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Installation trouble

Guest M.E.

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Guest M.E.



I hope this hasn't been asked before, but I have a particular error found during installation that is baffling me. (Which isn't too hard at all, you could say I'm technologically impared.) :p:(


So, well here it goes:


Error: [setup-~1.TP2] not found.

Make sure that you have unpacked the archive correctly and that you are not trying to run this file from inside an archive. [C:/PROGRA~1/BLACKI~1/BALDUR~2/SETUP-~1.exe] Using scripting style "BG"


As I have said, I am not very smart when it comes to techological things, so if anyone could offer me a possible solution to this problem, I would greatly appreciate it. :p


Thank you! :(

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Guest Guest
I suspect you are using Windows98... is that right?


Thank you for such a quick reponse, but no, I have Windows Xp. Does that hurt or help my cause? :p

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Hmmm... I am not sure.




all those tildes are showing old DOS naming formats. On XP, you should be getting the full filenames:


setup-bg1npc.tp2 (longer than 8 characters)


Can you check to make sure that when you click on the archive, you are pointing to your game install folder, like this:


c:\programs/black isle/baldursgatetutu/


or if on BGT,


c:\programs/black isle/BGII - SoA/




If you are installing it into your game directory, it should pick up the tp2.

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