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Ok, I can't do this, or can I?


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Ok, I have created a couple of items, and patched them into a store quite nicely.


My item, a shortsword, casts a spell constantly on the wielder.


Because of the power of the spell (SPCL901 ~ Greater Whirlwind) I want to make it two-handed. Is this possible. If so, how?



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Hmmm. Then that won't work. You could do something by script, to make an invisible item appear in the off-hand every time the item is equipped, and destroy the item when the item is unequipped. But you'd have to add this to baldur.bcs, and that's ugly.


Edit: also, you'd have to make the invisible item undroppable, which would be really funny, otherwise, if the player could move an invisible item to inventory, and then, since the script would look for the invisible item in the shield slot, it would cause a terrible sutter, not to mention the destruction of whatever was previously in the shield slot, because you'd almost have to use FillSlot(). No, this is not really a good option, after all. And once more, it proves that just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.

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