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What happens if I install Level 1 NPCs last?

Gnick O Thyme

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I already have a full installation of all the mods I'd like. But for this game only, I'd like to use level 1 npcs to change Jaheira into a C/R.


If I install this mod over all the others I have now, add Jaheira into my party, and then save the game, exit, ect. Uninstall level 1 NPCs, and then restart the game (with Jah as my C/R), will I screw up anything else?



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Nope, I want Jaheira's pin to be specifically for Jaheira. Gods know there's got to be some reason for enduring her BG2 quest.


If you've got to make it generic to fit, I'd never naysay that, but if you can keep it as Jaheira-specific as you can, I'd be a happy camper.

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No worries, the mod won't be making anything generic, just changing the class and kit restrictions to match the character they're intended for.


That does little good, though, if the component's been uninstalled :( I can attach (to this post) a Harper Pin for true neutral Ranger/Clerics, however - there won't be many.


/edited for nonsense.

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