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High-level Class Abilities in SoA

Guest Sandor

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Guest Sandor


Because the xp-cap is removed with BGT, I can now get High-level Class Abilities while still playing SoA. However, Anomen just reached level 22, choose an ability... or did he? The 'special abilities' star is dark and I can't seem to use the ability I choose, not even after resting. What's going on? :suspect:

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Guest Guest
Which ability did you select? You could've chosen a 7th level spell. Check his spellbook.

I choose Storm of Vengeance... which indeed ended up in his spellbook rather then as an ability... Oh well. Thanks for your help :suspect:

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Mages' and Clerics' (Druid, Sorceror etc.) HLAs are considered 9th/7th level spells rather than special abilities.


I noticed that, but silly me, I thought the character in question had simply gained a spell by virtue of level, and so I chose not to "ready" the spell when it showed up in the list of divine spells, thinking that it would be in the list of abilities accessible via the star button *L*


Learn somethin' new every day...if you're not careful :suspect:


- E

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