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Indira NPC for BG1Tutu now available to the public


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Who is Indira, you ask? Read on, and find out!


The One-Day NPC concept was originally conceived by Jason Compton of PPG, who I believe was just feeling left out since he couldn't participate in any of the Iron Modder competitions (what with being the Insane Overlord for the competition and all). The basic idea is that you make an NPC as complete as possible within a 24 hour time-span. I took this idea and proceeded to make a complete and total mockery of it, and present to you: Indira. It took about four months to make, mainly because I procrastinated as only I can.


Due to some coding issues, I was unable to make her compatible with BG1 sans Tutu, and so converted her to a Tutu-compatible format.


Indira is a young lass on the look-out for excitement and adventure. Combine a small measure of Alora's perkiness, Minsc's naivete, Imoen's pranks, and you've got yourself a good idea of what Indira's like. She's a half-elven, lawful good fighter/mage from an area just east of the Baldur's Gate region. She has banters with all BG1 NPCs except Branwen, Coran, Ajantis, Faldorn, and Skie, for a grand total of 20... I think. Check the spoilers section in the readme for more info on where to find her, and what she comes equipped with.


Other features of note include:


- Custom portrait

- Original soundset

- Unique armour


You can download Indira right here: http://www.pocketplane.net/tutumods

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