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so this are a few i found in the Attic, all this is by Requiem




The first dialog is triggered when the group is camping somewhere outside the city (wilderness, dungeon) to avoid frustration the characters should already be healed and have their spells memorized.


Haer'Dalis dialog #1: "So my raven it is our turn of boring guard duty in the middle of a cloudy starless night, may this sparrow do anything for You to raise Your spirits?"


PC: "If I remember right, it's not 'our' turn but 'mine', sparrow. Your watch is the next one."


H'D: "Ahh! Details, details... I'm awake now anyway, so I can share my time with my favourite raven camp guard."


A. PC: "Not calling me a watchdog? I'm not sure whether I should already feel coaxed or whether I should wait until You decide it's enough of the smalltalk and really start with the flowery speech You've without doubt prepared to impress me with." ->#2


B. PC: "And distracting me from duty, so a whole tribe of orcs might sneak up on said camp? Really my friend, try to get some sleep, Your watch will come early enough, let's continue this conversation another time." ->#2


C. PC: "Means that poetry or a lovesong of Yours coming my direction? Great gods spare me this!"


H'D #2: "Became this sparrow really this predictable? Maybe I should think about something more surprising to please my raven with..." ->#4


H'D #3: "Aghh! The worst foe of the merry artist: The critics creeping out of their light- and joyless hideout! What could be worse?" ->#4


#4 Both H'D and PC are teleported away and materialize between a mage and an angry horde of monsters.


H'D: "What...?"


PC: "Where...?"


Mage: "Who...?"


Monsters attack and H'D and PC are fighting for their lives. The mage casts some magic missles on the monsters.


After all monsters are killed:

Mage: "Whew, that went far better than I hoped, even though I got two tieflings instead of the one demon I wanted."


PC: "Hey!"


Mage: "Oh, yes, almost forgot: Begone!"


H'D and PC are back at the camp.


PC: "Any idea what that was about, sparrow?"


H'D: "Oh yes, the drawback of being planar, I fear. This mage must have stumbled over my true name somehow and tried to summon me, obviously he wasn't aware, that this sparrow is only a tiefling and not a fulltime demon of sorts. He must have been ill prepared and either very stupid or very desperate to try something like this under this circumstances. I'm very sorry he caught You with his spell as well."


A. PC: "D@mned fools, who cast first and think afterwards! Should we ever meet him again we should speak a serious word with him. Anyway, it seems my watch is over and Yours is about to begin, and I've to dream up something about strangling a mage so I shall wish You a good night for now."


B. PC: "See it this way, our first date couldn't have possibly been more chaotic, sparrow. And now entropy calls for it to end, as my watch is over and monster crushing makes me tired. Good night, sparrow."


C. PC: "I knew it was just wrong to have You around! Chaos, entropy, whatever, it's time to travel into different directions, I've already enough problems of my own."


H'D #5: "A lonely watch awaits the sparrow then. Sleep well my raven, I'll make Sure Your dreams wont be disturbed." -> dialog ends


H'D #6: "Chaos and entropy indeed, so be it. This sparrow leaves Your sorry company, oh lonely raven." -> dialog ends, H&gibberlings3.net#39;D leaves the group (but can be picked up in the Five Flagoons again later, romance option is disabled then)




#1 H'D: "So my raven, what is the song called, and if You hum the melody, maybe I can even play it for You."

PC: "Haer'Dalis,... do You mind telling me what in the nine circles of the abyss You're talking about?"

H'D: "I'm speaking about the song about the heroic deeds You performed at the Swordcoast my raven, ...You are the charname who defeated the evil villain Sarevok, right? In a fight that lasted ten hours and caused a temple of Bhaal to cave in."


A. "Well, defeated is not the right word, my friends and I were lucky we were still able to creep to the next temple to have us patched together again, this fight could have taken a completely different turn, my brother simply had less luck. And the temple was destroyed afterwards by the duke of Baldur's Gate.->#2


B. "Oh that song You mean, nobody is singing it here to the south, what is a pity indeed. They made me a 10 feet big barbarian from the north in it,... a male barbarian, and my brother Sarevok was transformed into a twenty feet big walking spike-armor with glowing eyes... on the other hand, that at last was close enough to the truth."->#3


C. "Singing my praise for slaying Sarevok? My brother was nothing but a fool whose whole grand master plan didn't work out. May Sarevok rot in hell and be forgotten."->#3


#2 H'D: "This god Bhaal seems not to have many followers on this plane then, but nevertheless it sounds strange to me, that his temple could so easily be destroyed. Which sort of god is Bhaal anyway? This sparrow can't remember to have ever heard of him so far.


PC: "Was, not is. Bhaal was destroyed several years ago during a period we call the time of trouble. Several gods died back then or are missing since, like Waukeen for example."


H'D: "A nice example for a victory of chaos and entropy over even the gods themselves then."


A. "Only that Bhaal tried to cheat..."->#4


B. "Not entirely, that's my dilemma..."->#4


C. "Hmmm, yes, nice example, maybe I can tell You an even better one next time we talk."->#5


#3 H'D: "Sarevok was your brother? Now this sparrow is surprised, which sort of betrayal and intrigue could have led You to raise Your hand against one of Your own blood my raven?"


PC: "He killed the only father I ever knew before my eyes and sent a whole bunch of bountyhunters and assassins after me, just 'cause he wanted to be the only one of our tainted bloodline."


H'D: "I see, but tainted blood You say? This sparrow would never have guessed, but are You too a tiefling? I can't see any of the more obvious signs for it."


PC: "I'm not a tiefling, Sarevok was and I am a child or spawn of Bhaal, and our fight took place in one of our father's abandoned temples."->#2


#4 H'D: "I sense some bitterness in Your words here. Why is this tale so important to You my raven? The sparrow is a good listener."


PC: "Bhaal was warned he would die, so he prepared for his rebirth. I am a spawn, one of his many children walking this world, I have but a fraction of his power, and I'm only a mortal so far. But the power grows as I get stronger. Sarevok believed he could become Bhaal's successor, and tried to fuel the power in himself. I think he was wrong.


H'D: "Why do You think so my raven?"


PC: "Bhaal was no benevolent god, he was the Lord of Murder. He was not the one, who gives out presents to his children with both hands. We are but the fuel for his rebirth. We're not supposed to live peaceful lives, nor are we supposed to die of old age once and chaos and destruction will follow whereever we set our foot."


H'D: "Chaos and destruction? Then it is indeed a fortunate coincidence we met, my raven. This sparrow can't wait to see this."


PC: "Why am I not surprised? But now enough of this, if You want to see still some chaos today, we got to get moving again."->dialog ends


#5 H'D: "You want to interrupt the tale now it comes to the exiting part? Surely You can't meen to torture the sparrow like this my raven?"


A. "A tale You call it? So may it be, just another tale..." ->#4


B. "You would even miss a broad hint, when it hit's You between the eyes, right tiefling? I don't want to talk about it and now leave me alone."->#6


#6 H'D: "So much distrust for this poor actor? Well if my raven decides so, this sparrow wont bother You anymore with questions. But I'm hurt, as I thought we were friends."->dialog ends




Haer'Dalis Romance Dialog #1


(Dialog triggered one day after Astral Prison Escape)


#1 H'D: This sparrow has heard many tales of your travels along the Swordcoast. In fact, I have heard a song that could well be about your heroic deeds although the hero described is certainly not as lovely as you. Tell me my good Raven, are these tales true and is this song about you?


PC: A song? What in the Nine Hells are you talking about?


