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ToB Kiser basement problem [please move if wrong forum]


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Sorry for posting a general gameplay issue here, but I didn't know where else to go. My party is in ToB (at long last!), and has just spoken with Kiser about Ardic. We agreed to go check out Errard, then went down into the basement. There Imoen found two trapped switches, disarmed and activated them, then she entered the small bedroom to check for the third switch (by checking for traps). The third switch doesn't appear! I was unable to save the game, so I reloaded from where the party entered Kiser's house. Followed the same procedure, and got the same results. This leaves my party unable to open the secret door (which appears during Imoen's trap search), thus not being able to reach Ardic.


I even cheated by using ctrl-J (with cheats activated) to transport the party to the other side of the secret door. They can kill the foes there, but when my protagonist tried talking to Ardic, he "has nothing to say to you."


Please help! :)



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Why don't you just go talk to Errard? He should cast his divination and send you back; when you go downstairs, Khiser will ambush you and the secret door should automatically open.


I'll give it a try. I'm certainly not going to kill Errard, but if Kiser must die, that's fine with me :) It just bothered me that things weren't working the way they're supposed to.




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