get pelted with a 30d8 Horrid Wilting aspirin tablet? I think even a warrior would have trouble surviving one of those.

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