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Kivan Offence Variable

Guest Lady Winde

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Guest Lady Winde

When is the Offence Variable too high? And if it gets that way is their a way to change it? (CLUA Code Newblet <3)


As of right now I am in the Drow City and I was afraid I may have made him upset with one of the choices I made. Sometimes saying what a lady must results in sad faces. :[


His offence variable is 5

His KivanMatch is 1

and lastly his Kivan love is 16.



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Heya, Kivan will take a few ill words. I think everything up to 10 or so might be fine. If the P#KivanRomanceInactive does not exist, it didn't affect your romance negatively. If you need to tweak it, you can either use ShadowKeeper or use the Clua code:


SetGlobal("P#KivanOffence","GLOBAL",0) and the same for the RomanceInactive.

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