H'D: A tune, My Raven. An epic poem recounting a tale of valor and heroic deeds set to music. A song about a great warrior who defeated the evil Sarevok in a battle that caused the walls of Baldur's Gate to shake and an ancient temple of Bhaal to collapse, perhaps into Hell itself...


A. Well yes, the tale is true although perhaps exaggerated in the telling. My companions and I did defeat Sarevok, but not without cost. Our luck was simply stronger than his that day. As it was, we were barely able to crawl to the nearest temple to have our wounds healed. =>2


B. Oh THAT song. What a pity, no one is singing it here in the South! Apparently, I'm a 10 foot barbarian with a beard and Sarevok is a giant pile of spiked armor with glowing eyes....wellâ€â€maybe THAT part is close to the truth... =>3


C. A song singing my praises for slaying Sarevok? Yes, I've heard it. Sarevok was a fool who wanted be to a God. His plan didn't work out. May he rot in hell and be forgotten. =>4


#2 H'D: Bhaal has been dead for many years, but even now incites such glorious destruction! It seems that entropy effects even the Gods! But enough of philosophy -- shall I play you the tune? Though it truth it does not do justice to your beauty!


A. No....don't play it. I'd rather not think about that time. =>5


B. Go ahead, I might as well hear it and get it over with. I get the feeling it's not all that flattering...=>5


C. Glorious destruction? Whatever you say. I guess though it IS a nice example of chaos. Perhaps we can compare notes again sometime. =>5


#3 H'D: Shall I play it for you then? We'll spread the tune as we go -- you're welcome to join in the chorus! Soon all will know the truth of your glorious deeds!


A. Thanks, but I'll pass. =>5


B. Anything you say, Haer'Dalis. Hey, I know -- everybody sing! =>5


C. Sing that song and you'll soon be singing soprano, bud (End Dialog)


#4 H'D: I sense some bitterness in your words. This sparrow is willing to listen if you will but tell the tale.

A. I don't want to talk about it right now, Haer'Dalis. Maybe later.=>5


B. I don't know that there's really all that much to tell. Sarevok wanted to become the new Lord of Murder and a lot of people died as a result of his ambition, including someone very close to me. I...I don't' really want to talk about this right now, Haer'Dalis. =>5


C. Nothing to tell really. Why don't we talk about something else? =>5


#5 H'D: As you wish, my Raven. End Dialog




Haer'Dalis Romance Dialog #2


#1 H'D: Ah my Raven, the folk we encounter on our journey whisper such interesting tales of you and your adventures in Baldur's Gate. This sparrow would be more than willing to lend an ear, should you wish to share the truth of your past adventures with him.


A. The truth? What are you talking about Haer'Dalis? =>2


B. I'd be happy to talk with you, Haer'Dalis, and perhaps you'll be willing to share a few *truths* about yourself. =>3


C. Curiosity killed the cat, Haer'Dalis. And if I talk to anyone, it will be someone with a reputation for silence, not a chattering sparrow. =>4


#2 H'D: The truth about your family. You had a brother did you not? A brother named Sarevok?


A. Yes, Sarevok was my brother. He was an evil man who thought to take our father's place. He tried to kill me but was destroyed himself in the end. =>5


B. Yes, much as I hate to admit it, Sarevok was my brother, at least in the sense that we both share the tainted blood of the same father. =>6


C. I'd rather not talk about it Haer'Dalis. It's really none of your concern anyway. =>4


#3 H'D: I am pleased to hear your words, good Raven. Perhaps you will tell me the truth of your battle with Sarevok. Was he not a Child of Bhaal? Tell me true and in return, I'll tell you some of my own tale as you ask.


A. Sarevok was my half-brother. And yes, he was a Child of Bhaal. He was an evil man who would have destroyed the world in his ambition to take our father's place. He killed my foster-father, Gorion and would have killed me if I had not stopped him. That's my loving family, so what about yours, Haer'Dalis? =>7


B. Gorion was the only father I've ever known, although he wasn't truly related to me. Sarevok killed him and then tried to kill me in an effort to gain our real father's throne. Our blood is tainted, Haer'Dalis. =>6


C. My father and my brother are both dead, Haer'Dalis. Not much more to say than that. And keep your stories to yourself. => 4


#4 H'D: As you wish, my Raven. Perhaps another time. Dialog ends


#5 H'D: So, it's true he was your brother. Was his father not the dead God, Bhaal?


A. Yes, Bhaal was both his father and mine. Our blood shares the same evil taint. Does that frighten you, Haer'Dalis?=>6


B. I'd rather not discuss it with you right now, Haer'Dalis. =>4


#6 H'D: Tainted blood? Then we have much in common, my Raven. Many would say my own blood is tainted, for I am a tiefling. My father was an elf, but my mother was…not. Your heritage does not frighten, but rather intrigues this Doomguard who would be pleased to remain by your side and watch the tale unfold. (Dialog Ends)


#7 H'D: My past is as tainted as your own, for my mother carried the blood of demons in her veins. Your heritage does not frighten this Doomguard, but rather intrigues him. I would be pleased to remain by your side and watch the tale unfold. Dialog Ends




Haer'Dalis Romance Dialog #3


#1 HD: This business of being a Child of Bhaal seems to be of great concern to you. I am most curious to learn why you feel a need to struggle rather than accept what you are and allow nature to run its course?


A. Of course I'm concerned. It's not easy being the child of an evil God, you know. Even getting dressed in the morning is tough. Good vs. evil, red underwear vs. black – it's always decisions, decisions, decisions! But let's not talk about me. The last time we chatted, you promised to tell me about yourself, Haer'Dalis. =>2


B.All this talk about my heritage is pretty old stuff, Haer'Dalis and I'm sure there are plenty of people who would be happy to speculate on my motives and gossip with you. Why don't you ask them? =>3


#2 HD: What would you know, my Raven? Come; ask your questions and this sparrow will do his best to answer.


If Edwin is in party, trigger Dialogue; otherwise to go PC responses below


EDWIN: If CHARNAME seeks knowledge or sensible answers from you I sincerely pity her. She will be lucky if you favor her with your own name rather than some melodramatic alias, and no doubt you will drive her to the brink of insanity with your constant shrill chirping. (A red-hot poker up an intimate body part. That ought to shut him up, I think. Yes, I would buy tickets to see that show.)


HD: Criticizing my manner of speech, Edwin? Then I shall have no choice but to endeavor to learn from you. I find you an intriguing subject.


EDWIN: What are you going on about now, clown?


HD: Simply that I admire this curious way you have of conversing with yourself for all the world to hear, and managing to appear so utterly ignorant of the audience listening. 'Tis not unusual on the stage, as a means to convey the character's innermost feelings, but never did I think to see it so consequently applied in real life. Perhaps I could spare you a part in my next play.


EDWIN: Mock me at your own peril, tiefling! (Really hot ######, I think. And pincers. And those unpleasant things with hooks on.)


HD: Yes, I can see it all now. 'Red Wizard - Dark Desires' - the tale of a man and his tragic and unfortunate passion for his own Mirror Image. Ah, what a pity, he has stalked away. Well, my Raven, I shall have to leash my Muse and bid her to hold. In the meantime I believe you had some questions for me?


A.Tell me about the Doomguard, Haer'Dalis. You claim to be one as if it were a great honor, yet I've never heard them.=>4


B.Just wondering what brings someone like yourself to the uh…Prime Material plane?=>5


#3HD: Ah but I have my raven and now I'm verifying their information with the source. But I have also observed your sidelong glances as if you would question this sparrow in turn. Come; ask your questions and I will reply.


