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Problem with Amber romancing Player2 in Ust Natha


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I had a problem with Amber romancing Player2 in Ust Natha.

Apparently Amber is suppose to drag off the PC here, if the romance

was with the PC, but.....when I rested, the romance music played and

nothing happened. I needed to rest so Phaere would leave the inn

but couldn't. I tried several times and it would't work. The only way

I ended up getting to rest so I could finish the underdark was to

use SK and set the romance to 3. Any ideas?

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Okay, I found the bug causing this issue. There is actually a GLOBAL / Locals mix up in the Player2 version of the Drow rest talk trigger. I'll fix that for the next version. Sorry about the trouble and thanks for reporting. This issue has been fixed in v2.5

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No trouble at all ;) And you're welcome. I heard such wonderful

things about the mod I wanted to try it and couldn't make myself

play a male PC ;) Thank you for making it so I didnt have to!

And, it is a great mod, one of the best. I eagerly await the next version.

Will it have TOB content by the way? ;)

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