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"Appears Busy" Error

Guest Paul Iverson

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Guest Paul Iverson

So I have installed the following mods in this order:



Abby's Store




Druidic Sorcerer

Harper Scout

Song and Silence

Divine Remix

Warrior Kitpack

Sword and Fist

SP Collection




Tower of Deception

Ascension (WeiDu version)

Romantic Encounters




Some of the commoners/store owners/quest characters give the "Appears Busy" (i.e., I won't talk to you/can't talk to you) error. This has made it difficult to complete a few short quests (i.e., Can't talk to Hannah in circus tent to send her back to her son). I have noticed that if I sleep or wait a little the error corrects itself but it will occur again later. Does anyone know how to correct this? I believe my installation order is correct since all are WeiDu but I could be wrong.





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Like the_bigg wrote, it sounds like a problem that was fixed by the official patch. Also, if you are using the Druidic Sorcerer kit found over in the Mod Resurrection's thread at SHS you are likely to run into numerous issues as there are a lot of bugs with the mod when interacting with other mods. I'd suggest trying the Geomantic Sorcerer kit found on Gibberlings 3 as is based on that mod but coded in a much stabler fashion. The version 3 release should come out in the next day or so.

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Guest Paul Iverson

Yeah, I have the latest patch but I also have that druidic sorcerer mod from SHS so I will try the geomantic sorcerer instead and see what happens.





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