(If Edwin is in party – insert previous Edwin dialog here)

A.Tell me about the Doomguard, Haer'Dalis. You claim to be one as if it were a great honor, yet I've never heard them.=>4


B.Just wondering what brings someone like yourself to the uh…Prime Material plane?=>5


C.If you've noticed me staring, it's because you've been humming in a rather tuneless way for the last hour. It's a skill that might be useful in battle, but unless you're trying to goad me into a fight, I suggest you just be quiet. =>8


#4HD: Obviously you're unfamiliar with the planes. The Doomguard are the guardians of decay and the natural order. Simply put, the nature of the multiverse is change. Over time all things decay and are destroyed. 'The end is inevitable, my dark bird and 'tis the Doomguard's job to help the process along.


A.How utterly fascinating. And here I thought you merely an actor. =>5


B.Oh swell, so I guess you've decided that since this company is lead by a Child of Bhaal it is a suitable vehicle for your talents? =>5


#5 HD: All the worlds' are a stage, And all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts.


A.Whatever you say. So I guess that you haven't always been a Doomguard? =>6


B.Ha ha! So the bard quotes The Bard! Tell me then, is your alliance with the Doomguard merely a part you play? =>6


#6HD: I have played other parts, but the dark philosophy of the Doomguard suits me well.


A.Hmmm…this hints at mystery. So tell me, what are you hiding Haer'Dalis? A tale of lost love or some other great tragedy? =>7


B.How appropriately dramatic. But what have we here? A tale of love and betrayal? Do tell all! =>7


#7HD: You keep your secrets and I'll keep mine, at least for the present, my dear raven. Perhaps we can talk more another time. (DIALOG ENDS)


#8HD: It's a fight you would not win, my raven, for this sparrow is skilled with the sword. Nonetheless I shall desist for the moment. (DIALOG ENDS).




Haer'Dalis Romance Dialog #4


#1 H'D: A copper for your thoughts CHARNAME.


PC: Are you sure you want to know? After all, I could be thinking of anything…drinking, dancing, chopping you up into tiny pieces and scattering them along our trail like bread crumbs.… Perhaps you're better off if I'm silent.=>2


#2 H'D: Ha ha! But 'tis your silence that pains me most. You've a most melodic voice – one to which any man not completely tone-deaf would be willing to listen for hours…even if it should be used to threaten his life!


A. That's a sweet thing to say, but I'd really like to hear more about you or about your home. Tell me more about Sigil – surely it holds some positive memories for you? Do you not miss it as well as your friends and family? =>3


B. Hmmm. Well that's certainly a unique line you're throwing me, but I'm going let it pass just this once. Next time though, I might have to kill you. Actually if you must know, I was thinking of all the friends I've lost or left behind. What about you -- did you leave many friends on Sigil?=>3


C. So what you're really saying is that the subject matter is irrelevant because you're not listening to what I say anyway. Well…isn't that sweet. So how's this for conversation, Haery? Blah, blah, blah. Heard enough of my melodious voice? Blah, blah, blah. I can keep going, if you wish. =>8


##3H'D: The City of Doors is not a place that inspires feelings of warmth although I confess it has been much on my mind as of late. As to friends, let us say there have been many although only one has taken up long term residence in my memory. But she is gone and the past is not a place in which one can live for very long.


A. I've always felt that those lost to us are kept alive and present through our memories of them. For example, I often think of Gorion and while it makes me angry to know he is dead, I also have many happy memories of life with him at Candlekeep. Does not your memory of your friend help keep her alive? =>4


B. It sounds as though you think of memories as dangerous things. But perhaps your memories aren't happy ones and that's why you don't want to dwell on them? =>4


C. These little conversations always turn to the dark side don't they? I hate being depressed, so I think I'm going to stop talking and rest my so-called melodic voice now, thank you very much. =>8


#4H'D: Ah, we fondly cherish


Faded things


That had better perish.


Memory clings


To each leaf it saves.


Chilly winds are blowing.


It will soon be snowing


On our graves.


A. That's beautiful, Haer 'Dalis, but it rather fuels my curiosity. Was this inspired by your mysterious past and your missing friend?=>5


B. Uh…what a cheerful thought! And here I was just trying to do my part in having a good conversation. You know - you ask questions of me, I ask questions of you, and we get to know each other and so on. But obviously, there's something in your past that you don't what to talk about, given the way you avoid answering my questions. =>5


C. Wow. Forget the question, ok? What a cheerful poem.

Did you think it up all by yourself, Haer'Dalis?=>8


#5 HD: The past is no great mystery, but rather holds the usual tragic tale of love won and lost. To answer your questions, I once loved a lady well, but she was taken from me, much like your friend was taken from you. I spent much time seeking Caoilin, my lost love, but found only a memory of her recorded in a Sensate stone. I tried to live in the stone's memories, but the Fates decreed otherwise and so the stone was destroyed. But enough of this - let us concentrate on rescuing your friend. Mine is now beyond my reach.


A. That's such a sad story. I can see why you wouldn't want to spend a lot of time thinking about the past. But if you're not looking for your friend, what are you looking for, Haer'Dalis?=>6


B. You're right, it is the usual tragic tale and I think I've seen the play as well. I usually develop a greater appreciation for this type of story after I've had a few drinks. So while it might get you a lot of sympathy from barmaids, you'll have to do better than that if you want me to feel sorry for you. =>8


#6 HD: I seek many things – ideas, love, knowledge or a quick exit, if needed. But through all things, I gain experience, which I believe to be the best and most common source of wisdom although some will tell you that true knowledge is kept only in books.

(If Edwin is in party, trigger Dialogue below; otherwise to go PC responses below)


Edwin: Yes. I would expect you to say something like that given your obvious inability to learn all but the simplest of spells. (Such a pity there is no such thing as a 'Summon Brain' spell. He could use it.) And I doubt any teacher of talent would be willing to take you on anyway. But don't worry. I am certain there are plenty of clowns and fools out there willing to take an apprentice.


HD: Yes, my Sparrowhawk. And you have already taught me much by example. Little things…like how fortunate I am to be blessed with looks and charm in addition to my ready wit.


Edwin: Charm? Smarm, more like it.


HD: Ah Edwin, your obvious envy makes me pity you all the more. Perhaps I, in turn, may instruct you in the art of how best to approach a lady. Most experts agree that not calling her 'monkey' is generally a good start. And while you digest that tidbit I shall resume my interrupted conversation with CHARNAME.

(continue from HD #6)


A. Hmmmm…are you sure you're a Doomguard, Haer'Dalis? Are you feeling ok? I wouldn't have thought seeking experience was the modus operandi of someone who believed in the persistence of nothing and the end of all things. =>7


B. Hel-LO! Forgive me if I'm confused, but it certainly sounds like you just said you live to experience life. Now that certainly seems to be a rather different perspective than your usual “all things die and decay†philosophy. Is everything ok or did you hit your head recently, Haery? =>7


C. Well, having grown up in a library, I think there's quite a bit to be said about learning through reading. And given what I've heard of your past so far, I would have thought you'd have a greater appreciation for books since most of your “experiences†seem to be have been drawn straight from the “Hundred Merry Tales.†=>8


#7 HD: *laughs* I've taken no blows – at least none today! And as to your question, I see no particular conflict -- experience is what keeps us from repeating our mistakes. But this has become a most serious conversation and I suspect is worth more than the copper originally offered! So tell me, my raven, what is the charge?


