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dialog.tlk created?

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I just installed this and the weidu installed said:


[dialog.tlk created] and am just wondering if it should say this...oh and said it added 90000 entries or something...i mean, i read that only one dialog.tlk altering mod can ever be installed, and should be before weidu ones so im confused...is this how it should be, and everything is ok?


Thanks, and looking forward to the mod.

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weidu installed said:


[dialog.tlk created]

Yes, that is fine. It should also have said "SUCESSFULLY installed", then everything is perfect. WeiDU gives the message "dialog.tlk created" if it added the mod-text to the existing dialog.tlk.


As for WeiDU-mods: As long as they are technically compatible, and most of them are, you can theoretically install as much as you want. The "only one" rule is from the days before WeiDU, when mods were basically altered dialog.tlks which were overwriting the exising one. With WeiDU, it is patching, so there is no such rule.


Thank you for your interest and have fun!

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