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BG saga on a 22' at 640 or 800


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Because i don't have such monitor yet, and i'm considering buying a 19' instead if the outcome is not what i expected.


PS: You are not very kind lately. I, like everybody else, appreciate your work and your modding-programming skills, which are, BTW, very valuable to the IE community. What happens to you? I didn't meant to offend you in the "Mod introduction" topic.



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I happen to strongly support the RTFM style of "things" support (AKA 'teach one men to fish'). Unless you phrase your question in such a way that I know that you can't answer it yourself (or can't do that without extensive research), a context-equivalent of RTFM is what you'll get (and, having to deal with answering the same question ten times over, I grew an instinct to assume people are lazy bastards unless proven otherwise).

Your question didn't make it clear that you don't own a 22'' and are asking for buying advice, hence you got treated like a lazy idiot. Also, the fact that you ask questions about the 'bare' game in a mod forum exacerbates my "he's an idiot" mood.

Don't think I'm singling you (or anyone else) out, I say RTFM, STFW and equivalents also to CMorgan or Kulyok (or my RL friends) when the question is phrased in a lazy way.


To answer your question, I really can't help you - the ideal monitor size / resolution ratio highly depends on the user's eyesight and habits, so what looks great to some would look too fine (or too coarse) to others, so you really can't take what one says for granted. For me, 1680x1050 feels natural on a 20'', and at 640x480 the characters would look like some featureless square blobs.


To give a rough estimate, a normal letter in the 'Normal' font is 9x9 pixels. At 1680x1050 on a 20'' that amounts to 2.25x2.25mm. An elf warrior sprite is 24x54 pizels, AKA 6.25x13.75mm. You can use that as an extimate for how big letters and characters will appear (although I don't know if that'll be helpful).


Also, there are stores with a seven days no-questions-asked return policy (at least, in Italy they're forced to do so). You can (ab)use that to get the 22'', try it out, and swap it for a 19'' if you didn't like it.

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