A. Hmmm…. How should you repay me? In coin or perhaps in tales or perhaps in…other ways. *grin* Let me think about it and I'll tell later. (END DIALOG)


B. *grin* Oh the usual - your money or your life! But I don't know which one I want yet, so I'll have to think about it and will tell you later. (END DIALOG)


C. This conversation wearies me and you can best repay me with your silence! =>8


#8HD: Your voice is lovely still, although your words have become rather shrewish. I'll talk with you no further for the time being. (END DIALOG)




H aer'Dalis Romance Dialog #5


#1 H'D: You are quiet, my Raven, yet I dare not inquire as to your thoughts for you still have not named the price of our last conversation.


A. *grin* It's true that you owe me for our last little chat, Haer'Dalis, but I think there are ways to reduce the deficit. And while I'm pondering creative methods of debt reduction, perhaps you could tell me more about Sensate stones. =>2


B. Hmmm…it occurs to me that our last conversation ended rather abruptly. If you must talk, perhaps we could continue our last discussion. It will put you further into my debt, but…I'm willing to come up with an easy repayment plan. Perhaps you could tell me more about Sensate stones? =>2


C. I might be young but that line sounds awfully old. Next thing I know, you'll be asking for my astrological sign. *sigh* Go practice on someone else, would you? =>5


#2 H'D: Sensate stones? But why limit ourselves when there are so many other types of stones we could discuss? Headstones, for example. Ah, but they're such a grave subject. Or perhaps we could discuss gallstones? A most audacious subject. Or better yet, gemstones. Now there's a beautiful subject for any poet, for such stones speak volumes to those who will hear their words.


A. I have to admit that I'm more interested in a gem's resale value than its conversational value. And somehow I think the odds of living long enough to actually have time to converse with jewels or anything else will be greater if I use them now to purchase adequate protections for myself and the rest of the party. => 3


B. The message of gemstones?? What are you talking about Haer'Dalis? =>4


C. *groan* Oh by the Gods, here we go …. => 5


#3 H'D: Ah, my ever practical Raven! You speak in the tone of one suggesting I'd be better off contemplating my navel. While that too has its merits, I submit that there is more to such stones than their use as currency.


A. You're quite determined to avoid the subject of Sensate stones, aren't you? Oh well, go ahead and tell me about the poetry of gems. Make my day. =>4


B. *laughs* Alright, you've piqued my interest, Haer'Dalis. So tell me, what kind of language does a stone speak?=>4


C. I find the idea of stone that holds recorded memories to be quite interesting. However, if you don't want to talk about it, I've no wish to pry but will return to my own silent thoughts. (END DIALOG)


#4 H'D: Each speaks a single word but in combination are most eloquent. For example, the diamond's word is eternity, the ruby's is strength, the emerald's is faithfulness and turquoise's is love. Singly these words hold meaning, but it is together that they are most compelling. Yet to my mind, the opal is the most persuasive gem of all, for its heart contains all the colors of fire, devotion and adoration. 'Tis a most complex and beautiful stone and, I might add, one to which you would be most aptly compared.


A. Haer'Dalis, you just can't help yourself, can you?=>6


B. *smile* Oh really =>6


C. This isn't exactly the best time for a discussion of poetic imagery, Haer'Dalis. =>5


D. You seem to have mistaken me for someone who cares. Why don't you go talk to someone else for a change? =>5


#5 HD: *sigh* I sense you have little appreciation for my talents, CHARNAME. Therefore, I will cease my musings...at least for the moment (END DIALOG)


#6 HD: You intrigue me CHARNAME and although this sparrow suspects there is danger in coming too close to the fire he senses within you, it is a risk he is willing to take. But perhaps my observations displease you?


A. They please me very much, Haer'Dalis and while I wouldn't object to pursuing this conversation later, I won't let you distract me from my purpose. The last time we spoke of stones, you had mentioned one that contained recorded memories. I find it interesting to think that one could live a moment over and over by simply looking into a stone. Why a person could store not only memories but also information! Think of the possibilities!=>7


B. I think your observations as you call them are rather sweet. But I'd really like to hear more about you. If it's not too uncomfortable, tell me more of Caoilin. She meant a great deal to you, didn't she?=>8


C. You've sure got some great lines, Haer'Dalis. Did you make them up all by yourself or did you use a ghostwriter? =>5


#7 HD: Why the sudden interest in Sensate stones?


A. I…I don't know. I guess that when you told me about the stone I began to wish I had one to use in reliving some of my own memories. I've lost so many friends in the last year…and I miss them terribly. I would give anything to be able to see them again. =>9


B. It's often said that a man's past will most likely come back to haunt him and I just keep wondering whether there is something in your past which will come back to haunt you…and therefore the rest of us. =>9


C. I'm really not trying to pry, but I was thinking about our last conversation and wondering why a Doomguard would use such stone. I know I keep saying this, but it doesn't seem logical for one of your philosophical persuasion. You've sidestepped this question before, Haer'Dalis, but I'll ask again. Have you really always been a Doomguard?=>10


#8 HD: Caoilin….*sigh* She was a tiefling like myself. Quite lovely with her blazing cat's eyes and lashing tail. She was most interested in spells and magic and taught me some of what she knew. As I said before, I loved her well. We traveled the planes together frequently in search of new adventures and experience. Unfortunately, during our travels she attracted the attention of a powerful mage who at first expressed interest in her as a student, but then fell in love with her. He swore to possess her and gave her a most unusual Sensate stone, encouraging her to use it constantly to record her life experiences. She was always quick to seek new experiences but soon after receiving the stone, it seemed as though her interest was fading away as if the stone itself were draining the life out of her. One night I found her staring into the stone. I could not rouse her nor could any other recall her from it. And my suspicions were fulfilled for she did indeed fade away and die.


A. That is so sad…yet it explains a great deal. I am sorry if I've caused you pain, Haer'Dalis. But yet you have talked about seeking experience in a way that makes me wonder. Have you really always been a Doomguard? =>10


B. I had thought the stone to be a source of more innocent pleasures but this seems to have been quite deadly. I am sorry Haer'Dalis and will not press you further. (END DIALOG)


C. Great gods…how do you come up with these stories? You must think me young and foolish indeed if you think you can manipulate my feelings in this way! Next thing I know you'll be asking me to help you *forget* her. =>11


#9 HD: What has passed, is past, my Raven. While pleasures may be had from gazing into the stones, nothing of value is gained and only ghosts of imagination remain. Lost friends are gone forever, leaving nothing but bittersweet memories crumbling like rotting flowers into the dust of time.


A. That is so sad…yet it explains a great deal. I am sorry if I've caused you pain Haer'Dalis. But yet you have talked about seeking experience in a way that makes me wonder. Have you really always been a Doomguard? =>10


B. I had thought the stone to be a source of more innocent pleasures. Reliving the memory of good friends and happier times does not seem such a bad thing. You told me earlier of your friend Caoilin and how you tried to relive your memories of her using a Sensate stone. If it is not too uncomfortable, would you tell me more of her? I think she meant a great deal to you, didn't she?=>8


C. I had thought the stone to be a source of more innocent pleasures but this seems to have been quite deadly. I am sorry Haer'Dalis. I won't ask any more questions about it. (END DIALOG)


#10 HD: “'Tis true that I once thought as Caoilin and believed that only things one could experience were real. But now she lies in her grave and this experience, among others, has shown me that in reality, all things cease to exist as they once were – it is inevitable. But you look sad, my Raven. Come, let us turn to more cheerful topics, for I would not grieve you with my personal archeology.


#11 HD: The story is true enough. And 'twas you who asked my Raven not I who insisted up on the telling. I have no need to beg for sympathy from you or any other woman. But not to worry, my dark bird, I'll not bother you further. (END DIALOG; HAER'DALIS LOVETALK =3)




Haer'Dalis Romance Dialog #6


#1 H'D: Most of our conversations seem to travel down gloomy paths and end in darkness. All in all, I would say that these little chats seem to prove my philosophy that the past should stay in the past. Memories seem to bring nothing but sadness, would you not agree my Raven?


