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Due to some modding traumas (TeamBG is one of them), I decided to use some of my spare time and test the Cleric Remix mod that looked promising on my brother's laptop.


I used a chaotic neutral Stormlord as the PC. The sphere restriction has gone smoothly and seamlessly. Except the fact that it took ages for a new game to start, probabbly due to the massive amount of scripting used. I fought against Illsarea and I remember that Curse was one of the first spells I cast.


When I cast the spell, "curse", the game froze so I had to exit to the desktop, and do what I really feared to do ~ open up that dreaded DLTCEP and fix it myself (I can't play mods these days for that reason :groucho: ).


I have noticed quite soon that one of the opcode's parameter (I believe it is the one that makes you glow in different parameters; the IESDP is not up, so I can't tell you more) has an invalid location value of '255' (entire body). There is no such value in BG2, but there is one in IWD1 (I am figuring you tried to transfer the IWD1 spell to BG2 rather than re-do it).


I deleted that opcode temporarily to see if I was right ~ and I was.



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