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IWD2 XP Cap Remover


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Unless I'm mistaken, there doesn't seem to be a mention of an IWD2 XP Cap Remover in the current Tweak Pack. After some searching I turned up something by Avenger which modified the game's executable and I also saw an IWD2 Tweak Pack by Rastor mentioned. Rastor's Tweak Pack advertised allowing characters to reach level 50 but he seems to have disappeared along with his tweak pack.


Is there any chance of having a component added to the current tweak pack to remove the xp cap and modify the rules to accomodate up to level 50 characters?


I would use Avenger's patch but it doesn't work when running it under Wine on Linux and I can't compile the source myself without a bunch of Windows libraries (which I don't know how to get ahold of). One of the files along with the patch mentioned that hex-editing certain values in the main executable will remove the xp cap but when I look at the offsets shown, they don't match up. For instance it says that at offset 0x00143895 there's a single byte which should have a value of 30 (decimal) and that it needs to be changed to 40 however looking at that offset in my hex editor shows it actually has a value of 246.


I wrote a PHP script to edit the appropriate offsets anyway (no idea why I thought it would work despite the evidence) and unsurprisingly the game crashed when I attempted to look at a character's record sheet.


So, could we have a WeiDU version of the XP cap remover or, failing that (and being selfish), could someone kindly point out the right offsets I need to change?


Oh, and since I'm making Tweak Pack requests, any chance of implementing an Improved Initiative fix? It was also one of the components in Rastor's (imaginary?) Tweak Pack and the only other solution is to have your character carry around an item in their quickslot.

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I guess I signed up for replying to this.


Avenger will know better than me on the hex patch (perhaps you don't have the Bioware patch and he does, or you have a stupidly coded game crack). IWD2.exe should be exactly 5029888 bytes BTW.


Regarding the Improved Initiative thing, there's one available at "http: //www. sorce rers.net/ Games /IWD2/ index_editors.php" (remove the spaces - I'm not going to give Google juice to a site running ads for a casino).

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Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah, I've seen the one over at Sorcerer's but it requires having your characters hold an item to give them the correct bonuses.


As for my game executable. It's been patched with the official patch to version 2.01 and I haven't used any no-cd cracks or anything, wine finds the CD fine so I have no need of them.


I guess I'll just have to bug Avenger and see if he knows what the problem is. I plan on jumping into some GemRB GUI scripting fairly soon anyway so I may be able to drop it into conversation.

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