A. Well, it's true that our conversations have uncovered some rather sad memories, but I don't think that it's the fault of memory but is a result of the events we've each lived through. =>2


B. I don't think that's entirely true. My past holds many happy events and I'm willing to bet that yours does as well. =>3


C. You're right, Haer'Dalis. All we seem to talk about are sad memories. Perhaps I should talk with someone more cheerful…or do you have any happy stories about your past you can tell me?=>3


#2 H'D: 'Tis true that we've both experienced many unhappy things. Perhaps if you share a memory of happier times with me it will wake one of mine as well. (GO TO #1 PC DIALOG BELOW)


#3 H'D: Yes, my Raven, I can tell you any number of cheerful stories if given the proper motivation. Perhaps a story of yours will inspire me. (GO TO #1 PC DIALOG BELOW)


#1 PC: My happiest memories are about things that Imoen and I did when we were growing up. In fact, I have a rather…er, sweet memory of a time when Gorion was visited by a number of important folk. It was unusual because Candlekeep didn't have a lot of visitors. After all, entrance to the great library requires donation of a book. It was to be a great event and the cooks had prepared quite a feast for the first evening including a number of fancy desserts. Imoen and I both have quite a sweet tooth although we weren't allowed to eat much sugary food. Gorion and Winthrop always said eating too much sugar made us hyperactive, whatever that means….


#4 HD: It means when the two of you eat too many sweets you achieve a maximum chaos effect. *grin* I must say I look forward to rescuing your friend if only to witness the restoration of the Dynamic Duo! But I interrupt…please continue!


PC: Imoen and I were always hungry in those days –we were growing girls after all – and the fabulous cooking smells were driving us crazy. We'd spent most of the morning running errands for the cooks but had been severely warned to stay away from the food. But, well…girls just gotta have fun! We knew the desserts had been taken to the dining hall, so we decided to sneak in and see if we could steal a few bites to make up for our lack of earlier samples. It sure didn't take us long to find them. At first we were quite careful to take samples only where we could cover up the theft, but our eyes kept turning to the cake pedestals in the center of the table and to a very large chocolate cake in particular. It was our favorite - a Mount Celestia Chocolate Dream Cream Cake. You know, I can taste that cake just thinking about it! It was soooo good! It just melted in your mouth – soft spongy cake filled with dense raspberry chocolate fudge and the frosting – oooo! The whole thing was good enough to make your teeth ache. It was beautiful to look at too – decorated with sugared flowers and raspberries linked with delicate threads of white frosting. That cake just cried out, “Taste me!â€Â


#5 HD: *sigh* Most cruel Raven! To describe such a delight so thoroughly but have no means of truly sharing the experience! Almost, you make me reconsider my abandonment of the Sensates! Let us travel to Candlekeep at once! For what is a cake if one cannot experience it for oneself?


PC: And what rare tome would you offer as an entrance fee, my friend?


#6 HD: Perhaps this slim volume of poetry will suffice. 'Tis truly a rare manuscript, for I possess the only copy (after all, I wrote it myself.) Now, torment me no longer, but tell me, did you steal the cake for yourselves?


PC: Actually at the time we hadn't planned on more than a taste. As the oldest, I made the first attempt on the cake and managed to steal a fingerful of frosting without disturbing as much as a single sugary flower, but Imoen was not as fortunate. Just as she put out her hand, one of the serving women went past the door. She shouted at us, startling Imoen, causing her to collide violently with the table and send desserts bouncing skyward. Alas! We made every attempt to save our treasure, diving to the floor to get underneath its airborne pedestal. But unfortunately, our attempt at rescue resulted only in our completely unbalancing the table and bringing the entire dessert course down around our ears. And as people began to pour into the room, Imoen made use of an invisibility spell she had recently learned, leaving me to crawl out from under the debris and face Gorion's wrath alone.


#7 HD: To my mind, it seems a most tasty adventure although it does not sound as though you had sufficient opportunity to enjoy it.


PC: Ah but I did. At first I was really, really mad at Immy for sneaking away -- especially after Gorion made me explain to his guests why their dinner was ruined and to apologize. *giggle* I'm sure I was quite a sight, all covered with frosting, sugared flowers and cookie crumbs. He also told me I'd have to spend the next three months performing whatever menial chores the baker, Fiola, could devise. But Imoen made it up to me. She had put her invisibility to good use by making off with the remains of the Mount Celestia Chocolate Dream Cream Cake. We shared it that night after we were sent off to bed.


#8 HD: And thus you received your just desserts! (DIALOG ENDS)




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Haer'Dalis: You know, my raven, I am sure there is a great ballad lurking about you somewhere. I must catch it and pen it, although I must admit that I am not at all sure whether it is a comedy or a tragedy.


1. A comedy, mayhap, considering the company I keep: clowns like you, my able tongued bard.


Haer'Dalis: Touche Mme'selle, although I would grant that more appropriate of your hamster toting comrade than myself. I will not deny the clown's able wit and wont to mock, however, my raven. I am honored at the compliment. You have good taste in companions, if I do say so myself.


3. Point taken, Sparrow. Now shall we continue our game of rollover or mightn't we all get some sleep?


Haer'Dalis: For now sleep is best, my good raven, although a more spirited game of 'rollover' in the future would certainly be to my liking.


1. Haer'Dalis!


Haer'Dalis: I suppose now is not a good time to inform you exactly how much I like it when you scream my name?




these were posted by zan in the Attic





Haer'Dalis Lovetalk...something or other


(Doomguard goodness, and some obligatory fluff)


An exchange of truths was once promised, (CHARNAME). It is time this one made good on his bargain, hmm?


- Haer'Dalis, it was merely a jest. I'd love to hear more of your tales - but I don't expect you to talk on your past if you don't wish to. (A)

- If you care to talk, Haer'Dalis, I would very much like to listen. If nothing else, it'll while away a few hours between battles. (B)

- What revelations could you ever offer? I'll have none of your "truths", Haer'Dalis - now leave me be! ©


A. Come now, raven! The tiefling is a blade - and, as the chant has it, no love is more epic than the bard's for his own voice.


If Class(Player1, BARD)

- Speak for yourself! I'm both artist and performer - but my ego, I assure you, is firmly under my control. (D)

If Class(Player1, BARD)

- The arrogance of our profession, hmm? Already you assail me with your truths. Though this one, perhaps, is a little too close to home.... (E)

If !Class(Player1, BARD)

- Probably the most honest words I've heard a bard speak yet, Haer'Dalis. It bodes well for the truths you have to offer... (F)

If !Class(Player1, BARD)

- I'm sure you do yourself an injustice, Haer'Dalis. Stereotypes are unreliable things. If we follow their 'wisdom', then surely all druids hug trees, and all mages have beards. (G)

- An actor born and bred, I see - always looking to deliver speeches. Still, perhaps this one will prove entertaining. (H)

- Perhaps I was being too subtle, Haer'Dalis. Your words are guaranteed to bore me; I really don't want to listen to them any longer. ©



B1. Ah, the life of an adventurer. Long spells of apathy and boredom punctuated by the occasional fist fight. Tales are oft alluring, but the glamour soon fades as the dreamer takes to the road.


