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-Record in 44100hz 32-bit Float Mono MP3

-Save the lines as ds_njnpc_motkey_0001 etc


Name: Mother Keys

Age: NA

Bio: This wide half-orc woman is burdened with an impressive key-chain, hinting not so subtly at the origins of her nickname. She wears rich silks and velvets. Mother Keys' sausage-like fingers go with surprising ease through stashes of coins, gems and other finery. Less surprisingly, she handles crates, barrels and chests with equal ease. She greets those who are authorized to access the Temple treasury with a ready scowl, and those who are not - with a heavy cudgel.

Voice type: Commanding, sure of herself, strong. Mother Keys has no comic speech impediments.

Portrait: http://www.members.shaw.ca/gorion/ds_MK.jpg

The Total # of Lines: 20


Audition Lines:


ds_njnpc_motkey_0001: Waltzing in, are we? I'll have you know it's a treasury, not a ballroom.

ds_njnpc_motkey_0002: If Toral keeps sending your sort in, I'll get him to read the ledgers, and use my cudgel for emphasis every time he reads an article of credit.


I am looking for a relatively high initial quality of the sound. I only have Audacity, so cleaning up the files messes with the voice itself. In particular, pops are tough to clean out. I implore you to use a screen (a sheet of paper, a stocking on a hanger) to prevent the pop-ups. Also, please record on the low setting of the mike. Allow plenty of lead time before you start talking and allowing it to continue recording for a while after you have done speaking. If your line is more than one sentence long, allow an extra-long pause between sentences, drawing breath, if necessary. Hold the microphone far enough away from your face so that you do not oversaturate the recording. You can tell if it's oversaturated because the displayed waveform of the recording will look like it's got the tops and the bottoms of the waves clipped off.


List of received auditions :


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Here is a bunch of the short roles I need recorded:






A pragmatic propheteer priest - VOICED


ds_random_pr_ma_0018 The more we are feared, the richer we are.

ds_random_pr_ma_0019 Intimidate where you cannot kill.

ds_random_pr_ma_0020 This world has too many people who did not earn their right to live.

ds_random_pr_ma_0021 Are you standing idly, or are you contemplating your next murder?


A Seriously crazy assassin - VOICED


ds_random_as_ma_0001 ...and he couldn't wake up in the morning. Couldn't wake up in the morning!

ds_random_as_ma_0002 Tee-shoo, tee-shoo, we all fall down.

ds_random_as_ma_0003 Down come the baby and cradle and all.

ds_random_as_ma_0004 Nursery rhymes made me do it. Nursery rhymes my mother sang to me. Aaaahh!


A mumbling assassin - VOICED


ds_random_as_ma_0008 ...and *then* I killed the client.

ds_random_as_ma_0009 ...and *then* I killed him.

ds_random_as_ma_0010 ...and *then* I killed her.

ds_random_as_ma_0011 ...and *then* I killed the dog.

ds_random_as_ma_0012 ...and that son of a bitch was already dead. Imagine the gall! I had to pay for resurrection. And *then* I killed him.




A Zealot Priestess - VOICED


ds_random_pr_fe_0001 Sacrifice your gold, your loved ones and your enemies. Then you will be free to kill whoever you are told to kill.

ds_random_pr_fe_0002 A good murder defies comprehension; surprise the commoners, and you have them!

ds_random_pr_fe_0003 I wallow in the blood of the slain; I put their death-cries to music; I warm myself with their cold bodies.

ds_random_pr_fe_0004 The god is dead! They killed him! Kill them!


A Heretic Priestess:- VOICED


ds_random_pr_fe_0009 Don't tell anyone, but I'm losing my faith.

ds_random_pr_fe_0010 The Lord of Murder was murdered. I find it ironic.

ds_random_pr_fe_0011 Why did our Lord choose Alianna to impregnate with his seed? I'm prettier!

ds_random_pr_fe_0012 Hmm, I think that Sunites can use new blood. Why not a deadly beauty like me?

ds_random_pr_fe_0013 Imagine: a cult of death that shadows love. After all, we all kill our loved ones in one way or another.


A Pragmatic Assassin: - VOICED


ds_random_as_fe_0001 I was born under a lucky star. Otherwise I'd be dead by now.

ds_random_as_fe_0002 Corpses look like dolls.

ds_random_as_fe_0003 Where blood flows, money flow soon after.

ds_random_as_fe_0004 The Lord of Murder perished, but we are still alive.

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Audition deadline April 5, 2008


-Record in 44100hz 32-bit Float Mono MP3

-Save the lines as ds_comnpc_nyale_0001 etc

-Send your auditions to domi_sotto@gibberlings3.net




Name: Nyalee

Age: 50-60

Bio: Disheveled and dirty, by turns muttering or cackling madly, Nyalee is the epitome of disreputable. Her powers are very real though, and cannot be ignored. Neither should a glint of staunch wisdom in her hooded eyes.