B2. Still. If not for the Life, you would not have met me, raven - and what a loss to bear, eh? But I tarry in my words; on now with my tale. (K)


C. I see. Your own speeches, of course, are of more import than the sparrow's dull discourse. I'll not bother you with my words again. (END) SetGlobal("HDRomanceActive","GLOBAL",3)


D. Really? How strange. It must have been some other bard I saw singing and prancing through the bar in the last tavern we were in. And *who* was that odd raven who kept gazing into the bedchamber's mirror, teasing her hair with braids and combs?


(If Minsc is in party)

MINSC: There were *two*? Why, (CHARNAME) - if only you had known! You might have made a new friend.


- *cough* I...ah...have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, Haer'Dalis. (I)

- Hah! I'm not the sort to hide my light under a bushel, Haer'Dalis. And if I'm to be dragged from coast to coast by fortune, I may as well look presentable.(J)



E. Truth is rarely kind, raven, though our sort are most skilled in its decoration. Ah, the sparrow meant no harm - we are egotists all, gazing like Narcissus into the river's surface. The bard is simply wise enough to make a living from their obsession. But enough of these words - I would tell your more of the sparrow and his ways. (K)


F. Indeed it does, my raven. We are not so unrelated, poets and reality; though at times we can be somewhat distant colleagues. But let my truths continue. (K)




(If Imoen is in party)

IMOEN: Eww! Thanks, (CHARNAME), but a beard is one thing I can definitely do without. It'd clash with my complexion, and I'd have to dye it pink.


(Else if Edwin in party)

EDWIN: And what, (CHARNAME), is wrong with that? A beard is distinguished, sophisticated - and rampantly masculine. (Jealousy. Simple-minded jealousy!)


Quite. And presumably all knights also have an abundance of facial hair and a peculiar penchant for wrapping themselves in tinfoil, hmm?


(If Anomen is in party)

ANOMEN: I am not deaf, tiefling.


HD: A fact of which this one is most aware, hound.


G2. But we tumble headlong into wordplay, and that is not my purpose. About, brains, and let me tell my tale... (K)


H. I can only hope so, (CHARNAME). Let this bard sing for his supper, hmm? (K)


I1. Of course not, my dark bird. Memory is a wonderfully selective creature, hmm?


I2. But we tumble headlong into idle banter, and that is not my intent. About, brains, and let me tell my tale... (K)


J1. A fine attitude indeed, (CHARNAME)! Dirt and squalor has no place in great myth; we seek our heroes pristine, and their beauty beyond words.


J2. But this is no time for myth and legend. About, brains, and let me tell my tale... (K)


K. This one, as you may know, is of the Doomguard. 'Tis an honour and a blessing both - and yet your face clouds with confusion at the word?


- I've never heard of the Doomguard, Haer'Dalis. Who - or what - are they? (L)

- Actually, boredom would be a better description. Save your words for the ears of another, I've no time for them. ©



L. Ah, of course. I forget myself - this is the Prime, not Sigil, and the politics of the factions are sadly unknown here.


- Sigil? Isn't that the city you and your troupe came from? (M)

- Prime...factions...Haer'Dalis, your words baffle me! And my question is still unanswered. (N)



M. Indeed it is, my raven. Sigil, the Cage, The City Of Doors...I have no doubt spoken of it before, for 'tis burned on my memory in fire. A strange and marvellous place, (CHARNAME), but I will tell you more of it later, perhaps. You asked of my philosophy, not my home. (N)


N1. A brief explanation then. We dwell in the Prime, (CHARNAME) - but the multiverse is built of many more planes than this one alone. There are worlds within worlds, wheels within wheels - and Sigil lies at the centre of them all, the city where the planes converge.


N2. Philosophy is Sigil's lifeblood, my raven. It not only lends the spark to the Cage but strives to bend its bars. There are fifteen organised philosophies, known as the Factions, and the Doomguard is but one of these. The different attitudes of each are rarely compatible - dogmas rarely are, though where the theorists and dreamers of this plane fall to wars of words, Sigil's debates are fought in blood and conspiracy.


- It sounds very uncivilised. Surely there's always room for measured discussion? (O)

- Seems rather pointless to me. Philosophy is a dead and static thing, Haer'Dalis...it brings no cause for bloodshed. (P)

- Well, what do the Doomguard believe? What is *your* philosophy, Haer'Dalis? (Q)

- If only the debate of truth could be so lively here; we might end up with more philosophers, and less aimless thuggery.®



O. Civilisation, (CHARNAME), is the sheep's wool in which the wolf masquerades. Fire may run through Sigil's streets, but 'tis little different to the culture of intrigue and treachery your own politicians practice. At least we do not hide our fangs behind our smiles, hmm? Still, let me tell you more of the Doomguard creed, and perhaps you will see us as more than mindless barbarians. (Q)


P. The factions and their beliefs are no more static than the rolling ocean tides, (CHARNAME). They are living beasts, evolving and shifting as circumstance dictates. Perhaps the Prime is different...but in Sigil, ideas cannot be caged 'twixt the pages of books or the walls of dusty libraries. It is the task of the factions to fight for them, to ensure their survival and success. The Doomguard are no exception. (Q)


Q. 'Tis the duty of the multiverse to decay; its ultimate purpose, if you will. Mortals will perish, rocks and mountains will be eroded, suns will die and their worlds will grow cold. All is Entropy, and the Doomguard are wise to this truth.


- Haer'Dalis, that's horrible! How can you be so pessimistic? (S)

- Well...I suppose there is some sense in that...still, it seems a little defeatist. (T)

- 'Ashes to ashes, dust to dust'? A very interesting viewpoint, Haer'Dalis - I think I'd like to hear more. (U)



R. True - but on the other hand the various schools would be in conflict forever, especially as you have no Lady here to break the deadlock. I would not envy those forced to clear away the debris from yet another truth-seeking debate...we Doomguard in particular can be most riotous in our approach.


- But what *is* your approach? What do the Doomguard believe? (Q)



S. Pessimism? Quite the opposite, (CHARNAME). And this one must confess himself disappointed in such an instinctive dismissal. (V)


T. Not defeatist, (CHARNAME); we are not the fatalists of the Bleak Cabal. We do not resign ourselves to the ravages of time, but instead embrace them. (V)


U. Ah, my raven, 'tis as the sparrow hoped; you have not caged your mind in bigotry and preconception. An open way of thinking is one of the most underrated of qualities. (V)


V. Dying roses, burning buildings, blood splashed on marbled floors. Destruction can be beautiful, and ruination an art. Such is the philosophy of the Doomguard - though I confess myself among the moderate of their number.


- Extolling the virtues of destruction doesn't sound very moderate to me, Haer'Dalis. Actually, it's rather disturbing. (W)

- Yes, I'm sure death and mayhem seem very glamorous without first-hand experience. You'll have to forgive me if I've long since tired of them both. (X)

- Moderate in what way? (Y)

- You know...I hadn't really thought about it before, but I suppose those things do have a certain attraction...and the world needs to change, else it stagnates. (Z)

- And it sounds a fine philosophy indeed! Thank you for explaining it, Haer'Dalis. We'll have to speak more on this in the future.(AA)



W. Disturbing only to those with closed minds, (CHARNAME). Perhaps, with time, the sparrow may prise yours open....but we have spent enough time on these words for now. Let us continue. (END) IncrementGlobal("HDConflict","GLOBAL",1)


X. A bitter tongue, (CHARNAME), speaks of a bitter heart. I understand your flight so far has had its hardships...but let me assure you, Haer'Dalis is no fledgling. His philosophy has been years in the making, possibly more than you have even been alive. Perhaps, in time, *you* will appreciate the virtues of experience. (END) IncrementGlobal("HDConflict","GLOBAL",2)


Y. Time destroys all things, and at its own pace. It is not really our role to speed the downward spiral, and true beauty comes from the slow and gracious decline rather than the instant fall. In my younger days I was a little more violent in my philosophy - but now I am content to sit back and simply enjoy the show. 'Tis only the mad and the amateurish who hasten the inevitable.


- For once, we agree....but the whole thing still sounds disturbing to my ears. (W)

- Doomguard philosophy in general seems designed for amateurs. Idle children, seeking to scrawl on walls and break their toys, simply because they can. (X)

- There's wisdom in your words, Haer'Dalis. I admit these ideas are a little...strange...but still, I sense some truth in them. (Z)

- Oh, I don't know...sounds quite enjoyable to me! But thank you for explaining your ideas, Haer'Dalis - we must discuss them further.(AA)



Z. Raven, you are wise beyond your years. Would that more of the Primes were as enlightened.


Z2. It has been a privilege to shed what light I can on the dark of the Doomguard. And I hope we'll speak again, both on this and other things... (END)


AA. Your thanks are unnecessary, raven! 'Tis good you have found entertainment in my education. We'll speak on it again, and soon. (END)



Haer'Dalis - Lovetalk 1


(meets and greets, and a chance to simper over his chiselled good looks)


It has been but a short while since he joined your flock...but this sparrow has been watching you, raven. You are a curious one.


- Birds again, Haer'Dalis? It's a wonder you haven't tired of such a gimmick. (A)

- And you are an irritation, tiefling. Turn your eyes elsewhere, lest the beak of this 'raven' pluck them from your head! (B)

- Curious? I do not understand why. There is not much to wonder about. ©

- Hardly the most astounding of revelations, Haer'Dalis. If you hope to hold my attention, you need more original topics than this. (D)



A. A gimmick? (CHARNAME), I simply speak things as they are. There is no trickery in this one's words.


IF Class(Player1, BARD)

- Oh, please! Haer'Dalis, I'm as much a bard as you - and I know an actor's trait when I see one. (E)

IF !Class(Player1, BARD)

- I may not be a bard, Haer'Dalis, but I've met plenty on the road and in the taverns back on the Sword Coast. This obsession with birds is just an affectation. (F)

- It is extremely grating on the nerves, blade. If you cannot train your tongue, perhaps you should hold it entirely! (B)

- As they are? I don't understand. We are not birds, Haer'Dalis. (G)



B. So be it, (CHARNAME). I had only thought to enliven our journey with a little conversation. Pour your scorn upon this one as you will....now, he almost regrets not leaving with his troupe. (END)


C1. Ah - modesty is such an overrated feature, (CHARNAME)! Few primes seem to attract so much unusual attention as you...and few leave such dark rumours in their wake.


C2. These are tales that prove as interesting to me as your demeanour, raven. You are quite fascinating, and the sparrow would ask more questions if he may.


- Very well. But there must be some exchange, Haer'Dalis. You, too, are a strange one - and I would ask you questions in turn. (H)

- Fine. Ask away, Haer'Dalis; though I can't guarantee an answer. (I)

- Keep your questions to yourself, tiefling. My thoughts are my own. (B)



D. Hah! The bard's tongue is a little rusty, perhaps? But I speak the truth, raven. You have piqued my interest - both in your demeanour, and the dark tales woven in your footsteps.


D2. You are, I think, quite fascinating - and the sparrow would ask more questions, if he may.


- Very well. But there must be some exchange, Haer'Dalis. You, too, are a strange one - and I would ask you questions in turn. (H)

- Fine. Ask away, Haer'Dalis; though I cannot guarantee an answer. (I)

- Keep your questions to yourself, tiefling. My thoughts are my own. (B)



E. Oh, my acting talents are as varied as your own, (CHARNAME)...perhaps even moreso. But this is not one of them. It is, rather, a truth as the sparrow sees it. (G)


F1. Not all bards are born equal, raven. Some, indeed, should never have taken to the stage at all, or been permitted to so much as lift a quill...but, that is another matter.


F2. Know this, (CHARNAME): the sparrow's expression is no role he plays, no artifice to win attention. It is, rather, only a truth as he sees it. (G)


G. A phrase need not be taken literally to be true, raven. To be accurate is not necessarily to be right.


G2. I believe each of us is a bird, in our way. Frail when at rest, majestic in flight. Some hang close to the trees, fearful of the open sky. Others, hopeless children of Icarus, soar too close to the sun and find their wings consumed by its flames.


G3. This is one of Haer'Dalis' truths, (CHARNAME)...and, should you allow it, he would ask you of your own.


- I can only hope mine are half as beautiful, Haer'Dalis. But I would hear more of your reality in turn. You, too, are a strange one...and there must be some exchange of truths. (H)

- You are incorrigible, Haer'Dalis. I don't doubt you'd try to draw down the moon from the sky with your words. But go ahead and ask your questions; this has proved entertaining so far. (I)

- Words and words and words. My own may not prove so charming, but perhaps more honest. Ask your questions, Haer'Dalis, though I guarantee no answer. (I)

- Keep your questions and your clichés to yourself, tiefling. My thoughts are my own. (B)



H. Certainly, my raven. I would not ask you to share your thoughts, then cloak my own in shadows. (I)


I1. I have heard...rumours, amongst our comrades. I have seen the way certain people shrink back slightly as you walk through the streets, heard the whispering amongst the crowds. And in the taverns, the tales run further. Embellished, no doubt, but even the most grotesque exaggerations sometimes hold the ring of truth.


I2. They say you were a hero in the North, raven. That you brought down a conqueror there, a man of fire and steel, and that the power of a dead god runs through your blood.


- The tales are true, Haer'Dalis. I am a child of Bhaal, the dead Lord of Murder. And the conqueror, Sarevok Anchev, was my brother. (J)

- Rumours are rumours, Haer'Dalis. Perhaps I was a hero - but those times are past. Prior glories seem to count for little in Amn. (K)

- I have changed my mind, Haer'Dalis. These questions are painful to me. (M)

- Watch your tongue, tiefling. My past is none of your concern - and my bloodline is none of your business! (L)



J1. A tragic script, raven. We cannot choose our bonds of blood, nor the roles we are forced to play.


J2. But dead gods are no less potent, (CHARNAME). Their energies dissipate, but their ideas still remain - and the debris they leave behind attracts vultures.


- A fact I know too well. My precious, tedious heritage was all Irenicus could ever speak of. (N)

- Does the prospect scare you, Haer'Dalis? The knowledge that you walk with a child of Murder? (O)

- Haer'Dalis, there's no need for such dramatics! I may be a Bhaalspawn, but Bhaal is long dead - and his power died with him. (P)

- Bhaal is dead, Haer'Dalis, and those that seek to harness his power fall in turn. Even Sarevok could not escape such a fate. (Q)



K. Amn is not the kindest of stages, no. But you sidestep my questions, (CHARNAME). Are the tales of the taint true? And did the conqueror carry the same lightning in his veins?


- The tales are true, Haer'Dalis. I am a child of Bhaal, the dead Lord of Murder. And the conqueror, Sarevok Anchev, was my brother. (J)

- I...would rather not speak on this, Haer'Dalis. The past is past, and the dead are the dead. (M)

- I hardly think that any of your business. Keep your questions to yourself, bard, I'll have no part of them! (L)




L. So be it, (CHARNAME). My questions were innocent, but reject them as you will. You will hear no more of them. (END)


M. Ah...as you wish, raven. If these memories are not yet healed, I will not poke at the wounds. Haer'Dalis would not wish to bring sadness to such a pleasant face. (END)


N. There are many who would ride on the coat-tails of greatness; still more who would scratch in its dust and search for grains of truth. This Irenicus seems a man obsessed; a crow, picking at carrion. But your birthright is your own, raven, and none can steal that from you. (O)


O. The taint in your blood holds no fear for this one, (CHARNAME), for he carries one of his own. Yours, at least, does not show in your appearance!