Voice type: A mad old hag, cackling is a must!


The Total # of Lines: 200+, you will need to work with me during a few month as I code to have everything voiced. If you can't make such a commitment, please, do not audition for this role. I'd hate to start revoicing it half-done.


Audition Lines:


ds_comnpc_nyale_0001 You is dead!

ds_comnpc_nyale_0002 He-he-he! //that's the mad cackling part//

ds_comnpc_nyale_0003 To me, woodsies!

ds_comnpc_nyale_0004 Your time has come. Time to die.

ds_comnpc_nyale_0005 Blood's to stay and bone - to mend.


List of received auditions :


Zellie - casted



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Audition deadline – May 1st, 2008


Name: Saemon Havarian

Age: mid-20ies to mid-30ies

Bio: At first glance Saemon Havarian emanates simplicity and sincerity. At second glance an attentive observer might surmise that both qualities are trained. A third glance will likely suggest that the previous suspicion was the result of paranoia.


Voice type: A flamboyant clever rogue

Additional info: Saemon has flirting with the female PC, so you will have a few romantic lines to voice.


The Total # of Lines: 200+, you will need to work with me during a few month as I code to have everything voiced. If you can't make such a commitment, please, do not audition for this role. I'd hate to start revoicing it half-done.


Audition Lines:



ds_comnpc_saemo_0058 I cannot say that I am <i>entirely</i> without respect for your most impressive Lord, but I have little tolerance for violence, if at all.

ds_comnpc_saemo_0059 I cheerfully foresee that our partnership will be mutually beneficial.

ds_comnpc_saemo_0060 I am a stalwart captain of commerce left precariously in the shallows by the intrigues of ill wishers.


List of received auditions :



Shadow Beast - cast



Deadly Nightshade

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Hi folks. I despared to get in touch with the original voice-actor, and the quality on some of the lines is just won't do. So I have to recast this VO work:


Total lines: 36


Audition deadline: May 25-th 2008.


Recording and Contact information -


Record in 44100hz 32-bit Float Mono MP3

Send your auditions to domi_sotto@gibberlings3.net


Character: Toral, the Mighty Evil Priest


I need someone who can talk in a foreceful, calm manner, on the lower side of the spectrum, and who can say some of the lines 'up', rallying a large crowd of disheartened devotees.


Here are the trial lines:


ds_njnpc_toral_0001 Do not despair! The Lord of Murder, our Lord, is not dead and he is not defeated while our faith is strong!

ds_njnpc_toral_0002 His blood still remains in the Winding Water, around Boarskyr Bridge, where He was slain.

ds_njnpc_toral_0003 His mortal progeny are coming of age and soon will die so He might live again!

ds_njnpc_toral_0004 The nightfall is coming, and it shall be ours to rule.

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Character Info:


Gender: Female

Name: Imoen (as a girl)

Age: 8-10 yo

Bio: This girl is short, bratty, and quick on her feet. The waif has a skinny kitten accompanying her, and the two have a similar cautious and curious manner. She seems peculiarly unafraid for a kid wandering the ill-fated Forest of Mir.

Voice type: Girl's voice, very perky.


The Total # of Lines: ~20


Audition Lines:


ds_njnpc_imoenn_0001 Huh, ya scared me! Please, don't hurt me! I've been berry-pickin'. Ma family's really poor, and half o'em sickened, they can't get by without my berries.

ds_njnpc_imoenn_0002 Pish-tosh! Don't ya come any closer to me! I'm a great wizardess, Imoen the Magnificent, only in disguise, and that's my fearsome familiar!

ds_njnpc_imoenn_0003 Puff, growl at 'em!


List of received auditions :




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Name: Khalid

Total Lines: 34

Age: About 20-30 in human years

Bio: Khalid is a tall and awkward young man, dark of skin, hair and eye. He has an anxious quality about him, suggesting that he could have a breakdown if pushed hard enough. He speaks softly, and gesticulates excessively to help make his point. While it is sometimes difficult to understand him, it seems to be a worthwhile enterprise for someone who is not so keen on finding out how good he is with his heavy curved sword.

Voice type: It's a very tough role. The character stutters, but has to deliver a drammatic dialogue with a lot of anguish.


Audition lines:


ds_njnpc_khalid_0001 Your m-m-en are all dead, you m-madman. Drop your weapons and you'll be s-spared. //tired voice//

ds_njnpc_khalid_0002 D-do not mock dead enemies. Th-there are living ones we m-must face. //scold//

ds_njnpc_khalid_0003 I d-don't know how you sneaked your way p-past Jaheira -- //hesitatnt, worried//

ds_njnpc_khalid_0004 What? N-no! Attack! //upset, devastated//

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