- There is nothing wrong with the way you look, Haer'Dalis. I...well, quite like it, actually. ®

- True. I suppose being born with a tail or horns atop my head would have been the icing on the cake. (T)

- And thank the gods for that. My experiences have been bad enough - worse still I should look like you! (S)




P. Ah...forgive my flair for the darkness, (CHARNAME). Your levity is refreshing, and your words are quite correct. Sometimes this one forgets he is not walking the stage, hmm? Perhaps your situation is not as dark as he would claim. (O)


Q. If you insist, raven...yet the lessons of history will not stop the vultures circling. Your Sarevok, no doubt, knew that he sought a gift of fire - and, eyes fixed on glory, still risked consumption by its flames. But your birthright is your own, dark bird, to do with as you wish. (O)


R1. Oh, the sparrow was not seeking compliments, raven! Well, perhaps a little. But still, his appearance causes him no grief. My heritage is both blessing and curse - yet nonetheless I wear it with pride, especially among the grey primes of this plane. I hope that you, too, will be able to do the same.


R2. But let us fly on, (CHARNAME). The sands of the hourglass are falling through our fingers. We will share words again, this one is certain. (END)


S. Well. There is no need for abuse, (CHARNAME)...if the sparrow's banter had grown tiresome, you need only have said. He'll trouble you with his song no further. (END)


T. Hah! Oh, I don't know...it would have been quite the conversation-starter! A tail, I find, breaks the ice well at parties - in more ways than one. And horns, raven, would only enhance your radiance!


- Ever the charmer, Haer'Dalis? Be careful not to slip on that silver tongue of yours. (U)

- 'Radiance'? Dear gods...you sound like a bad romance novel, Haer'Dalis! Has any woman ever fallen for such nonsense? (V)

- I was not joking, Haer'Dalis. Your appearance is freakish; my blood, at least, keeps its taint below the skin. (S)



U. Always, (CHARNAME). But the time is done for banter...though this conversation has been enlightening indeed. Now, let us fly on, and speak more on the morrow, hmm? (END)


V. More than you think, (CHARNAME). And some without realising. But the day wears on; let this flock dispense with banter, and take flight. We will share words again, this one is certain. (END)



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Interesting. I've known about the earlier attempts, but I've never really looked them up, so this is the first time I see these dialogues.


I doubt that I'll be using any parts of them, though (and if I did I'd have to find the original writers first and ask them).



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just looking at the first set right now (that's a lot so far!) I have to say that I like them for the most part.  the first few are a bit unrefined, but they seem to be first drafts, revised below.  they seem to go along much the same theme as our ideas, so maybe we're all channeling the right romance vibes  :D  

one thing I don't like is how at every dialogue choice the PC can be rude and cut off the discussion.  i might be wrong, but I don't think the original romances have a rude option in EVERY conversation, maybe one per entire dialogue, at the beginning...?

and the personality of the PC seems a bit too fixed from the dialogue choices.  the PC always seems to be mildly insulting/mocking Haer'Dalis, threatening to kill him, telling him to buzz off, etc.  That would be fine if that were one option, but it's the only option to continue the dialogues.  I wouldn't choose the insulting options if I had a choice, so I don't like that we have to chose it.

plus, the childhood memory dialogue, while nice, doesn't give a lot of leeway for the player's idea of the PC.  what if my PC never had the chocolate cake encounter? or reacted differently? that's the risk of having a concrete dialogue from the PC's past, there's always going to be someone who doesn't agree with the PC's characterization...

just my initial impressions...


okay, the second one I really liked, I think zan has a very good characterization of HD and has appropriately complex dialogues with him.  it would be a challenge to write them all like that, of course, but it's nice to see them, regardless.  the funny dialogue was good, but I think it was more for comedy than anything else, since it wasn't exactly in HD's voice, at least the last line... :D

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This is a suggestion, but most of the dialogues did have only one option to end a discussion (and possibly a romance) at the initial start...I don't think you want it to happen in every set of choices as you go along the branching tree paths.


My own rule of thumb (for Del and Tashia) was to have 4 choices, if possible, with one of the four being an end the dialogue, or end the romance choice (depending on what type of dialogue is going on).


And there is nothing wrong with offering a past memory dialogue for the main PC, just don't make all the choices be that way for as Bibbi said, some people don't like having that idea pulling their image of the main PC away...and yet others may like it for it could help solidify their image of the PC

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This might be already written somewhere so excuse me if I'm repeating something here, but is the original HD task to be included? (it's supposed to be the one Icelus posted on the Chosen of Mystra forums in the HD romance thread - it's a really long post and I'm not skilled in making shortcuts I fear  :D


And there is another thing: I don't know whether this is possible to make, but I guess Haer'Dalis would have something to say when the PC dies (You know like Jaheira/Khalid only not that whiny)


Yeah and you're right those dialogues really don't give the PC too much options, but anyhow they might prove useful in some aspect (I mean as the starting point or to fill some gaps or sth)

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I don't think that having a HD response to the PC death would work, seeing as when the PC dies it's game over with the 'hand reaching' screen coming up immediately.


I think that having 4 dialogue options is good, seeing as it gives the player a choice in how they 'talk' to HD, and to guide the romance down the path they want it to take.

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Yeah I also doubted this could be done, but after all right after you die, you still see the fight going on and also hear battle cries (what I heard most of the time Firkraag's: "Die mortal!")


Oh and ignore my question about the quest as I already found the thread at FW studios.


But I feel like I have to protest to the romance starting after turning in a Slayer. Isn't that really a bit too late? I don't know how other people like to play BG2 but I always solve almost all the quests in chapter two and only after that continue to Spellhold (isn't it a waste getting for example Holy Avenger after the Underdark?)

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Well, but even if you can hear battlecries and other sound effects after the PC has died, we don't have any lines for Haer'Dalis except the ones that are already in the game. So unless we find the voice actor who did his lines and it turns out he likes to work for free, it's not going to happen. And the other romanced characters don't say anything, do they?


And the romance will start when you pick up Haer'Dalis. There will be a reaction when the PC turns into the slayer, but as you said it wouldn't work to have the romance start there. If you got that impression we must have made ourselves much less clear than we thought.



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I agree with Tali - I tend to do all the quests I can before going on to Spellhold, including Watcher's Keep. One query regarding the Slayer Change though - if the player has chosen the 'obsessive' path for the romance, wouldn't HD regard this as the best thing ever? What I am getting at, is wouldn't the romance take a draker turn with HD becoming more of a (I don't know if this is the right word though) disciple rather than a lover? After all, here's this being who pretty much embodies chaos and entropy...

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And the romance will start when you pick up Haer'Dalis. There will be a reaction when the PC turns into the slayer, but as you said it wouldn't work to have the romance start there. If you got that impression we must have made ourselves much less clear than we thought.


I guess I didn't express myself clearly before. On the FW Studios forums you mentioned you tend to divide the romance in two parts: the first (I believe this matches romance variable one and is the same as flirting) that starts after you pick him up, and the second (I again believe - variable two which would mean getting serious)

which starts after you change into slayer.


As the variable two in other romances means getting laid  :D, starting expressing feelings for eachother etc. I feel as it is a bit late for all this after the Spellhold


As for the battlecries: truth that other characters don't say anything, but why not putting them into the shade of HD  :D although I understand the trouble with the voicing, so again ignore me

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